Look whats turned up get in there triumph for the ride happy days, all right here. It goes here. It goes well there. She is. It was splendid. The sun gleaming off the metallic silver paintwork, nice embossed triumph badge there. This is actually one of their fine deliveries that really suits the bike, because the bike is basically dark, grey light, grey, silver, theres, no wheel right and then the bits of black even got the red will trim on the wheels bringing out the red bits on the Bike here in the flashes, all in all, very nice Music Applause Music. Well here i am on the street trip where ill rest. My first impression as well. I get my feet down reasonably well balls of the feet. Its got quite a narrow seat at the front which allows you to scoot forward and get your feet down comfortably, which is actually a big bonus, uh anybody below about five foot eleven. It just helps with confidence now im taking the bike out my favorite roads, the secrets of fantastic bends – and it starts about here – lets enjoy this together. Music, as you can hear, the bike sounds really good. Its a euro 5 compliant three into one exhaust, but it really does sound chewful fairly aggressive, as you want the sports bike to be Music Applause, Music. Oh, i do love these bins. I go backwards and forwards. I used to do this on my cycle and i never did woking.

That was a lot harder experience with the lights that this bike gives out and im, also like where the trees are there, its quite narrow but theres, no junction. So you feel relatively safe, going along at a fair lick of speed whenever you press the suspension and this with the onions at the back showers at the front, its quite soft set up because i havent adjusted it and someone else who may have been fairly larger. May have tuned them back a little bit thats easily adjustable, but the suspension is really compliant. It makes for a very comfy experience in this setting. Oh look: theres been some tight ones coming up as well: Music, Music, uh, Music, me Music, me, Music, Music, well! Well, choices, choices. Well, life is full of choices which one would you go for the rather expensive, possibly overpriced, envy augusta jagster, rrr or a brand new 21 model triumph street triple rs street. Triple that to be fair, has got a nice back, of course, not as nice as that one. Oh, my god just noticed that oh no im trying to get replacement front on it. That is cracker dude krakatoa, never mind. I dont even happen because thats there, the stone must have gone off hit that and ricocheted back into it, isnt it oh well whatever, so you got that back. There gets that back. There should come over here, nice of the solo seat, cow thats, tft, thats, lcd thats, it its more like the old spot, the old watches so yeah pretty boring the speedos very good.

To be fair, you can see the engine mode, but you cant see the time without squinting i mean its ridiculous and the rev cannon could be better. At least youve got a gear indicator. What you havent got is any sort of fuel gauge. Just got a little light comes on here when youre running short and youve got about 20 yards just to find a bloody fuel station anyway ran over apart from that, its lovely, its lovely. So only 30 odd cc difference. The suspension on the triumph was a little bit soft on the ride, but its olins, so its its going to be very adjustable, which is good. Its got the pretty tires on exactly the same as this bike. Of course, being a pretty limited edition, this obviously got a aftermarket race exhaust the trifers got a stock exhaust and for sure you change that tft um, pretty clear, got some buttons down here: music, gopro connected all right, bloody hell, thats interesting! Oh look at that. Go wicked got the mode button rider brain road sport which i left it in and track so its got the same mapping as sport, but the abs and the traction control is on a track setting so less intrusive, so thats interesting, of course, on the rider mode. You can configure it as you wish, what a cracking pair of bikes, um interesting so other things that are different are taking these two bites. As a comparison, i mean theyre, not rivals.

I mean okay, its similar in capacity, but this ones is definitely faster. Its ferociously faster, although this is very quick, the gearing in this, and that must be the flywheel and the way it just operates is on another level um, but youre talking, you know a significantly more expensive bike. The brakes are probably similar. Maybe a touch better. The throttling or fueling is slightly better on the chive. Well, here i am commuting on the street triple rs theres, no better way to get a real world handle on the motorcycle than this so easy to overtake loads of torque in loads of areas. Theres great balance and the ergonomics are very, very good. The seats comfy. My knee position is great, my back neck and wrists arent under any duress, certainly compared to the envy augusta and most definitely when compared to super bikes. Oh on the m25. Here pretty comfy bike in these sort of situations. Obviously the front deflector does very little, but i dont mind that, because the wind pushes my chest up and makes my back my neck and my wrists much more comfortable come on out of the way you know who i am theres, a good ton of speed heading Towards petswood, in croydon now still some more filtering ive still got absolute confidence in this bike. To do the job properly, which is great, the throttle control, is really good once you get used to it, as i have done over the course of a week that the bike has just grown and grown on me its so easy to ride, but theres that turn Of speed its great round bends, it sounds pretty good stock, but still get a can and why not, and for ten thousand two hundred one ten thousand four hundred pounds.

This is a bobby bargain, absolutely so ill leave it there. What a fabulous bike get out.