Renegade drone and Vigilant skyrover unboxing and review

I got these if you just look so i’m doing an unboxing video for you guys today, um this is my um helicopters, my two helicopters and my drone as you can see right there. Now these just let you know this – is my sky rover watch right here and it’s, a 2.4 gigahertz […]

Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini THROW BACK RC Drone Quadcopter testing Review

I wasn’t even worried about wrecking it holy stone, predator, the original one, not the predator too. This is basically a hubsan h107c, but on a lighter frame with direct feed motors, as you can see, we do have the prop guards on. This is great indoor flyer. If you’re going to fly indoors, keep […]

Amazing FPV Drone all in one Kit for Beginners – GEPRC TinyGo Review

Well, do you want to get into the fpv hobby? You know what, unlike camera drones, when i say camera drones, that’s, like dji drones, artel drones, hubsan unique. Those are beginner drones. The reason the whole hobby calls them beginner. Drones is because, as a beginner, you can go and buy it off the […]

Snaptain SP7100 4K GPS Drone Review | It Went 0 for 2

You click play so you’re into that stuff too. So thanks for stopping by i’m glad you’re here well, today, we’re checking out the snaptane sp 7100. This one shoots in 4k. Okay, it feels really solidly built you guys we’re gon na check it out. You know you just got ta fly these things. […]

JJrc x17 drone (review)

I really want to review this so anyways let’s get into the video all right. So let’s talk about what you get with this drone. First of all, the drone itself and it comes with a gimbal guard on it right there there’s the battery. Obviously you also have the controller it’s a dji copy. […]

DEERC D50 drone Unboxing and flight Test Review /With cool LED lights/

It comes with an altitude hold and it comes with four speeds: 3d. Flip hd camera and it’s headless mode adjustable camera, as that is 120 adjustable let’s, get it open and check it out, see how this works see. What kind of stuff comes in it with? It comes with a nice little case […]

DJI Mini 2: Smaller, Cheaper, Better

. This is the fourth drone i’ve had from them and the smallest of the bunch i started with the phantom 4 kind of big. Then it went down to the spark which was great to fly. Then i had the mavic zoom 2 and now this tiny little one this might be the one […]

iJustine! Quarantine Drone Review DJI Mavic Air 2 Unboxing!

This is the new mavic air 2, and i do plan on doing a follow up video when we’re allowed to leave the house again. Let’S, unbox, Music smell of fresh technology is something that i love Music that’s it. This drone kind of fell somewhere in between the mavic air and the mavic pro […]

Beginner Fpv Racing Drone – NVISION Junior Racer 75 – REVIEW & FLIGHTS

Welcome back to the channel we have some fun to have today. This is a junior racer, 75, 75 millimeter, 2s or 3s little tiny, fpv whoop racing drone. It is something that you can take outside. You can fly indoors or outside. You can start out with a 2s battery if you’re brand new […]

JJRC X17 6K Drone GPS 2 axis gimbal kamera terbaik

Ke 45 Fort sambil, direkam juga, India, oke itu dia, untuk, hasil, kameranya, Ini, kelihatan, ih, ini, agak, cembung, ya, Kameranya, ya, ini, untuk, jaraknya, sendiri di udah, 260 Harusnya sih ini di jarak, 400 masih aman have no idea.

Review Brushless Gps Drone 6k With Hd Camera 1km Long Distance 5g Wifi Fpv Professional Quadcopter

If there’s any questions about the item, please contact us within 24 hours. After placing your orders, after placing your order, Music Applause, Music, foreign Applause, Music, Music, hello, everyone meet again get by the best quality hot products at low prices from various shop in ali, express available, free shipping same day, delivery free […]

Quadcopter Drone, hottest Christmas gift! Potensic A30W full review

The drone this drone is really easy to fly. It holds its position in the air really well, and it’s got its own built in camera on the front. Definitely the coolest feature Music, so Music, so all right to go up and go down into turn left and turn right that just rotates it. […]