Review Hgiyi 8811 Pro Drone 6k Hd Wide-Angle Camera 2-Axis Gimbal 5g Wifi Gps Drones Flight 23 Min

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Propel Maximum X09 Drone (Review)

But let me tell you something: it works extremely well, today, i’m going to be giving you my thoughts and a little flight test for you guys watching today make sure to subscribe below, because i will be doing an unboxing and review of the propel maximum. So with that said out of the way […]

Propel Maximum X11 + WiFi HD Quadcopter – Flight Review

I got this drawn here for christmas from my mom shout out to moms love. You mom thank you for sending this over or thank you for getting this for me for christmas. This is a propel maximum x11 plus wi fi, all right so wi fi drone it’s a wi fi quadcopter has a […]

Gannet Pro Drone unboxing

Finally, arrived it’s been about 12 months. I think, but you know, if that’s, for obvious reasons this year, we’ve had that situation, but anyways let’s have a look in the box, all right so unzip. It Music semi, rigid box. I already had a look in there, so everything in there is what you […]

Drone catches Santa Claus FLYING in his sleigh on Christmas Eve (almost hits drone)

I want to meet santa wait. Do you think he’s close right now? I don’t know but i’m hearing his bells. Like guys here. Let me open the door, so you guys can hear this for yourselves. Oh my god are you hearing that yeah that’s literally santa? I would have seen him. Where is […]

NEON DRONE , One TWO Fun , Auchan , Revue , test , petit drone très sympathique

Qui sont cons, une coque transparente donc on voit bien on voit l’intrieur voit la carte on voit tout c’est pas mal alors tout de suite ce qui, m’a interloqu sur la bote en fait c’est bah quand, je regarde comme, a on voit qu’ils, ont appos, une petite Tiquette et cette petite tiquette a […]

Review LYZRC L109 PRO: Drone bom e barato com GPS e Gimbal (cupom na descrição)

Do modernismo tambm sempre que vocs forem comprar alguma coisinha Bangu de tenta utilizar um dos links, vinhos que ficam sempre na descrio dos vdeos e, no precisa nem ser o link certo do produto que fica comprado ele fica comprar uma gravata do teu pai ou ento eletrodomsticos. L para sua esposa pode clicar […]

Tactic Air Drone Review 2021: Get Snappy With the Tactic Air Drone

I would recommend for boa for apple and played with you. I love you take your Sweet time. What I say that I really enjoyed with Health Brazil Mission in Electric and just look around you, a professional with Experience in eu gosto out our Hands with black Wii remote full set just for web […]

Review Drone Global Drone GD-89- Deu ruim!!!!

Para mas que voc estamos de frias n E, a aproveitando, a gente aproveitou para fazer um teste Zinho negocinho que a gente fez, um vdeo tem para trs, a mas, no conseguimos testar e agora, conseguimos testar mostra que que ajuda a e esse trono, a se Drone A o Drone da globaltronic GDF […]

dji mini drone review

If earlier, just the armed force could manage such a tool now also children are getting. Drones allows take a look at exactly how to choose a quadcopter to take pleasure in a steady trip. Drones have various numbers of props, depending upon their number devices are divided into three types: tricopters three propeller designs, […]

Drone flight review

I wish there was a microphone, but that would make it over one hundred dollars. This drone is only like a hundred dollars. Um i’ll have the name of it in the description, so you could search it up on amazon. They don’t sell this version anymore. They only sell the version at the white […]

Best Beginner Drone | Xiaomi Fimi A3

In fact, right now you can get it for about 225. that’s a sale deal, but generally you can find it for 230 to 250, and is this a better drone than something like the mjx bugs 12 or bugs 20 well let’s find out so first let’s talk About the difference between the two […]