Who’s Buying Skydio? – A Nerds Perspective

The sky do now. I called this clip who's buying sky. Do I promise you that wasn't clickbait I've spent a lot of time studying the company going all the way back to their Gen 1 product? I thought that was incredibly disruptive. The first drone they put on the market right through their latest […]

Autel EVO 2 Update & Your Questions Answered!

Now, if you're a fan of the channel, you know we were lucky enough to be invited into the pre release test group for the Evo 2, so for the last couple of months we've been flying. This drone, like crazy, pretty much every day, we've had good weather I've had the battery charged and […]

Mavic Mini Return To Home – How Does It Really Work?

Now, return to home sounds like a really simple thing to do, and a lot of quads on the market brag about their return to home capabilities, but honestly, under the surface, there's a lot of sophisticated technology that has to work perfectly in concert to enable that feature On the Mavic mini alone, there's […]

3 New Charging Accessories For Your Parrot Anafi Drone

Now we've created accessories for other drones and we have charging kits for the Mavic mini the sky do the evo, but for some reason we missed the para Dena fee and I fly this every week. So, a couple of weeks back, I sat down with the team and I said how come we […]

Lumecube Strobe Review – Safely Increase Your Flight Distance

Now I actually bought this product a few weeks back, but I never like to rush into a review. I always like to take my time go out in the field and thoroughly test something before I'll ever talk about it in the channel and what I'm trying to figure out when I'm testing a […]

A Wicked Smart 5-port Switch From Echogear

It'S a 5 port switch from a company called echo gear that makes it incredibly easy to expand the number of connections to your home network for under 15. Now, with the ever expanding universe of smart devices were all plugging in at home. I am constantly on the lookout for an open network connection […]

How Loud Is The Mavic Mini?

We get an awful lot on the channel. How loud is the Mavic mini now, where I think this question may be coming from? Is there a lot of folks out there that are considering joining the Hobby and they're looking at the Maverick mini as their first purchase? I also know seasoned pilots like […]

The DJI Interviews – What the FAA Remote ID Proposal Means for Fliers

I have the second interview from my visit this week to DJI headquarters in New York City. I was lucky enough to get some time with Brendan Schulman who's, the vice president of policy and legal affairs for DJI to discuss the upcoming FAA remote ID proposal now Brendan's the perfect person to have this […]

The DJI Interviews – Drone To Phone Application Discussed in Detail

Now it did post a clip on the channel a few days back explaining the application where it came from what it was intending to do. But there still seems to be a lot of confusion about the application in general. Now, just to do a level set, the application came from DJI it's, not […]

DJI Drone to Phone – Why It Might Be a Really Good Thing For the Hobby

Asking me what it's about – and I understand, there's a lot of confusion out there about why the application was written in the first place and really what it's intended to do. So. I thought I can't possibly get back to everybody individually. I'D love to do that. But there aren't enough hours in […]

Blink XT2 Camera System – Complete Overview and Setup Guide

This camera provides because, if you're in the market for a home security system it's important to understand what features matter, so you can compare this system against something else. You may be looking at then I'm gon na dive into a little bit closer. Look at the actual components and explain what the buttons […]

Autel EVO 2 – Your Top Questions Answered

You'Ve been asking about the brand new Evo 2. Now, ever since this drone was announced this year at CES, the interest in the product has been sky high, and I think some of that has to do with the fact that it's been kind of a quiet time for drone releases. So all of […]