Camioneta de RC muy bonita pero con un pero muy grande Grazer Toys 10002 |DRONEPEDIA

Ms vivo que el de la pgina entonces se ve muy bonito se supone que el control es de 2.4, giga hertz, no es tan rpido 15 kilmetros por hora eso s, trae batera, recargable y esa escala 110, as que tiene, buen tamao es de nuevo la paquetera. Me lo golpe un poco pero. […]

GEPRC Phantom HD Freestyle FPV Quad – Compatible With DJI Digital FPV System

But today i have a brand new geprc, quad and we're going to check it out so stay tuned, Music Applause. So right here i have the gep rc phantom. Now this quad has actually been out for a while, but the difference is this: is the phantom hd which features the cadex vista digital […]

DJI Digital FPV Setup – Activate, Bind, and Configure with GEPRC FPV Freestyle Quad

I want to just plug something real quick. If you haven't already heard about spin up uh spin up 2020 is the event of the season it's going to be in september, it's coming up pretty quickly and if you want to go check it out, go to You can register to win a […]

Summer of Drones – Mavic Air Winner!

Giveaways now we were lucky enough on our first attempt to get a hold of the gentleman that won this. Normally, when we do these kind of contests, we have to try a couple of times because people get an email and they think oh it's got to be spam. Nobody'S, giving away free drones […]


It is going to be up to 30 miles an hour wind gusts, no one's going to be able to hear anything youtube gold yeah. We got the army here, everybody. It is going to be very challenging today to get out to get that gold lyle. Would you agree a little bit we're going […]

29 Tanque anfibio YED1803 1/12

No lo utilizo pero me parece que est muy bien hecho y creo que para lo que cuesta vale la pena, pero ya, lo veremos en el vdeo. As que vamos, a revisarlo Msica t el jet 1803 llega en esta caja y, no s es muy bonito bueno por, lo menos en las imgenes […]

100K Subscriber Celebration & Plans for the Year Ahead – Thank You All!

I could not be more humbled with the amount of support you've shown the channel, and i love the interaction we get. Every time we post a clip, whether you're supporting something i've said or you've got questions about a technology or if you think i made a mistake and you put that in the […]

SpinUp – YouTube Tips – Win A Mavic Air 2 – RSD Channel Updates

First of all, i want to plug my event, which is called spin up. It is happening september 12th and it's coming up very, very soon, it's going to be online because of covid and such this year we wanted to make sure everyone could attend, and people who couldn't travel would be able to […]

Speed Dial Ep 15 – Metro Drones

Now bill was supposed to be on a couple of weeks ago, uh. He and i had planned it and it's. While i was still up in new york and it turned out that we were doing the simulcast with um, with uh greg from um uh greg from oz by drone, and so we […]

Kit de Beta FPV para iniciar en los drones de carreras Whoop Racing Advanced Kit 2 |DRONEPEDIA

Si es que nos interesa, esto del mundo de los drones de carreras as que vamos, a sacarlo de su caja y vamos, a probarlo Msica y vamos, a ver cmo llega nuestro kit, avanzado de beta fpv de hecho aqu atrs viene especificado que es el kit 2. Con efe rsc hay de 8 […]


I haven't run the power wagon in about a year close to a year, i'll, throw all that stuff together and see how it goes now for all the people that wanted to see the the bug steve is now pulling up to the gate got a sound card On the inside sound kit, whoa […]


All right guys welcome back to the channel another cool five inch on the channel for review today. This is the hdrc sector 5v3, with gps on the back and it's running an 800 milliwatt vtx on here. So if you really want to get out there for a few miles on analog video, you […]