What im going to do is give you all the lessons ive learned. So if youre interested in this bike stick around and stay tuned Music, so the honda pcx125 scooter britains best selling powered two wheeler for absolutely ages and it is a cracking little bite. I can entirely see why it has that accolade. It is a brilliant bit of kit and uh. If you are in the market for a scooter, then do go and check out my first ride review of this bike, where i go through what its like to ride. The specs uh the features that sort of thing, because in this video, what im going to do is tell you all the lessons ive learned about the bike, not just the good things, but the bad things too. No bike is perfect and ive found one or two things about this bike that i dont like so without further ado lets crack on and uh ill take you through those cons, the negatives about the pcx125. So one of the things, of course, that scooters are one of the great advantages of scooters, is the fact that youve got so much storage underneath the seat. The pcx125 has got great storage under the seat uh. If you want to put your shopping in there, but unfortunately, if youve got a big head and a big helmet like me, particularly if youve got a camera attached to it, youve got absolutely no chance getting it under the seat.

Ill show you under the seat. Here we go plenty of room there to get your shopping under there, but, as i say, if youve got a larger helmet like mine, of course, with the appendage of my camera on there, ive got absolutely no chance of getting it in there. So uh yeah thats a bit of a nuisance. If youve got a smaller head like mine, mrs mrs flash, you can get a helmet under there. So then youre, okay, but uh yeah large helmets, wont get under the seat. Thats, the uh thats the negative about the pcx125, so one of the things im not too keen on with regard to the pcx125 is when youre getting a bit of a move on here, im doing 58 miles per hour. Well, 59! Now, on this, a road so its quite a fast road im, basically going flat out on the bike and one of the things that surprised me about it is im in complete wind blast here from about my waist upwards, although it looks like theres a big frontal Area on here which there is which keeps your below the waist nice and uh protected above the waist, the screen ends very low and youre in the wind flow. So i was quite surprised normally on scooters, youre pretty well protected on the pcx125 at high speed im. Now doing 65 66 miles now look im right in the wind blast, so if it was raining or a horrible day, ill be getting all that in my face so thats one of the things that surprised me that i dont like about the pcx125 lack of wind And weather protection on the bike unusual for a scooter, so there we go.

That was all the negatives i could actually come up with. I dont think ive ever ridden and reviewed a bike before i could only come up with two bad things to say about the bike, so that says a lot about the pcx125 doesnt it anyway. Nobody loves a winger lets, go on uh to the positives. What are the pros? The bike in terms of the lessons ive learned, what the good things so something i really love about. The pcx125 is its comfort and its uh. Most scooters are like that, to be honest, but uh having you know normally riding conventional motorcycles that do come in a range of uh lets, say: comforts, sports, bikes, uncomfortable, upright bikes, much better, but compared to all those. This thing is closest to my honda goal wing in terms of comfort. Its got a big padded seat. Im sitting bolt upright, like ive, got a choice of places. To put my legs up, i can tuck them up underneath me in a more sporty position. If i want to – or i can put them forward on these big foot boards so loads of options for stretching my legs, it really is a comfortable place to be and ill. Tell you what i know its only a 125, but i think youd have a right. Laugh going on tour on this, you could stick stuff under the seat. You could have the top box on. You could go away. You could ride all day in complete comfort and you can have an absolute hoot doing so, but anyway, thats uh thats.

One of the things i love about this, the comfort of the bike, one of the things that has surprised me about the pcx125 in a good way is just uh. How nicely built the thing is its got, a real premium feel about it and the build quality on it is lovely. The paint is typical. Honda lustrous theres, nothing about it. That makes you think cheap motorcycle. It really is a premium bit of kit, and i love that about the pcx. Something else that i really love about. The pcx125 is the way that theyve done the display on here. Its got a lcd display its white on black, so its sort of an inverted one, but it looks bang up today its got everything on there. You want big old uh display of the speed which, of course, you need and a proper fuel gauge, im glad to say, clock trip counters all that sort of thing, and i just think it looks really nice, its nice and clear. You can see it in any light, and one of the things that i really like about it is when you indicate you get a big vein of flashing indicator light so ill ill pull over here and show theres a car behind me. Ill indicate left, look and show you look see this big its like something at a star trek, its absolutely brilliant. I better pull over now, otherwise, the carbine, i think, im some sort of nut job.

How cool is that so yeah big thumbs up for the display on the pcx125? I absolutely love that and then uh, while ive stopped here. Did you notice there as i stopped the engine has come to a complete stop? This is another thing i love about. The bike its got premium filters features built in thats. The idling stop look the little uh flashing a there exactly the same as on my big honda. Gold wing tells me that the engine is still active but uh. It stopped because were in idling stock mode. If i want to bring it alive again, ill just give that a little twist there you go the engines running again, they stopped flashing and then im just ready to pull away as soon as i want to so ill indicate right, nothing coming away. We go so easy to live with this bike. Absolutely cracking something else. I love about this little motorcycle is just how easy it is to live with. The bike is really lightweight its about something like 130 kilograms, fully fueled its so light, so it makes it very very easy to move around, of course, its got that low center of gravity and our love with that. Its got an amazing amazing turning circle, so uh its a really easy uh bike to live with um its the sort of bike, theyre just gon na jump on and go for a ride, theres no hassle involved with it.

You dont have to think oh ive got to get that out of the garage, its going to be heavy, its just easy peasy to live with. I absolutely love thats, maybe the best thing about the pcx125, its no fuss, its just a great little bike, something else. I really love about this bike, which you absolutely cannot argue with is its frugality, and by that i mean not only is it cheap to run but its cheap to buy as well. These will cost you at the moment something like 3 200 pounds just a smidge over on the road, which is a very small amount of money for a powered vehicle. I think especially one that feels such good quality as this and then once youve bought it. Okay, not everybodys got three grand just sitting there, but that is a good price, but once youve bought it its then really cheap to run at the moment. According to the bike – and i havent been sparing the horses, this is averaging 120.4 miles per gallon. Give me another mode of transport that you can do that on this bike. Well, if i tuck down, i can get 70 miles an hour out of it and itll keep me going for absolutely ages with a tank like that doesnt cost much to ensure, at least for me, being an older fella. The bike is an absolute winner if youre on a budget, if you just need cheap transport, this is the way to go so thats.

Another thing i love about the ptx125 overall frugality, so there we are. Those are the lessons ive learned since ive been riding the pcx125 ive written this much more than i thought it was going to because ive really enjoyed scooting around on it as a solution to urban transport is absolutely brilliant. I thoroughly love the uh pcx125 out of all the scooters, ive ridden ive ridden a few from maxy scoots to electric scooters, and all things in between. I can completely see why this is the best selling bike. This is by far the best scooter ive ever ridden, and i dont say that sort of thing lightly: im not just saying that just the overall package, its stylish, it goes well its comfortable, its cheap, its good quality. There really are no reasons not to get yourself a pcx 125 youre in the market for a scooter. I really really love it anyway. Thank you so much to uh honda uk for lending me the bike and let me have the chance to get to know britains best selling power, two wheeler. I now completely understand why that is the case. I recommend it to the house. Well, i hope you enjoyed that if so and youve not done so already do hit that subscribe button. That way, i can see you in the next video. Until then, this has been the mystery flyer.