Mavic Mini vs Mavic Air – Which is right for you?

Then you've probably heard of these two, the DJI Mavic mini and the DJI Mavic air, but which one is right for you. Stay tuned and we'll check that out. So, as I said, my name is Kelly and this is Ready Set drone thanks for watching. If you haven't already subscribed, please hit that […]

The Greatest Song About Flying Drones Ever? You Decide!

You can purchase zo groot was toilettassen Muziek message for whatsapp malan om twaalf, flessen bleek een, Muziek, hallo Muziek per set van twee die sinds van ik spaar me niet hoi beste, nooit, meer, spreek gewoon praise and shower set grootste verrassing voor in de pan wapen dat Zijn been using sense of zo.

First Friday – March 6, 2020

We had a little bit of trouble with my microphone right before we went live, but I think we are alive now. I'Ve already done this once I'm, hoping that's actually the case, and I think we're only a couple of minutes late. We actually got this recovered fairly quickly. Welcome to first Friday on […]

Tinyhawk II Race – 50MPH FPV Micro Drone

Well, they just announced a brand new tiny, Hawk it's, the tiny Hawk to race Edition this is it and we're gon na check it out so stay tuned? Alright. So if you're new to the channel, my name is Kelly and this is Ready Set drone. And if you are interested in drones, fpv […]

Beginner Drone Review and Giveaway

This is actually one of my favorite little line of sight flyers, but it has a big brother, the Potenza, 830 and I'm gon na give this guy away so watch till the end, and during the video explain how you can win this drone, so stay tuned. Okay, so just to start off, my […]

Live from Colorado

As matter of fact, I was probably the best part of the show. Unfortunately, but we are here, we are live. Goods Channel. We are here, live if you just refresh that you'll get it here in a second. You have to actually go back, but we are live from Colorado. I'Ve got a drinker […]

On Thin Ice w/ Sean Ozz & Ed Ricker

ed Ricker, stop right here and he's about to throw his Mavic mini up in the air, plays video about Girl Scout cookies, cuz it's. So good, if you haven't watched Sean's video about Girl Scouts versus in abisco, oh wait. What pick it up real, quick it's super light! Oh oh it's, cute it's […]

How To Set Up Tinyhawk Drones With FrSky Tx and Betaflight

I'Ve got the tiny Hawk I've got the tiny Hawk s and I've got the tiny hawk freestyle, which I just got and I'm super excited to try out. Now I can tell you, if you're new, to flying these kind of quads that are binding, fly and have to be set up in beta […]

MJX B7 Bugs 7 Sample Unedited 4K Video

MJX B7 Bugs 7 Sample Unedited 2.5K Video

MJX Bugs 7 B7 No Registration GPS Brushless 4K Video Drone Flight Test Review

Both were first to say first in one of my recent videos and both when the shout out so congratulations good morning, quite copter 101 here and I have a review of a neat new drone that just came, and this is the mjx bug 7b7. So what is the b7 well you're, looking at […]

How a 2 Channel Differential Thrust Plane is Stabilized

Here hey. I just had a recent review of this plane, the x3 20, but some of my viewers had questions on how could a two channel plane, possibly utilize, gyro and accelerometer stabilization to maintain level flight? Well, that's done by variations. Quick variations of the speed of these two motors let's give an […]