REMOTOY | ZLRC SG108 4K 5g WiFi GPS Camera Drone

When we come back, we have the zlrc. This is sg108 right after this hey welcome back guys, donnie here, thanks for joining me today on my youtube channel, if you’re new here definitely consider subscribing and hitting that notification button, hey guys today, i have this zlrc. This is sg108 it’s under 249 grams, […]

Bubba drone review

So once i tested it out and got out of the box, it was so cool and the charging it only takes 40 minutes to charge, which i say is pretty good. So, first off to get it started, you got to turn it on and then it’ll start flashing like this and once it […]

Holy Stone HS510 Drone Review

This is ethanol and welcome back to another video today in this video i’m going to be reviewing the holy stone. Hs 510 drone let’s get started, so the hs510 is a more intermediate level. Drone it’s not quite a beginner but it’s, not an expert drone, either it’s right in the middle. For that […]


This is it hold on just give it a moment. I’Ll drive it back. Fly drive fly, fly yeah um. There is me i’m. Looking pretty good today, like michael jackson, good. I can’t fly this drone it’s very hard. Oh, take your drifting okay, let’s let’s! Do this? Okay, let’s i’ll i’ll turn around […]

What's in My Drone Bag for 2021?

Now i love watching videos like this, because it gives me the opportunity to see what gear other people are using to kind of make their workflow easier. And then i can take bits and pieces of what they use to then make my workflow easier. So hopefully, taking a look at what i’ve got […]

Review Drone DJI Mini 2 Terbang Dengan Menakjubkan (Termasuk Tes Arah Antena Terbalik)

hp, barangkali Hai ini, tertutup, sama, tombol, tombol menu, Musik ngaji, aneh, Hai, yang sangat, sangat Tepuk, tangan, pm3, cewek Pak Musik, hai, hai, hai, hai, dia, jadi, tertutup, sama, tombol, ininya, nyetok, warna, ini, saya, cowoknya, Tepuk, tangan, Hai, punya, 60. Ndak ngaruh ya, open lagi, sisanya, Hai, krimnya, kesukaanku, ya, Sekian Hai, Nah, […]

DJI Mavic Air 2 – New Stealth Props by Master Airscrew – Review

I don’t know if this video is airing in the year 2020 or in the year 2021, if it’s in the year 2021. Let me just say year: 2020 i’m, not gon na miss you too much but let’s. Hope 2021. Is much better all right, let’s get on with the master air screw stealth […]


Today we are taking a look at the sjrc’s f11 pro 4k. It is a foldable, 5g wi fi fpv 2 axis gimbal electronic image, stabilization 26 minute flight time, gps, rc quaker ready to fly so taking a closer look. We have the foldable arms and we have the foldable props. Now there are […]

Part 2 of flex 2.0 propel drone: how to fly

0 and now we’re going to learn how to fly the sim. So, first of all, what you’re supposed to do you press this black power button over here and you and you hold it down until it starts blinking these lights, the red on the back and the white on the front? And then, […]

🍕Review | aku beli drone cap kerbau afrika

bet, video ini, ada, setelah, 2 batre batere ini, aku, beli, Australia, hai di pagar, dia lebih, tinggi, sekira baku, beli dua, ekstrim, dan Ini, rem, ngomong, hey Drone, quadcopter, Hai, penting, oke, ada, satu Memory card 32GB memory card 32GB, ini, aku, beli, sendirilah, detak, dapat, gila, kalau, ikut, review yang aku, tengok dalam, […]

SIMTOO XT-175 Fairy Selfie Drone GPS 1080P Camera Foldable FPV Brushless RC Quadcopter 2021 Review

I reviewed this drone two years ago. A lot of people got heated about this drone. It did not deliver as promised. One thing it did do was give you an excellent camera right there um, but there’s. No image stabilization, they said they were going to do follow me. They said they were going […]

SG108 Tiny Mini Drone with a Big surprise2/The Black One

This is Music, one battery Music, a black one, because this one, the orange one it’s the orange one. I got it like two months ago, Music, this dude, so i got another black one here’s, the remote Music for the orange one. But this one when i bought it, i ordered two batteries, one […]