In the rear, cowl makes it look much more aggressive, much more complete. I didnt like that. These headers were just hanging out there in the front kind of unprotected, not really good looking, but with this, it is a beautiful thing. The bike should come with this standard, but it doesnt thats all right gives us a reason to customize our bikes so a little bit of aerodynamics, a little bit of protection and a lot of bellissimo, which is italian for beautiful in case you didnt know this bike Is gorgeous so let me know what you guys think. I think it really makes the bike look a lot more aggressive. I just i just cant say enough good things about it. I just think cosmetically the bikes 100 times better with that there she is up close. Really beautiful, like matte black color, got the slits in the front there a little bit of added protection here on the sides thats what she looks like underneath. Okay, so i have a solution for this madness here: coming soon: Music, Music working on a solution for this madness back here, thanks united states d.o.t for wanting us to look like clowns its actually, not that bad, its, not horrible. What am i saying? Yes, it is. I think its hideous its like the medusa sticking out the back, your motorcycle, scaring little kids im thinking of painting the gas tank red. Just this part right here, not the panels.

Let me know you guys. Think of that might be a pretty cool looking thing to do, adding another touch of customization im, also thinking of getting this spring here in red or powder coated or whatever it is that they do stay tuned for something really cool on the ducati diablo 1260s, which Is, according to me, the fastest 1260s in existence and its about to get faster stay tuned, for that were also going to be doing more to this bike, to make it the fastest monster uh. We are still working on a protune for this. The italian company that does the hardware and software for the tuning ill put the name of that right here. They need to do some modifications, because something has happened with this new model, where the ecu is different and were unable to tune it currently, but rest assured were working on that this bike will be tuned and it will be the fastest monster on the planet. All right guys, let me know what you think about the belly pan fairing and the progress on this bike in general. Im going to be including instructions on how to install this. I did not install this myself because i do not have time. I work a full time. Job and 100 of my nights are dedicated to editing these videos until at least midnight or 12 30 every single night, so for installs and stuff im having my dealer, do it, and also i just like to keep my dealer in business.

I like to do business with these guys because theyre awesome, theyre, hudson valley, motorcycles in hudson valley, new york, if you guys are in the area its totally worth going out and checking them out, their service is top notch, the best of the best. So i like to you know: have these guys do the installs for me: keep them in business thats how i roll. I will do some, how tos im installing certain things, but for right now. Here we go into the segment where i show you how to install this bad boy: okay, im going to go briskly here, but feel free to pause. The screen anytime, that you want to take a closer look. Heres our exploded view parts: okay, heres: how to remove the pressure switch support, fastener it doesnt say what those screws are. Maybe three millimeter: okay, make sure you insert those tabs thusly here here here and here: okay heres, how you assemble the engine belly fairing bracket, make a note that you do have to tighten these to 10 newton meters of torque plus or minus 10 percent. Okay. Putting on the front of the engine belly fairing, pretty straightforward here, using five newton meters of torque plus or minus 10 percent, all right heres. How to install the left hand panel note that this is going to be three newton meters of torque plus or minus ten percent. Okay for this one im going to read that important note there for you before assembling the right hand panel, which is number one in the diagram youre going to position.

This protective sheath here number 15, which is 50 millimeters across on the pressure switch hose, which is right here, letter b, all right guys. That is it. Let me know if you have any questions hi. I look like a tourist thats because im out here mowing my lawn theres. Some bonus footage of my husqvarna aka, the beast thats. My garbage. Can my recycle bin pretty awesome were gon na be modding these for more horsepower and torque hearst purrs modding, my garbage bin? For hers, by the way, stand by for a shelby video soon and stand by for a mock e4 video. Soon, this car is gorgeous just getting a drink im gon na do a video on this whole power setup too. All right guys always remember.