What an absolute beast of a bike stick around stay tuned ill. Tell you all about it, Music! So welcome back to the channel folks and uh thanks for joining me once again, as i say, on this beautiful day, im actually recording this at the end of august. I suspect you will be seeing this a month a few a month or two down the line. It may well be the depths of winter when you see this so uh. If that is the case, this is what a nice summers day looks like, as i say, im on the harley davidson fat bob 2021 bike, its a bobber style machine with big fat tyres. Hence i assume why its called a fat bob, i have to say its a beautiful looking machine. So let me show you why i think this is such a good looking machine first off the color on here. Look its got this sort of military look about it. This green im always a little bit unsure about matte finish on bikes, but i have to say this: one in the flesh looks absolutely beautiful. Then theyve got this interesting sort of stove. Like finish on the cylinder heads here, which looks really rugged and hard wearing and then theyve similarly got a sort of a rugged eyes, bronze look uh covering the exhaust as well, which i think really suits this particular color and i think its just going to make The thing easier to live with than having all the chrome that you so often do on harleys um its got.

You know everything about this thing is big in in a classic hiding way i mean look at this uh brake pedal. It looks like um no jokes here, please, it looks like it comes off of a tractor, its that massive um. What else can i show you its got these massive bars on it, which look incredible? Look at these forks. They are huge its the best angle, but the width of these forks on here cant really get a good angle, but theyre really wide. Of course, they necessarily have to be because of this massive chunky tyre on here. What i do like is the way that theyve done the um some of the branding on here. So if you look at the tank, look harley dave some badge, but no harley davidson. You have to go over here and its sort of asymmetrically done. It says harley davidson here on the tank, which i think looks really cool and then also uh the wheels. You probably noticed that just now, but down here, look says harley davidson on the rims, which look really really good, so yeah. I think in terms of looks theyve got this absolutely bang on. It is a big old bruising cruiser and i love it when harley davidson delivered this up to me this morning as it rolled off the truck i instantly fell in love. With the looks of this, i never thought id be a harley man, but the more i ride them.

The more i appreciate them. Yes, theyre noisy, yes, theyre basic, yes, theyre uncomfortable, yes, the mirrors vibrate, yes theyre expensive, but my goodness me they are fantastic. So already uh somewhat of a spoiler alert. I guess because ive blown it that i really like this bike lots of things i like about the looks first of all, but then, when you sat here, look at what youre looking at look at these handlebars just flat and mean looking nice and wide. So they can hide all the cabling inside the bar, so its a very clean looking design and then youve got this beautiful instrumentation here, just a single dial and then in the back. Weve got an lcd window with a proper fuel gauge your speed and then youve got trip counters and things like that and another little window, and that is about it very, very simple, but you dont need anything more view about that and thats. The other thing i like about this bike: simple, theres, no theres, no, excessive, electronics. In fact, the only thing really thats got electronic is uh traction control, not traction control, so i dont think it has got traction control its got abs and its got led lights, which really look fantastic ill. Show you those in a second. So i promised you a look at the led lights here. We go uh thats what it looks like uh. Without anything turned off. We bring the bike to life by pressing that one.

There we go thats what the light looks itself im, hoping im gon na get the chance to have a ride of this in the dark and see how that performs, but uh it looks pretty bright, pretty cool and its a daytime running light mode. It does also have keyless ignition, which is something im, not a massive fan of, and it doesnt make a huge amount of sense in this case, because its got a what looks like a non lockable fuel cap. And if you want to lock the steering, you have to use the key anyway, so im not sure what thats all about, but anyway ill uh ill pass on that because other than that there arent really any electronics on this bike. So you just jump on and enjoy riding at the end of the day, if youre just riding a motorcycle for fun, which is what im lucky enough to do then thats, what its all about. I get electronics on track, bikes on high spec sports machines, then yeah. You need everything you can have to help you squeeze the last two tenths of a second out of a lap, but if youre just out enjoying a sunday lane, which is the sort of thing that this bikes built for, then you dont need them. This is just pure motorcycling enjoyment, all right enough of the gashing. Let me go through some of the practical matters. Comfort on here. The seat i have to say, is very comfortable 710 millimeters at sea height, so really low.

Just experience that torque so good. It blew me camera off. Let me just sort that out right, camera sorted, so weve established its got plenty of talk so much so thatll easily defeat. My gopro mount so watch that where was i yes comfort seat the seats very comfortable, it is a single seat. There is a little sort of a pillion perch, but its really not up to much id probably take that off. If the bike was mine just to make it look a bit cleaner at the back end, the seat yourself very comfortable, you cant move around on it. So, if youre the wrong height for it tough, but it seems to exact, absolutely suit my height im, five foot, eight relatively long legs 32 inch length leg. I think, and uh yeah im, finding it very comfortable. The only thing i would say is its one of these feet forward: bikes, pull it down here. Look my feet are forward on the pegs uh, its not extremely full theyre, not way out in front um its one of the less extreme cruisers in that respect, but i suspect, after an hour or so you start to get a bit of pain in your lower Back ill find out as i ride the bike more, this is my first ride. First, impressions review, but so far it feels very comfortable and although im not a fan of feet forward, riding positions, this one, as i say, not very extreme handlebars nice and wide as you can see, and really comfortable in that respect and they look cool as well.

Thats the thing the people that dont get harley davidsons and i was one of those for many years, its just youre, not getting how these bikes make you feel when you ride and thats that to me is the most important thing forget all the specs forget all The uh technology, and so on, do you enjoy riding the bike, and the answer on this is yes, its just brilliant handling wise its much better. It has any right to be around this 90 degree, sweepy corner. It sticks to the road lovely. It is a nice. A warm day and the roads are nice and warm big fat rubber, of course, as i mentioned on here, and although they look normally, they are basically road tyres, but even though its got big fat tyres front and back the handling, doesnt feel particularly compromised. I have to say in fact, its probably one of the better handling cruisers ive ever ridden theres, no hiding the fact that this is a heavy bike. Uh. It comes with a couple of figures, harley daves in quote 306 kilograms in running order, so wet and then as shipped 296 kilograms. So uh yeah heavy but uh actually relatively easy to lug around, because the weight is all held low and if you sat on it because its got that low seat height, you never feel like youre gon na drop it its, not a problem. The beauty of this, the seat is nice and low, and therefore you can get your feet down easy, so yeah full marks for comfort, ive already talked a bit about the instrumentation, which i absolutely love switch gear on here, typical harley davidson, proper clunky switch gear.

You know when youve pressed it i like that about it. Its solid stuff feels well made, as does the whole bike. Of course, it feels like its been hewn out of solid lumps of metal. You can feel the engineering doing its thing as you ride it and thats what i love about these bikes mirrors on it, not too stalky. I, like the looks of them. They work. Okay, a little bit of vibration out of them, but hey were on harley. Who cares but they do work well. Actually, the mirrors are fine. Just a little chat behind me theres a car a little way back, but im just going to check the brakes, and here are the brakes double disc brakes on here um and they seem to work. Fine on the front, theyre badged harley davidson – i dont know who actually makes them where they hardly make them for themselves, but yeah. They seem to work fine on the front on the rear, um its adequate. As i say, uh, just a single disc, on the rear rear is bitten. There arent, they often handy just to help. You straighten things out on corners. If that makes sense, i know what i said there yeah the rear brakes, not particularly particularly sharp, but its good enough. Oh, what a beautiful day look at these crops are in and although im uh extolling the future virtues of a british summers day here, im recording this, i think i said end of august 24th of august.

I think it is. It has been a absolutely rubbish summer here this year here in belgium, one of very few nice days, ive, been out on sound of the bike, is lovely through the standard pipes just sounds mean its not obnoxiously loud im, sure you can get some aftermarket harley parts To make it louder, if you want to, but its just perfect for me, because its not so loud thats going to annoy you to death, all your neighbors scotts got that nice low rumble. The bike is fitted with the milwaukee 8 air cooled engine, just over 1.8 liters in size, ill talk you through the specs of the engine right talking of the engine. Uh ive got the numbers at hand now so that this engine at 114 cubic inches, so that in the old money is uh. 1868 cc the milwaukee 8. As i mentioned, an engine that ive seen uh in all sorts of uh, pretty much all the holidays, ive ridden so far power, wise, uh, harley ready to talk about it but 93 brake horsepower is the number uh thats at 5020 rpm, so nice and low down. As youd expect, torque wise 118 pounds feet or 155 newton meters at 3, 500 rpm, so again its all about the grunt on this one and it just hums along no stress whatsoever, not massive horsepower numbers on this bike, but its all about the torque its all. There pretty much in every gear talking about the gears.

The gearbox actually is a little bit clunky as hull is tend to be, but its its filed. Nowhere near the worst harley gearbox ive ever tried for sure its actually not too bad, and the clutch itself demands quite a hefty pull again, just reminding you that youre on uh something thats been built by big burly blokes with spanners and hammers yeah. I really like this and i think the last harley i rode, which was the uh. Is it the soft tail standard i said, was my favorite riding harley to date? Well, i think this might have eclipsed that now each harley arrive they get better and better. This. I think is the fourth harley ive written ive done the fat boy, the softdown standard and uh one other previous to that which name escapes me but ill put up on the screen, if i remember ive loved them all from an engineering point of view, but uh This ones been the best yet to ride and they all put massive grins on your face. Dont be a harley snob. If youve never ridden one give one a go. You might be surprised if i had room in my garage and the cash in my pocket. I would definitely have one of these in there ive got to try the rest of the harley range first before i uh do anything rash, but i would very happily have this in my garage. It is a lovely, lovely bike.

Suspension actually is lovely. I dont know if its, because those fat tires are what but really bumpy roads have just ridden through and actually its been a lovely lovely ride. Talking about the ride quality forks on here, massive upside down, uh forks on here, these are from showa, i believe now they are absolutely huge to accommodate that wide tyre, no adjustment on it but, as i say, rides absolutely fine, no need for adjustment. As far as im concerned now on the back hidden amongst here in this soft tail is a single shock and it looks like youve got a bit of a remote adjustment there as well for preload. I must apologize by the way for this helmet that im wearing. I usually like to wear something a bit cruisery when im out on a cruiser im, a big fan of dressing according to the bike that youre riding and to that end, if youre interested in the kit that im wearing ive got some new stuff on today and Sticker and stay tuned to the very end of the video, i will do one of my fashion segments and talk you through all the kit that im wearing to uh. Save me answering all those comments about what was that jacket youre wearing or what are those gloves ill go through all that at the end, if youre interested after the credits, just as i indicated to come around here, it reminded me that this has got the funny Harley davidson indicators, it has a switch on here to go right and a switch on there to go left and if you want to cancel them, you press that button again, but actually it has auto canceling as all the harleys ive ridden do, which works pretty well.

So you dont really have to worry about canceling, but they just it just works. This particular bike has a beautiful fit and finish to it. No chrome on this one, of course, im a big fan of cleaning, bikes and polishing them up. If i had a really chromey harley id always be a bit uptight about getting it dirty, whereas this one with the finishes its got, the sort of um, almost stove baked look and the military esque green finish. I wouldnt be too worried. If this one got a bit of dirt on, it might even add to it, i say that of course i would clean it off, but uh. I wouldnt be too concerned about the uh the finish on this getting troubled by a bit of dirt. The bike itself comes in three colors. This green cant remember what its called but its a matte green, a gloss red and a gloss back. I quite like the looks of the gloss red i must say, but this one in the flesh has really impressed me. I know what youre thinking, how much is one of these gon na cost you 16 995, so just shy of 17 grand. No doubt it is an expensive machine, but it is a beautiful bike, all right so thats pretty much it for my first ride review on the 2021 harley davidson fat bob as youve gathered. I absolutely love it so far on this first ride, i provide nothing to say that i dont like about it its a harley youve got to take that in mind.

You know be in the spirit of what harleys all about massive grin factor rides beautifully. Looks amazing really love it. Ive got this for the next week or so i will try and write a bit more and maybe do a bit of a hog vlog. So if youre interested in this motorcycle stick around stay tuned to the channel and hopefully ill bring you some more soon and dont forget that fashion segment after the credits, if youre interested in my ensemble today well thats it for now. I hope you enjoyed that look forward to speak to you again soon. Until then, this has been the mystery flyer. Cheerio, aha, still here excellent. Thank you. Stick around to the bitter end for my now uh infamous fashion segment, so ill. Take you through the bits and pieces i was wearing first off my helmet youve seen this many times. This is my hjc rafa. 11.. I love this. Ive got two of these um and uh. This one, the newest one you can get now, is in a cal crutchlow colour scheme and that one, if you want to buy one, it will cost you uh 324 pounds 98. ill put a link below uh to sportsbookshop as to where you can get this helmet. If youre interested all right next up are my uh. Actually here we go my earplugs here we go theyre my custom fit guards. These are called cf, autos, theyre, brilliant to have them custom made because they obviously fit your ear, theyre, nice and comfortable, and they do a great job uh.

They are a sponsor of the channel, and that means that you can get 10 off use. The code. Flyer 10 at their website again ill put a link below to these ear plugs and you get 10 off those thoroughly recommend they come to you to do the moles make it very, very easy uh. Next up. Oh my next tube. This is my own from my website: www dot, missionary dot com that will cost you uh eight pounds. The gloves people often ask what gloves are wearing here. They are the ones you saw me wearing here, uh from oxford. These are called their brisbane gloves. These are in stealth, black, very excellent gloves in that theyre theyre theyre summer ones, theyre, nice and meshy, nice and cool and lightweight and fit beautifully nowhere breaking in required, properly protective, but only 29.99 there from oxford products, as i say, link below again to that one. Uh next up, oh newer item or item you might love simple. This jacket. This leather jacket is one of two go to leather jackets mine. This is uh from richer, its called if ill, just look it up. The daytona 2 and itll cost you 299 pounds to say this is one of my favorite leather jackets right next up ive got some new things, youve not seen before. So just let me get the jacket off and ill show you them right, jack it off this. Here my furigan airbag vest ive started wearing this of late instead of one that was tethered its a really great bit of kit.

It costs 349 pounds and then theres an annual subscription of about 100 pounds because it has clever over the air software updates. Its got an amazing um back projector already built in and, of course, it knows when youve crashed, because the clever electronic algorithm – and it only inflates if you crash it, doesnt inflate any other way, ive thrown it around my room, i cant get it to inflate. So its very clever runs with something called the in and motion technology. In fact, let me take it off ill show you that hang on see that there theres like an electronic pad at the back. It shows that the ive got a good gps signal and battery at the moment and uh yeah. It looks like that in motion is the technology but uh yeah. I really recommend that nice and comfortable lightweight its uh. You see the materials high tech, so it has some good airflow through it, so thats the airbag next new thing i want to show you my jeans im, a big fan of riding jeans and the pair ive got on today are brand new. These are premium uh, riding jeans and theyre from a company called pmj. These are their d denim jeans dirt, as in d e. U x, the french word for two. I believe my linguistics are correct and these are beautiful. They come complete with a belt which uh makes a change. Can you see that uh, and so they are premium jeans? They are single layer triple a rated there arent many jeans theyre that protective, so that makes them more protective than the best leathers youve got.

They will cost you 206 pounds 98, but they are a real premium garment and then last but not least, in this fashion segment. My boots again, these are this put a big boot mark on the harley here we go. These again are from italy theyre a lovely boot. They go way up the ankle properly protective uh, and these are from falco and theyre called the falco gordon boots and believe it or not. These are in color, green, although of course they are, they are brown, but theyre called green, and these will cost you 179 pounds. 99. couldnt find the exact ones on there on sports bike shop, because these are quite new products, but by the time you see this product they should be there, but anyway ill put a link below to sportsbookshop to all those things. So if you want to check them out, you can do full disclosure, those are affiliate links. So if you click on those links – and you subsequently buy something, then i do get a little bit of a push back, but you are helping the channel uh. What i would say is sports bike shop while very competitive. It wont cost you any more and youll find their service and returns policy is excellent. They dont pay me to say that i just think thats the case all right, thats it for the fashion segment.