WLToys XK X1 Two Axis Gimbal GPS Camera Drone Flight Test Review

Jaden'S was first to say first of one of my recent videos and that's ones, this shot at so congratulations good morning. Quite copter 101 here was a review of a neat new quadcopter. The wltoys X K x1. Now looking at the X K x1, you can see that it's another one of these […]


I bet a lot of you guys thought that i had actually gotten rid of this beautiful machine, but indeed I have not. This is hydro dipped and painted by pit dog. Hydro I've had this body from proline for a very, very long time and in fact, I've had this Traxxas summit for a […]

JJPRO P175 – Review & 4S Flight Test – FAST AF!

This week we have something new from jjrc it's, the P 175 it's a mid sized racer there's, quite a few different classes out there. If you don't know much about the different sizes, they usually generally start around a to 70 to 80 range 250 as a general popular range getting more popular, now, […]

WLTOYS Q242-G 5.8Ghz FPV Micro Quadcopter Review – [UnBox, Inspection, Flight Test, Pros & Cons]

Flying Drones in Hollywood’s Garage

They are friends with this studio that makes all these different vehicles for Hollywood. So we're, going to the studio, different hangar plays a school, a warehouse and we're gon na see like the Ghostbusters vehicle and like the Tron, fighting them all that stuff. What is the trunk all right? The Tron bike, this […]

Drone Valley Vlog #17 – New Drones – Skydio Accessories – FAA Proposal Thoughts – More Free Stuff

This is my first vlog of 2020, and so much has happened in the last couple of weeks that I couldn't wait to sit down and start talking about it now. Some of these things are incredibly exciting, while others honestly are terrifying and I'll. Give you my thoughts on all these topics in a […]

FREESTYLE FPV TRAINER – Skystars Piper 105mm Toothpick – FULL REVIEW & FLIGHTS ?

This is a xm version. They have made some changing with extra bracing in the frame, so it's gon na make it fly even better. If you decide to get it, so mine is the original prototype, as you see here with no bracing, it also has a TPU mount on here that they have […]

FAA Announcement

At the end of 2019, the Federal Aviation Administration released a notice for proposed rulemaking, a set of new regulations that they want to put into effect. We are not fully certain of how best to handle these proposed regulations, but what we do know is that there's a lot about them that is very […]

Eachine Novice III Ready to Fly FPV Racer Kit Flight Test Review

So congratulations good morning, quadcopter one and one here with a neat review of a neat new drone. 'It'S just come out. This is the e Xin novice 3 ready to fly fpv kit. It comes with everything you need to fly fpv out of the box. This transmitter is already bound to that drone […]


Mini avion de RC que se vuela como uno real Mini Mustang P-51D principiantes y avanzados |DRONEPEDIA

En muchos casos de james est sacando un montn de cosas este a diversin con una dos y tres bateras se fueron se igual que con los drones, siempre pidan la mayor cantidad de bateras que puedan porque conviene ms y es, ms fcil conseguir. As las bateras ya. Que las bateras solas, no las […]

DJI Spark & Really Big Balloon! Collab with Ken Heron

This doesn't look like Texas, hey Ken. What are you doing on my channel? I guess stealing your drone hey! How about this welcome to ready set your own thanks ken Herron here today from ken herons channel, which, if you haven't, checked it out, you definitely should, and today we are going to do […]