We’Ll check this thing out. Welcome back so we got the mavic mini ready to go. Unbox unfolded as you can see. I have the strobe light attached to the lower part of the actual wing, so when the drone is actually taken up, you’ll see the actual strobe light, actually blinking very fast, as you’re actually looking up. Also, if you are a pilot or other aircraft, that’s in the air, you’ll also be able to see the actual light, uh it’s, very bright and um. You know i’m so excited to test this thing out and see what it’s all about and um. I decided to test it out on the mavic mini, because it is the smallest drone that i actually have. I was going to try it on the mavic air, but that is uh, obviously bigger than this drone, which doesn’t really matter uh, because all my drones are registered. Obviously this one didn’t need to be, but of course i still got my faa registration stickers on this drone as well, so we’re about to check this thing out and um see how it flies and actually see how it performs and um see how bright the actual Light is on this actual strobe light, so this particular strobe light. You just press this button here on the actual device and, as you can see, it’s, blinking and that’s what you want to see and um. As you can see, the sun is going down and um you’re going to need to have this uh type of strobe light.

Going if you’re going to be flying this particular drone at night again, if you are a drone enthusiast, you can fly at night, you need a strobe light. You still have to adhere to all faa rules and regulations as if you were flying during the day, but you need a adequate strobe light. But let’s get this thing in the air and, as you see, i have the strobe light going, and this is what i love about the dg. The dji app is so consistent. The drone is in place it’s connected to the gps, satellites, that’s uh. You know picking up the signal to the drone and this drone is not going to move, but i just wanted to give you guys a uh different perspective and view of that actual strobe light going. So you can get an idea of what it looks like with that strobe light activated at night time. So right now the mavic mini is uh on the way back to me is that 26 and uh we’re gon na check out the uh landing, and we want to check out the uh drone strobe light as it lands Music. I don’t know if you guys can check that out, but there’s some strobe flashing going on and uh. The drone is actually on its way down and now it’s actually very visible, very, very visible for the amount of money that i paid for this drone uh. For this drone strobe light on amazon, it uh is well worth the actual price of the actual strobe.

It is bright, it is visible and i am flying in unrestricted airspace. So i did not need to ask for uh the ability to fly in this airspace, which is great, but the mavic mini is landing. And actually i backed my truck up a little bit so it’s, not exactly right on the spot where i actually took off from. But it’s damn near close, but i want to give you guys some aerial uh footage of the actual drone landing with the actual strobe light flashing, and that just looks beautiful. You just can’t beat that you just can’t beat that look at that red, white and blue. So, overall, i must admit this very inexpensive. Drone strobe light is well worth the money, it’s very visible and it’s much a must have for drone enthusiasts or you know, professional drone. Pilots that fly at night. You have to have a strobe light when you’re flying at night, because if you’re not you’re, not in compliance with the faa, and you will get a stupendous fine from them and you will not like it and it’s it’s for your own safety and the safety of Other aircrafts that are flying with you up there in the sky overall i’m pleased with the product, and not only is it a safety precaution that you get this particular product, but it also looks cool when you’re in the parking lot or you’re in the location and It’S at nighttime and you’re landing your drone and people like well what? What is that over there and i had a guy come over to me and asked me: hey what’s, going on and i told him: hey: i’m i’m, a drone pilot and i’m landing.

My drone he’s like cool, and i we got to talk and i got to tell them. You know all of the procedures and precautions, and you know, rules and regulations, that’s required of us drone pilots, and he was quite impressed that i knew what i was talking about and that you know i was operating within the rules and regulations and the safety in Of the community and – and he appreciated that – and i appreciated that that he was a citizen of that community that was concerned about you – know – aerial um craft, that was flying within the airspace of the vicinity of a location in which he lived, and you know i Didn’T mind explaining that to him and he kind of thought it was cool and i think we got a new drone enthusiast, possibly out of it, because he’s now considering possibly looking into getting a drone himself and hey, i even gave him the referral code. One of my referral codes, so he might be actually buying one of the drones from the dji store. With my referral codes, not only do we might be having a new drone enthusiast coming into the community, but i also might be making a few bucks who knows couldn’t be mad at it anyway, guys i’m troy. This is troy.