No bike is perfect. There are one or two little things about this bike that im not so keen on. So, if youre interested in the trop tiger 850 sport stick around stay tuned. This video is for you, Music, so buying a new motorcycle, then always a big decision. Expensive. You want to make sure you make the right decision, and sometimes all you get is like a one hour test ride if youre lucky, i understand in some countries you cant even get test rides so anyway in this video. What i aim to do is help you out with some of the things that you may not pick up. If you just had a one hour test ride on this bike, so were im going to give you not any of those pros and cons that i told you about the lessons ive learned on the bike, but im going to show you what its like to ride. On different sorts of roads in different sorts of conditions, as well and uh im going to take you through some of the practical items about what its like to live with a bike. So, if youre interested in the tiger 850 sport stick around stay tuned, this video is for you, Music, so whats. The tiger 850 sport light for riding in town in the urban environment, well id say its absolutely great youre, sitting nice and upright youre, nice and tall. So you can see you know over the traffic whats going on ahead.

It doesnt feel heavy or ponderous at all, so its great. If you need to do a bit of filtering, the other thing is because again it is a relatively large bike and you are sat upright youre quite easily seen so people can see and hear you coming yeah around town, no problem at all Music. Okay. So one of the things i like to do on these more in depth reviews is show you what the bikes like to ride at night, but before i do that, let me just show you what the lights on this are like during the day, so lets just Bring it round here into the shade, so if a chance of seeing them ill leave the engine running okay, so this is with the engine running. All the lights are switched in this sort of off position, if you like, and on the display, theres, nothing showing. So what youve got in that case is this situation, so this is basically the lights on dip. You see, youve got this uh one light on and like an eyebrow up there, i hate having the one light on when a boats got two lights. I wish the two lights would come on. There are various reasons why only the one light comes on. I know all about those, but i personally prefer it with two lights on. Okay, so thats like that. So if you can then turn this switch to what i would call dip position on, if you like, you, then get a light come on, which i would infer means the lights are now switched on.

In fact, what it means is the daylight running lights on youve got this eyebrow, which looks cool and its quite bright, but thats. The only one youve got on so to me. That switch is the wrong way around ive complained about this with trumps before. For me, it would be the daylight running. Light would be on if this switch was in the back position, but there we go its not how it works. Thats actually dip daylight running light is with it like that, with the light on doesnt make sense to me anyway, then the headlights themselves are on this switch here. You can flash them uh when the light is actually on full. You can flash them in the usual way like that and then, when youve got her on just normal dip, if you want to put the lights off for you press the button once im hoping you see the lights on the button, then they come on press it Again – and they come off anyway, thats enough of that lets, use the magic of youtube and show you what she looks like at night. Okay. So here we are at night time now on the tiger 850 sport. How does she fare well id say light is pretty good, even though its got that bizarre switching situation in that uh the left hand switch now is in the back position and im on dipped headlights uh, and if i want to go to full beam, i now Press with my left hand, trigger finger to full beam and up she goes and because theyre led lights, theyre, just absolutely cracking as ever.

The gopro doesnt really show you how good the lights are. You just have to take it from me that the lights are perfectly adequate on here. In fact, theres some of the better lights ive come across. The tft screen has gone to its night mode, so its a light on dark representation. Now not too glary or anything. Nice and clear you can see that really well, so no problems there and the only other thing i guess to mention about riding at night on the tiger 850 – is the switch gear which isnt lit on here some trunks these days. Maybe the more premium models does have backlit switch gear. It doesnt have it on here, but luckily because its a relatively simple bike in terms of electronics, you uh you dont, really need it because theres not that many buttons and switches to memorize, so they sort of fall to hand quite easily once youve ridden the bike. A few times so yeah in terms of riding at night, the lights are excellent, no issues to report yet another thumbs up for the tiger 850 Music sport. So normally in these in depth, reviews ill give you a little section about what its like to ride. In the rain, well, ive had this bike for two weeks here in springtime in blighty and its been glorious weather the whole time ive had it. So i cant give you with any sort of definitive sense what its like to actually ride the bike in the rain, but i can imagine there will be no issues with this.

It comes with good quality, michelin, anarchy, tyres, its got two uh riding modes, including a rain mode, so youre protected electronically, as well, of course as having abs and traction control on it. Plus youve got pretty good protection off of this fairing, so i imagine itd be pretty good in the rain, but thats just me me guessing. I havent actually ridden it in the rain. Sorry about that Music! Okay! So what about off roading doing a little bit of light green laning on the tiger 850 sport to do that? It does at least look like its sort of an off roady bike and its more expensive brother. The tiger 900 certainly comes in an off road flavor, but lets find out here. I am on a little local green lane, its nothing to testing. I agree, but you know its got. Some pretty hefty ruts in here, which is suspension, is soaking up a tree. Its a little bit muddy out and the tyres that the 850 sport comes on as standard are the uh anarchys michelin, anarchy tyres, which are basically on road, 80, 20 off road. Something like that. So you can do a bit of light. Green lighting no problem at all on them. It would definitely be better if you want to do more green laney, then theres. No doubt it would be better on something a bit more knobbly, but for these sort of tracks, absolutely no problem at all. If green lane is your thing, you can certainly do it on the 850 sport Music.

All right lets talk about some practical aspects of owning this motorcycle. Then a few of the things that often come up that people uh wonder about the bike. You may not uh get to check out if youre doing a test ride on one of these, but ive got the chance to do so. For you now. So first thing is uh. What are the valves like for pumping the tyres up as it got the angled ones or not so im glad to say on here? Look we have got the angled valves so were pumping the tires up, no issue check out the back as well. There we go and then the other thing i can talk about in this little segment of my in depth. Reviews is what is the bike like to clean? Well, you might have noticed by the dirt on that back wheel. I havent actually cleaned it so where i do apologize trump, i cant actually tell you what its like to clean, because i havent actually done it this one. I cant imagine its any different to any other adventure bike. Quite a lot of scaffolding and stuff youre going to probably have to like cleaning if you get one of these, particularly if you go off road next thing, people often ask about, is what about lube in the chain? Is that going to be difficult? Well, ive already mentioned well. I might have already mentioned, depending on how i edit this video together, but it doesnt have a center stand as standard.

So when it comes to moving the chain youre going to have to do it, the old fashioned way by lugging it about the driveway, the good news is the bike does feel quite nice and nice its easy to move around so lugging about the driveway to lube. The chain would not be a problem next up. Sometimes people ask me whats the horn like on the bike im expecting this to be no different to most other bikes. Lets just turn her on horn im, glad to say, unlike some hondas, is in the correct position. Lets give it a blast pretty shrill and uh. Yeah sounds nicer now, but its not like a its, not like a freight train or anything just a standard bike horn. So there we go thats that another thing that comes up often is whats under the seat. So let me have a go at taking the seat off and lets have a look under there. Hmm. So here we go thats whats under the seat, surprising amount of room actually under the main rider seat, not so much room under the rear seat that uh but uh yeah more room under there than a lot of bikes. Ive looked at recently, so yeah thats. All right all right, next up on madness, practical. What about uh, checking the oil on this? Is it a dipstick or is it a sight, glass or whatever? Well, actually, its uh looking down here, looks like a sight glass, its just down the bottom.

There look bingo, bongo and because of course, the bike is on its side at the moment, its not showing any oil. So dont start writing and saying theres, no oil in that bike. Last but not least, on matas practical, what is the seating position like people often ask me what you know what you actually look like when youre on the bike so heres a little clip of me, sat on the bike. As you can see, i can get my feet basically flat on the ground thats with theyre just flat shoes on im, five for eight, with a 32 inch leg, and i can flat foot this absolutely no problem. The sleep seems nice and low to me. So no problems there whatsoever Music. Okay lets come to my favorite spot, then for my now infamous lugging about test. This is the part of the review designed to test how easy it would be to live with the bike in terms of moving around your garage. That sort of thing and to see how tight the turning circle is so lets just pop it in this standard car parking spot here at great missington train station and see how she does on this one right stand down there. We go fine, all right. So first thing that strikes you excellent grab handle at the back easy to get hold off so lets uh get her off the stand, see how she does feels nice and light to get off the stand as well.

No problem there lets go full lock, then round. We go. I was halfway in that parking spot dont forget around here, yeah feeling, nice and light actually and up here pretty much into halfway along that parking spot. So there we go. That was from the middle of that one 180 degrees into the middle of that one. Now ive done this test on lots of box here, and that is quite tight, actually thats a pretty tight turning circle. So, overall, i think this would be a very easy bike to live with in terms of the weight youre blogging about it. Doesnt feel hard to get off the side stand, and then you can turn it easily, as you saw so were another thumbs up for the 850 sport Music. So how about taking the tiger 850 sport on tour then? Well, i think thats, one of the things that this bike would absolutely excel at its a comfortable bike, the seats comfy, so you can ride it for hours and youve got excellent, uh weather protection off this big screen as well, much better than it looks. Actually, i thought id get a bit of turbulent air around the size of the top, but at five for eight all the tournaments goes over the top of my head, so nice bit of protection from the bike and then, when you get to where youre going great Fun to chuck around because its nice and light on top of all that you can get full luggage for the bike, panniers and top box about 1300 quid, so luggage no issue on the bike as well.

So, as far as going on tour on the tiger 850 sport, why not perfect bike for that? Music? Okay, so whats the target 850 sport like on faster roads, dual carriageways? Why is that kind of thing? Well, here i am on my local stretcher, dual carriageway doing. Uh just an indicated 74 miles an hour, and i can tell you doing pretty well. This screen actually provides a lot more protection than you would think. Ive got this uppermost setting its very easy to adjust with this here, but lets have it in the uppermost setting. The wind is going right over my head, no bucket whatsoever and im, not feeling loads of vibration or anything like that either. One of the comments i had before when i wrote the tiger 900 was whats it like for vibration and vibes. Well, i have to say nothing to report im quite sensitive to that sort of thing on bikes and uh. Oh the 850. Absolutely fine! Its got bags of powerful, overtakes and stuff, but yeah as far as faster roads are concerned, absolutely no problem on the 850 sport Music. So the start of the video i said ill give you the pros and the cons of the bike. The things ive learned about the bike, not just the good things, but the bad things too, so uh there are one or two things about the bike that i dont like as ever: ive written them down lets go through the negatives list now so the first thing That uh struck me was doesnt.

Have a center stand on the bike as standard just the fittings for where it should be? So no great surprise, i guess, because they are trying to save money on this bike. It doesnt come with a center stand, would be very handy for cleaning the chain thats an extra i probably would expect to have on the bike. So that was the first thing. Uh next thing, i think just calling it an 850 sport degrades the bike somewhat. I think that uh, you know its got the same engine as the 900. Maybe they should have called it. The 900 sport i dont know, but i think the fact that its called an 850 sport may degrade it a little bit and uh yeah. I just think from a marketing perspective that may have been a negative thing, but i mean, at the end of the day, makes it into the active bite. Of course, right next thing: im not particularly keen on the tft on here its got a fairly small tft, as i mentioned before, and its uh. Luckily, it is better than the one thats fitted on the uh. I think the big scrambler and the uh the rocket three and what else has got tft i dont like uh, i think the um, the bobber tft isnt too good, either strike that not the bobber tft that doesnt have a tft. Does it. It has the big single analog dial. I mean the uh, the tft thats on the street, triple not sticking on that.

The original tft thats on the street triples anyway back to what im saying so its not the worst that trump come up with by any means. But let me just show you if i turn her on. Actually probably cant see it so well in the bright sunshine. Here but uh, it is to be fair, its quite easy to read. It does have a proper fuel gauge its got everything you need uh its a five inch tft on here. The tiger 900, i think, has a seven inch one thats, one of the things that theyve differentiated the bikes with, but just generally im, not a massive fan of tfts thats, not one of trumps best ones. I have to say all right next on the list. He says picking it up off the floor: um yeah. Would you always have that niggling? I wish i bought the 900 feeling. If you got the 850 sport i dont know. I once bought a um tvr chimera. Ive got the four liter one uh and i love that car. But in the back of my mind i was always thinking should have got the five liter version. So i wonder if youd have the same feeling, if you got this, i dont know may not be important to you, but just something that struck me in the back of my mind, uh next up, oh joystick control, repaint, again ive talked about this quite a bit On other chances, well the little joystick control here, which controls the various features and functions.

I just find that a little bit fiddly to use in practice. I prefer the setup where theyve got four buttons on, say the triumph trident. I wish theyd done that on here. Its probably going to be cheaper or no more expensive to make and certainly is easier to use, i think, and then last but not least, on my list of negatives uh, the light indications dont make sense to me. You saw it on my night segment. Just the way that uh, when the headlights switched on you dont have a light on when the daylight run light is on um. You do have a light, i think thats, how it works and then the full beam works differently, depending on whether youve got the other headlights switched on the fact that the lights at the front uh only theres, only one light on when youre running along, not the Two just theres something about the lights on this bike that doesnt quite work all right, thats enough of the negatives lets, get another positives right lets talk positive zen once again got a bit of a list slightly longer one than the negatives would be glad to hear. Okay, first thing: ive noted here: the michelin anarchy tyres are good for light off road. So this is a bike because its lightweight and uh friendly handing characteristics. If you want to do a bit of light green laning, you could do so on this as stock. You dont have to buy yourself some new tyres, so uh yeah, the anarchy, is pretty good.

Theyve got this sort of tread pattern which i reckon is about. You know 85 on road 15 off road, but if youre just doing the occasional green lane, absolutely fine for that, so that was the first thing uh next up, i noticed here uh only the electronics. You need two riding modes: abs and traction control. Nothing else that you dont need that, for me, is a great thing. I sometimes find that modern bikes these days have just gone too overboard on the electronics. Sometimes people say its more to go wrong. Well, in my experience, electronics on the bikes that ive got theyve got electricals. I havent tended to go wrong, but i just find it makes the whole riding experience a bit too complicated. You get away from the raw enjoyment of just riding a bike. Well, things like abs and traction control, you cant argue with, albeit theyre the simpler form on here than on the 900. That has the imu this one doesnt have that um, but you know its still got abs and traction control uh and then its got two riding roads as well. Uh riding modes as well, and those are the ones that you need so are, namely road and rain. Thats it i love that about the bike, keeps it nice and simple. Next up on mollista politivs at last cool colours from trough. I love this blue version. They also make it in red – and you know theyre nice bright colors, actually to be fair.

The 900 comes in some nice colors as well, particularly the dark green, its a shame they dont make this in the dark green version as well, but thumbs up this time to trot for the colors of the tiger 850. All next up well have to get up for this great screen adjustment on this uh, its a manual adjuster. You saw it when i was riding it, but its this bar here. You literally just lift it up and push it up and down as you wish, and that just makes it very easy to adjust, while youre riding like that next thing on my list triple grunt and tune. I said this engine is a great proven, love. Okay, it has got lots of new parts in it for the for the tiger, but it was you know it started life actually back in the daytona years ago. So its a pretty uh proven lump uh and the tune that this ones got is ideal for road riding so again thumbs up for the engine on this one. Next up pricing. This is intended to be the value entry level tiger, and this one comes in at 9 300 pounds now you might want to add a few additions like a center stand. Maybe some heated grips but thats, probably about it or maybe some luggage as well, which is going to cost you. But at the end of the day you can have a nice suspect bike, but not a huge amount of money.

So great news on the price of this one, i think ive got it bang on and i guess the biggest positive is just the way the thing makes you feel you know when youre riding it. It feels just like to me. The 900 gives me a big grin on the face and its even a bigger grin if you bought one of these, its got all the good bits of the 900, the agility, the sound the handling and the looks, but not the larger price, so uh yeah. So those are the positives that i noted about the bike: okay, so there we have it thats my uh, in depth, review of what the triumph tiger 850 sport is like to live with, at least based on a couple of weeks. Experience really enjoyed having the bike. Actually, i was a fan of the tiger 900. In fact, i made that bike, one of my bikes of the year last year in 2020 and the 850 sport has got all the good bits of that, but at a cheaper price, its an absolutely cracky motorcycle. I recommend it to the house if youre interested in this type of bike, i say huge thanks to trout of uk for lending me the bike once again, and also thanks to you for watching if youve enjoyed the video do hit that like button and if youre, Not done so already itd be great. If you hit the subscribe button that way, i can see you in the next video all right.