I suppose what we used to call a super sports bike, a dying breed these days anyway, a biker very much wanted to ride. Stick around stay tuned. I’Ll, give you my first impressions Music review. Last year i was lucky enough to borrow from honda uk for a few weeks, the honda cbr 500r, the 500cc sports bike, and i really like that bike, and i had an awful lot of comments. After that, video people were saying: how does it compare to the cb r650r, of course, hadn’t ridden it up until that point, so i couldn’t say so, hopefully i’m going to find out today because it’s the first time i’ve ever ridden the cbr 650r. As i say, mid sized sports bike, it looks epic, it looks just like it’s big brother, the far blade four cylinder engine, something like 94 brake horsepower and it could well be the perfect sports bike for the road anyway. Let’S see if we can find that out. So this particular machine brand new, not even run in yet it’s got brand new tyres and, as you can see, it’s a little bit slippery on the roads today. So i’m going to be a bit careful through these back lanes. But i will try and ride on a variety of roads on this review, including some faster ones a little bit later and, of course, i’ll talk you through the spec in the usual way, when we do the walk around and as an extra bonus.

Oh you lucky people i’m gon na, be doing my now infamous fashion review at the end of the video as well. If you stick around to the very end of the credits as you, if you like i’ll talk to you about the helmet i’m wearing the jacket, the gloves etc, just to save me answering all those questions in the comments about what was that bit of kit. I was wearing so stick around stay tuned for that, as well anyway, to the bike, then, first thing that uh strikes you when you jump on a new bike is always the riding position isn’t it the comfort, well, this being a sports bike. It is surprise, surprise, very sporty when you sit on it. Your legs are tucked up you’re lent forward. Handlebars are relatively narrow, but i have to say, as sportsbots go it’s very comfortable love this bit of road, so your arm went for. There is a little bit of uh pressure on my wrists, but it’s, not as bad as say my 899 panigale, which is a much more extreme sports position. This i would describe as a comfy sports position. The seat itself is quite nice and comfortable feels nice and wide. I can move around on it i’m, a sort of medium sized person at five foot eight, and i can get myself back and tuck down. If i want to – or i can see it basically bolt upright and uh yeah – very, very comfortable indeed, this is a bike.

You could definitely uh do everything on you could tour and stuff on this and you wouldn’t you wouldn’t, get fed up with the riding position. It’S not extreme at all, even though it is, as i say, sporty four cylinder engines so it’s a lovely, smooth and sounds great let’s just give her a little wind up down here. Music! Oh, yes, absolutely! No, like a go, as i say: 94 brake horsepower. That’S. All you need on the road really i mean i was quickly up to illegal speeds. There and uh yeah no lack of power whatsoever handles beautifully through these sweeping bends, but these days with the high tech sports bikes that you can buy and spend sort of 24 25 grand on you can just never really use them on the road. Whereas a bike like this it’s just epic fun and you feel like you, can use the majority of the engine and yet it costs way less than 10 grand but again i’ll give you the details of the cost. I’Ll be doing the walk around in a minute, but on the road you’re going to keep up with anything loads of power to overtake you, don’t need more power unless you’re on track yeah, nice and balanced through these. Through these bends, the handling is lovely suspension’s, not too firm. Stop rattling my fillings out or anything like that, but it’s not soft to wallow either. It just makes the handling nice being a little bit careful on this slippery.

Looking bend, i’ll go past, boris’s gaff, that’s, uh checkers, just on my left. There won’t be stopping there. I’Ve learnt my lesson so brakes front, brake, very, very good. The front brake just get around this corner and we’ll try the back brake. What a beautiful day to be out on the bike right, another behind me: let’s try the back brake, oh actually, the back! Brake’S! Surprisingly, good, given, as i say, this bike is brand new it’s only got something like 25 miles on it, so uh i don’t want to thrash the pants off it. Nor do i want to abuse it, but you know i’m assuming the brakes and tyres need a bit of wearing in, but they feel absolutely fine to be already even on this damp slippery day. Okay, what else practically? Can i tell you about the mirrors, nice and big on here, sticking out the fairing at the front, so they seem quite a long way away from what i’m used to, but they work very well, no vibration, there they’re, nice and big. They don’t. Look too stalky i’ve got a good view out the back no issue with the mirrors: okay, very slippery down here, clutch on here, yeah, quite quite nice, and light nothing difficult about that. The gearbox seems to work a treat nice and smooth. I haven’t had any false neutrals or any difficulty finding neutral. Yet there’s always time, though oh it’s, great, to be out on a day like this it’s, absolutely cracking out here, it’s going to come down through the gearbox yeah clutch is nice and light yeah no problem with the gearbox and clutch at all.

Brakes are nice controls on here we have a look at the handlebars, etc. All very simple, it’s, not a complicated bike. This it’s a proper honest motorcycle. This it’s got all the electronics you need no more. Besides, it’s got abs and it’s got traction control which you can switch off uh, no idea why you want to switch it off. One stop here: look feet flat on the deck either side, as i say, i’m, five for eight, with a 32 inch leg and i can get my feet flat on the deck. Both sides. I think the seat height is something like 810 mil. So you don’t have to be a tall person to ride this yeah back to the switch gear. Then proper buttons on here look proper tactile stuff. You can feel when you’ve engaged it no complaints there, nice and simple, because there’s nothing complicated about the bike. As i say, the only thing i would say is like so many hondas the horn and the indicators around the opposite way to what i’m used to, and i do ride hondas quite frequently, but i have found myself. I hit the horn instead of the indicator once already on this bike. I mean, if uh, if it’s your only bike, you’ll get used to that and it won’t be an issue. But if you swap between bikes, frequently like i do, then that can catch you out. Small point, but a niggle such a silky smooth engine, this sounds lovely as well perfect for this sort, riding i’ll tell you what i’ve got a big grid in my helmet.

This really is a nice motorcycle. If you like, your sports bikes and you’re not going to go on a track, you really don’t need anything else other than something like this look at the display on here it’s, the lcd display, not tft, so you could say it’s a little bit old school, but I like the way they’ve done it in reverse, so it’s on a black background. It’S very clear you’ve got everything you need proper fuel gauge i’m glad to say, as well as the gear position indicator. You’Ve got an analog representation of the rpm and digital speed. Clock trip counters everything you need there yeah like that display i’ve seen very similar displays on other hondas. I think the uh, i know the cb500x earlier in the year that had the same sort of display, as does the uh cb 650r. The unfair version of this bike that’s exactly the same display as well doesn’t, seem to be any issue with the fueling it’s lovely off the throttle very, very nice right i’m, just coming up to uh wend over here i’m gon na pull over. Maybe in the in the station car park, which is just here so i can show you around the bike – talk you through the spec in the usual way. Hopefully i can find an empty bit so i’m, not all embarrassed walking around the bike with people watching this way or perfectly this empty car park. I, like it i’ll tell you what let’s do a little uh a little test of what the turning set was like.

So feet up testing my skill as much as anything down. We go so we’re in this parking spot here and then full lock, keeping my feet up to there. There we go so that is quite a tight turning circle for a sports bike in particular. I’Ve come basically one two spaces to get here, so an excellent turning circle, all right, let’s part, the bike somewhere and i’ll. Show you talk you through the spec let’s go uh we’ll make a good picture by that greenery. I think let’s go over there perfect. I think that’s as good as places any all right, let’s see what neutrals like to find dead, easy to find neutral. That’S, nice uh side stand he’s defined as well: lovely jubbly alrighty, then, okay, let’s uh, show you around this beast here. She is looking just like a mini fireblade. What a beautiful looking machine to the untrained eye. You wouldn’t know that wasn’t, the fireblade would you it looks really really nice anyway without further ado. Let me get the other camera out and i’ll talk you through the spec. In the usual way here we go, then the honda cbr 650r, the 2021 model, absolutely beautiful. Looking bike, as i say, got some nice touches on here things like the finish on the engine. I really like how they’ve done that sort of bronzy look on there powder coated it or whatever that looks nice exhaust tucked under there looks quite neat, got a lovely sound to it and the front end as i’ve mentioned a few times already to me, just looks Fireblady very, very nice: okay let’s go through the spec, then that engine six, four nine cc uh four cylinder uh engine 16 valves, double overhead cams.

It puts out 94 brake horsepower or 70 kilowatts if you’re in the new money at 12, 000 rpm. So she likes to be revved. You can get a restricted version of this bike by the way for a2 license holders, so something for everybody. 63 newton meters of torque at 9500 rpm brakes on here let’s go and have a look at the front. These work really well dual discs on here. Look with nissan calipers. These are three 10mm discs on the front. Four part calipers on the rear. We’Ve got a 240 mil disc, with a single pock, missing caliper, and that works surprisingly well as well. The suspension on this it’s got this clever, shower uh big piston forks, where they have the separate functions, so they’re called um sff usd big piston. Forks, i believe, is what they’re called they look cool in that color. I can’t really see them they’re, not adjustable, but there are these clever forks. Where you know one fork does compression the other rebound or something like that. Something clever but uh anyway, uh nice suspension basin. It feels very, very nice when you’re riding with it on the back it’s just got a monoshock damper. You can see that big, yellow spring there and adjustable as ever for pre load ten different adjustments for pre load, i believe uh. What else we’ll do is feet tight on it, 810 mil so not too high nice and accessible. Even though it’s a four cylinder bike, it feels quite narrow, so it’s narrow, waisted there.

You can get your legs down easily and that seat is well it’s, not particularly soft um it’s. You know, it’s quite big, nice and comfy. There is some room for a pillion there, but i’m, not sure i want to be on the back of it. Uh weight of the bike curb weight, 208 kilograms, so that’s with fuel. So by my calculations i reckon it’ll be about 196 kilograms dry, so not super light, but not super heavy either. The tank on here holds a reasonable 15.4 liters um electronics not much to go as i say, because it is a fairly straightforward basic bite. It does have this switchable traction control, which you switch off here. Why you’d want to do that? I don’t know the controls, as i say, all nice and tactile. You can definitely feel when you’ve operated them and it’s got the lcd screen as well uh what else all price very important, according to the honda website at the time of filming this uh 8049 pounds. I think that’s an awful lot of bike for the money for comparison. New, the new aprilia 660 rs is 10 150 or the kawasaki zx6r 9699. So this is definitely the cheaper end of comparable sports bikes uh. What else to tell you the clutch on here is an assistant, slipper, clutch, very, very nice indeed to use, as i say, what else back end could possibly do with a tail tidy, not too sure about that big bit sticking out there, and it does like to Throw the crud over itself it’s a wet day, and you can see all the mess that’s going all over there, but yeah overall really really nice bike alrighty.

What i need to do, then, is jump on and try and find us a slightly faster road. I think and see how she performs there: oh yeah, lovely bike, that’s, nice and comfy to sit on as well it’s, not uh, nothing like my panigale, where you jump on and immediately think this is gon na hurt, alrighty nothing around Music. Let’S go hunt me a slightly faster road, then that’s, just what i’m exiting the station here good chance to try the slow speed fueling on here so i’m in second gear nine miles an hour. So if i was creeping along in traffic and absolutely no problem at all, with the fueling let’s go to first gear, there we go first gear, look seven miles an hour steady as you like, very very easy to ride no hunting or banging around lovely it’s. A very easy bite to ride alrighty let’s go and see what’s going on down wendover way, so this little town of wendover is actually uh, i believe it’s the highest town in the chiltons in terms of elevation. Certainly, if you take a right there, you can go up to a place called wendover woods, which is a lovely spot to spend some time. Lots of families go up there and that is definitely the highest place spot in the chilters. But i digress: is there anything about this bike that i don’t like got ta, be honest on this first ride i’m struggling to find anything, the controls will work, lovely the gearbox seems nice i’ve not had any force, neutrals or difficulty finding neutral, which is sometimes this.

You get especially with brand new bikes that take a little bit of working in sitting. Position is nice. Price of this bike is flipping excellent, to be fair, i’ve, not ridden those other bikes, yet i’ve not run the aprilia 660 yet, and i haven’t ridden the kawasaki. So i haven’t really got much to compare it with other than its little brother, the cbr500r, which i rode last year, which i really enjoyed too. But i have to say this is a much nicer bike if you’re between the two. Obviously this is slightly more expensive, but you do just get a bit more grunt a bit more go in the engine, the cbr 500, our lovely bike, but did run out of puff quite soon. This one you’re never going to run out of puff with on the road it’s very quick you’re, always going to have power to overtake on this i’m. Quite interested, though, to see when i get on the bypass up here, what this screen is like in terms of the wind coming off, whether it’s sort of uh, whether you get any buffer or whatever so let’s, get up to a faster road. We’Ll check that out busy out today, police fan over there as well as long as he’s, not checking speeds or anything Music, so just to demonstrate you can overtake no problem at all at slightly faster speeds, actually there’s something i’m, not so keen on. Here we are not doing 63 indicated fourth gear about five and a half thousand rpm a little bit of vibrations through the seat, high frequency vibes.

If you were stuck in that gear at that speed, that would become a little bit annoying, but you’re not likely to be stuck at that speed in that gear. You’Re gon na change up, so i don’t think that’s a major concern, but they are there. Okay, as we come down the bypass here, we’ll just cruise a bit at sort of uh, higher speeds and we’ll see what it what it feels like in terms of the vibes and also that wind, so let’s uh, please there’s an awful lot of pleats about today. Look at them all gosh more, please more police, not a time to be testing a motorcycle on the bypass really anyway. Here we go let’s go up to 60 miles now i think we’re allowed to do that for sure. Let’S get her into top gear. So here we go just overtaking this stuff, i’m, actually doing 70 miles now, it’s a bit naughty, but i slow down in a second and the wind coming off. The screen is going over my head, there’s, no dirty air here at all. The fairing on here is working really nicely for me anyway, at my height, obviously, it does depend on how tall you are and also what jacket you’re wearing and stuff wi fi makes a big difference to how much profit you get on a bike. But this is one of the uh better protected. Another police fan good speed. This is one of the better protected bikes i’ve, been on in terms of wind, buffing up 60 miles an hour, no problem at all nice, smooth airflow.

We might have to just get past this traffic, though another policeman. Yes, it is all right, see you down the chats. It pulls away nice and sick yeah nice, smooth airflow as well high speed, another police fan. I don’t think i’ve ever seen as many police in this area. There’S. Obviously something going on here. I think i know actually because this is uh just down here is where hs2 is going to cross the road and there’s been a lot of protesters up here. You know swampy types and trees and things good on them. I say, and i think somebody was saying earlier, that the police have been around trying to move them on, so i think that’s, what all that police presence was about you can see in here. Look. These are some of the places they’ve been camping out, demonstrating against hs2 there’s, going to be a big flyover across here and uh it’s such a shame, because wendover is such a lovely spot and it is going to blight it somewhat and there’s everybody all the protesters. Camping out in there anyway, i digress once again so let’s just say a huge. Thank you to honda uk for lending me. This bike i’ve got it for a few days, more yeah i’m, going to ride it a bit more and i’m going to make at least another video about it. If i can so, if you’re interested in the cbr 650r do stick around stay tuned to the channel, there’ll be more to come in terms of my summary.

After this first ride. Well as you’ve gathered i’m very impressed with the bike, i really can’t find anything. I don’t like about it, except maybe that slight vibration at a certain rate, but again when i was going at high speed, then it disappeared here i am doing sixth at four and a half thousand rpm, no vibes whatsoever. I could ride on this all day, long it’s, nice and protected it’s comfortable. It goes well, it sounds. Nice it’s got an amazing price. It’S got just the right amount of electronics and no more good on this sports park. It looks nice too. What board you want? This is all the sport spot. You need for the road very, very impressed so yeah. If you’re interested in this sort of bike definitely check out the cb650 cbr650r. I should say i think you’ll be impressed all right. Stick around till the end of the uh credits. Laughter credits, if you’re interested in the kit that i’m wearing i’ll do my infamous little fashion segment, but otherwise that’s about it. For this review, i hope you’ve enjoyed that and uh if you’ve not done so already do. Consider hitting that subscribe button it’d be great to have you all next time until then, then this has been the best and fly cheerio. Well, thank you for sticking around to the very end of the video and to my now infamous fashion segment, where i’ll take you through all the things that i’m wearing just to save me, answering all those questions about what those gloves you’re wearing.

What is that jacket? Whatever so, if you’re interested in the kit stick around for this bit, i’ve written everything down together with prices so i’m going to take you through this stuff, so let’s start at the top with the helmet. Now the helmet you saw me wearing today is my array. Rx7 now this is a particularly um fancy helmet, actually it’s uh. These come in at 603 pounds if you want a solid color or if you want one of these fancy ones, you’re going to be looking at something like 710 quid. So a really expensive helmet array, of course, so uh you know top quality. I like this one because uh, particularly if i’m, on a sports bike, because it is of course a sports style, helmet and it’s, pretty good for vlogging with as well um. I didn’t actually pay 710 quid for this. I must say a very kind um subscriber gave me this helmet. He didn’t need it. It was boxed, he’d, never use it and he gave it to me. So. Thank you very much indeed to you, sir. You know who you are: uh i’ve had a lot of enjoyment out of the helmet, so thank you very much indeed anyway. That’S that i’ll put a link below uh to where you can get the helmet. As i say, they start at 610, quid for a solid color um and the links below are all at sports bike. Shop, which uh are all for.

Full disclosure are affiliate links. So if you click on those links, um you’ll be helping out the channel. At now. Extra costume all right, moving on then next thing, uh written here, oh neck, tube uh. Here we go. This is my own one from my website, the mistleton flyer dot com, a much more reasonable price. Eight quid one of these cost you and there’s gon na be more types of these coming out soon, so do check out my website for not only that but lots of other merch as well there’s new stuff being added all the time. There might be stuff that you’ve not seen before so that’s the next tube what’s. Next, oh next up my jacket, this always gets a lot of comments. This is my richer arc. Gore tex jacket, it’s uh it’s an amazing bit of kit. This is one of my go to jackets. I like it if it’s cold, winter’s day, it’s, actually quite warm today, but um it being gore tex. Not only is it fully waterproof, but it means it’s. Also quite warm as well. It’S got all the right um protection as well. It’S got uh d3o armor in the shoulders and in the elbows, and it’s got a level of abrasion resistance too it’s a rated on the abrasion resistance which isn’t the best level. But if you just want to keep warm and you want a reasonable level of sort of urban protection, then great jacket for that again, i’ll put a link below to that cost wise.

This jacket comes in at 575. Pounds 99 is a lot of money um, but it is a beautiful jacket and i wear this all year round. It keeps you warm, it keeps you dry, i do recommend it and it looks quite nice as well it’s, a sort of a good alternative to leathers. On a sports bike, i think right next up, uh all my trousers. These are my dane lingby trousers. You would have seen these before these again quite expensive, not particularly stylish looking at the moment. But again these are gore tex pro, so super waterproof, super warm and again quite expensive. These will come in at 529.99, so so far, you’re looking at sort of 1500 quids with a kit that i’m wearing uh expensive day uh next up boots. Ah, these are actually these are. These are my old alpine style boots now i’ve had these for absolutely years. What i like about them is the fact that they’ve got this um closure over the top here, which means your laces don’t have any chance of getting caught in the chain, or anything like that. I can’t actually find these anymore uh, but the closest i could find on at sports bike shop are called the alpen stars stars faster threes, they’re 125.99 and i remember paying about 100 quid for these about, probably six or seven years ago now and i’m. Still using these are my go to sports bike boots uh next up.

The gloves you saw me wearing here we are. These are from dane as well one of my favorite brands for proper winter protection. These are gore tex as well. These are called the dane scargan gloves they keep you properly warm again because they’re gore, tex they’re waterproof they’ve, got all the right protections on them again and i just find them nice and supple as well. So you can feel the controls nicely and you don’t have to break them in uh. Is that it yeah that’s it for the kit so yeah quite a lot to go through. There was an expensive day’s kit today has to be said, but there’s. No doubt you get what you pay for with kit and uh, particularly if it’s winter i’m filming this in the winter, even though you’re, probably watching this in the summer, um there’s no substitute for proper, decent, warm kit. Anyway, there we go that’s what i was wearing this time. I hope that was of some interest speak to you soon.