You know rons youtube channel today and i just want to reach out and say: um. You know happy new year to uh. You know to all my subscribers, or you know you know new new subscribers old subscribers, um uh, just people that watch the channel. I just wish everybody a happy new year. I know its been another rough year. 2021 was our second covered year and uh. You know its been said an unfortunate year for for many who have been sick and some have even uh. You know lost loved ones and, and everything like that, so lets hope. You know we get 2022 off to the right foot here and uh. You know uh make it a much better better better year here so um, you know as far as uh you know, uh the drone worlds concerned uh. You know we had a great year. In 2021 i mean we had the dji fpv drone come out like in the first quarter. Uh. You know big success. A lot of people love that drone, not necessarily the hardcore fpv guys, but just people in general love that drone um. Then we had um. You know the uh, what is it the air to us came out shortly on the heels of that i mean a lot of people. Didnt think there was enough space in between. We got the air 2s in the uh spring uh of 2021 and it brought things uh like a wooden sensor, uh camera to the air tube platform.

It added the um, the obstacle avoidance sensors on the top of the drone. So it could see things above us that would not fly into say the underside of of a bridge or something like that so um and they just polished that drone up uh tremendously over the previous model. So i mean you know that was a real knockout. It probably was, you know, the the drone of the year really were running a contest over a drone nation for the drone of the year, but uh that that looks like its a strong contender for for drone of the year. All around uh i havent supplemented the mavic 2 pro for many people. I mean the only thing that really lacked was um, the um, the uh adjustable aperture, that a lot of pros really like they could change their. You know their their their. You know uh stops at aperture uh manually, where this was set. I think at 2.8 aperture. I dont have the sheets in front of me here, but i think thats it so uh. You know there were two um two big hit drones right off the bat and then we had the much anticipated hubsan xeno mini pro, which i got off to a bad. Like a late start. You know it was released much later than everybody thought and uh. It was kind of a a disappointment uh, even as of this were on the first day of 2022. They really still havent got all the bugs worked out and all the features added working correctly that they had promised upfront obstacle, avoidance uh being one of it works.

But you know your camera functions. Take a hit uh. They had overheating issues for a while. So its still a work in progress, and actually i skipped the drone there – the phoebe mini uh came out actually did appear in the spring. It kind of came out relatively on time and the early ones were a mixed bag. A lot of people got defective ones and my friend marcus crawford. He had to order five before he got. One flies good. A lot of people weve got two three of them and uh. You know its a really mixed bag. Now my friend brian singleton got one uh, you know well say maybe you know five months after they first appeared and he got a good one. So it was probably a wise idea to wait for the second production run. Uh uh that drone so – and you know, with the opposite, femis its one of those things where one one guy can get a good one. The next guy can get a bad one. I mean just you know its all over the place. Uh quality control wise. If you get a good one or you dont, and you know they always have to um, they always see the ship of the firm where its, not quite, you know, ready to go yet so um so yeah we had those um, you had those two drones and Then, of course, uh dji came out with a a dji mini sc, which is kind of a combination of the uh mini two, and the original mini uh, said kind of a combination of both drones at a really good price like of 299.

So i mean it was probably the bargain drone of the year and really kind of you know, supplemented the uh, hubsan and feed me drones as far as it sold for less before and better now. It didnt have the camera specs uh that some of the other, these other drones, had. Obviously the hubs especially problems a lot from this camera, maybe not necessarily delivered but uh. So um, you know its a dji third grade drone of the year by dj and im. Not trying to be a fan boy at all. Just you know the proofs in the pudding, though, if you you know, watch the reviews and watch the video quality uh uh from these drones, so uh, then we moved to the fall and uh. You know there were a lot of rumors, you were, you know black rumors people looking for a mini three which uh never appeared, and then the mavic 3 rumors got real strong at the end of the summer, and also we had some. You know a lot of rumors about all tell releasing a smaller drone like some 250 grams kind of all. This you kind of rumor mill, uh anticipation, all built up in the late summer, fall of 2021 and dji released uh you, a new action camera and a new gimbal. They kind of threw a lot of stuff out non drone related. But finally, they announced, i think, and sometime in october they officially, you know kind of announced the mavic 3 coming out.

Uh i mean the rumor mill was fast and furious and got most of it right, and the mavic 3 did finally launch um around the beginning of november and uh, even though you know its a great threat in many ways, it came out with a kind of A a little bit uh for uh the autonomous flight features. A lot of them are missing and uh with the promise of them coming in january of um. You know of 2022, but luckily we got a firmware update about the middle december. That added a lot of things like focus, tracking hyperlapse and some of the you know not everything but a good chunk of stuff that uh users really wanted, and you know some bug fixes and so on. So the drone got a lot better around the middle middle of december and its good, i mean you know sure of his missing features, but as far as uh you know flight quality. Whatever i mean, it flies great um battery lifes, great uh, you know uh, the video and picture quality is great, so so many pluses for the drone going that, for some people, myself included, could overlook some of the uh. You know uh some of the features uh missing in action uh for a while, so um, yeah, so and and then um. You know we get back to um. Im gon na were gon na get back to all top, but also we got rumors of a new um phoebe x8 2022 with an improved camera, and that did appear at the um.

You know at the very end of the year just started shipping uh. Last couple days of the year to people so that came out, you know jurys still out on how good that is, but it did come out. Okay and all tell finally did announce uh a couple new drones. Actually they offer they offered two different versions of the nano thats, their sub 250 gram drone and then they offered uh two versions of electrode, which is a bigger drone, uh kind of like a rival to the mavic uh, the r2s series of drones, so um yeah. So uh that was um. You know kind of the um kind of the year and year in review there uh of the drone releases for the year. I probably missed something so uh remind me down in the comments. You know what i forgot im checking my time here right now. Taiwan is uh recording here so uh and uh. You know the all time. Drones have just started shipping, i mean some a few just got out say the last week of december. This is the older ill tell. This is the um, the uh evo2 pro, which came out uh kind of almost two years ago? Now it was announced two years ago, at ces and theyre going to have the new wall tell uh. Now this and lights at the cia ces booth this year, if they actually get the event off with a cove uh uh, the uh omicron run a while, but uh.

Hopefully they get it off. Theyre gon na be new drones here, shut them off properly, but people always started getting and early reports are its a pretty good drone uh. I know uh rachel, doba, really kind of loves his light and uh chad b uh got uh, he got the natto and he you know, as i im recording this video, i saw one short test flight in his backyard with it and it was, you know, pretty Good pretty impressive, so um, you know yeah its um. You know 2022 promises to be an interesting year too, with with the the new altos kind of really hit most people in 2022 and uh, with rumors of a mini three coming in the spring and then possibly an fpv, a dji fpv drone 2 or an fpv Drone kind of like many coming in the summer of 2022 and then the promise of an expire 3 coming in the fall um you know, could 2022 could be another strong year. Of course, dji has to make sure they get fcc approval, or they still can get fcc approval for any new drones. They they would release and again the um, the fema x8 2022 theyre only be reaching most people in in 2022. Also so that kind of be a drone for that year and, of course, hobson has the uh the ace and the night king uh, hopefully coming uh in this year too. So again it should be another busy year in the drone world and uh.

I havent decided yet whether im going to get the uh the one of the all tell drones, probably the nano uh im im really going to sit back and look everything over because uh. This is a bad time of year. For me to fly was january february. The two worst months at the jersey shore, you hardly get a chance to get out and fly between the the wind, the rain, sometimes even snow, even just terrible weather. Sorry uh, i was using the pocket too uh to uh uh, make this video and uh. I was, i was running low power and i i started to talk too long, so i i was leaving off where i i havent decided what im gon na do about the uh. Getting one of the new uh all tell drones the um. You know the nano. Probably the natto nano plus uh, you know over the over the light um but um yeah, just because uh the air 2s is kind of the uh. You know i dont know the cream of the crop here and that kind of mid, mid, uh tear drone there or whatever uh so uh. I dont, you know i dont really need any. You know particularly need a better camera than im getting in the uh air. 2S, but i would like a camera improvement on the mini 2, the dji mini 2., so um kind of what im getting at is, i said so that wont be fine much next two months.

I kind of just want to sit back and really study, everybodys video and see how good the uh, the camera quality really is on the natto and the nano plus drones, because, if its not uh substantially better than the mini 2, i dont know really why. I would upgrade, because you know the obstacle avoidance is not enough for me and i dont think its going to have really a better battery life than the uh. The the mini 2 or any better range in the me to or signal strength is, is really really what i should say so im going to really sit back and see how much better the nano or the nano plus is in the me too, and of course You know if i ride this out until um, you know march or whatever we all we may have rumors of what the the mini threes. If you know many three is going to bring to table if there indeed is a mini three coming out. So maybe maybe just you know, keep my money in my pocket and uh. You know maybe buy the mini three, which may be a better drone for the natto i mean. Who knows, i mean im, just all speculating here: uh just kind of trying to get a strategy for early 2022., and i know uh ken herron had uh maxwell lee. The um were gon na call him. The president general manager, uh chairman of the board, whatever uh ill, tell robotics and uh.

He he kind of has his bet so mother, a uh, evo, evo three pro – would be coming out this year, so we may not have to even plan uh uh for that one and um. You know, as far as the dji pv drone uh, i have to see you know, maybe a mini one can get me more interested in the full size, one and uh im, probably not gon na. You know im not uh, you know uh, i dont really want need to involve, or you know, im not really youre, not that might interested involved im not interested to buy for myself uh. You know im, not a you know like a professional filmmaker or anything like that. Im, not gon na be hired for a million dollar shoot here. So i dont really think i need to pick up the inspire 3 drone, but im very interested in you know what brings the table and the specs so um, okay, i ive kind of think ive got. I think i said all i wanted to say about this stuff here um, you know i mean were gon na, be a lot of um. You know uh uh ill, tell evo and light coverage over drone nation in the next. You know a couple weeks or whatever, as it starts to reach peoples hands, and you know i just kind of want to see all the reviews and everybodys opinions. Also, i know you know uh.

My friend, marcus crawford has one on the way uh a nano plus. So be interesting to see uh his first impressions, the first test flights of that little drone, so um yeah, i think thats it again it was it was to me it was a great year for drones. Uh 2021 and 2022 holds a lot of problems. So again i want to you know: uh wish everybody. You know the holidays are kind of over and said new years day. So i guess last day so happy holidays to you know everybody out there. Everybody thats again subscribes to channel thousand channel, watches the occasional video here and there or follow me on some kind of other social media, so um yeah, so thats about it and uh. I look forward to um. You know, uh, you know chat with all everybody out there in 2022 and checking out your videos and everything like that.