Ive summed up 20 reasons why you should get the new drone and five reasons why you should not Music uh all right im, just gon na go down the list of all the reasons why you should get the drone. The reasons why you should not get the drone, so this might be a very short video for reason, number one. At 249 grams, this drone only weighs 249 grams, obviously perfect for travel, but its just under the weight limit where you dont have to register your drone. If you dont want to, although if you do plan on using this drone to film commercial or client work, then you probably should apply for the part 107 license because thats what youre supposed to do, but just for fun as a hobby yeah. This drone is perfect reason number two: the camera on the drone can rotate so that you can film vertical content, and i love that, because ive actually been enjoying filming vertical content for tick, tock and reels, and this would have been a weird thing if, if this Feature was released five years ago because you would be like why why vertical content but ive been enjoying it and a lot of people have been too and so yeah its great that the dji mini 3 pro. Can film vertical content now reason number three, the camera tilts up 60 degrees, which is great because the only movements that you would have in terms of tilting on most dji drones would be tilting down and whenever i, film drone shots to establish a scene.

I usually like starting the camera down and then tilt up to show the scene, but its great now that the camera can tilt up 60 degrees reason number four improved battery life. Now there are two batteries that you can use with the drone. With a standard battery. You can go up to 34 minutes of flight time and with the battery plus or the plus battery no battery plus, you can fly up to 47 minutes, which is insane, and so i dont know if im gon na get the the battery plus, i think im Just gon na stick with just one standard battery, because i dont really fly that often and whenever i do i fly for about like 20 minutes and then i just pack it away because i get scared, i might, i might crash into the sea, and that has Happened before and so so yeah for someone like me, just a standard battery up to 34 minutes is totally fine reason. Number five: the dji mini 3 pro has a wind resistance level of 5, which is similar to the air 2s, and i have the air 2s right now. So its really great for windy conditions, i dont think the dji mini 3 pro will be as stable as the air 2s because it is lighter, but its nice to know that the wind resistance level is better than the mini tube reason. Number six tri directional obstacle: sensors. There are now sensors on the dji mini series, which is great, and i had the mini 2 didnt have any sensors at all, and so i didnt really feel like.

It was a like a safe drone to fly because there were no sensors, but with the dji mini 3 pro there are six. There are two facing forward two facing back and two facing down, which is great, and this leads to reason number seven, and that is a pass 4.0, and this stands for advanced pilot assistant system, which basically detects an aircrafts flight path. And you can automatically decide if you want to go around the obstacle or go under it or through it or just stop great little feature, and all that is thanks to the sensors on board. The new drone reason number eight, the shooting modes, just like the air 2s, the dji mini 3 pro has shooting modes like master shots, quick shots, panoramic four hyper lapse; modes, active track, poi and waypoint. Basically, these are all intelligent modes that the drone can operate without you actually operating the drone at all, and so, if youre standing in the middle of a field and youre like oh man, i wish i had someone filmed some drone shots of me. No problem. You can quickly program the drone so that it can film those cinematic shots for you, which is great. I love that its now on the dji mini 3. Pro reason, number nine – and this is something im gon na – have to test out myself, because i didnt see too many reviewers talk about it, but its dual native iso. I really want to test that out because with dual native iso, there are two base isos, typically with dual native iso.

There are two different isos where you dont see noise in your image, and so this tells me that this drone can perform well in low light. I dont know what levels they are so ill have to test that out for myself reason: number 10, the transmission and the range, so the transmission of the dji mini 3 pro features ocusync 3.0, which has a range of 12 kilometers. Now im not gon na fly. This drone, like that far anyway, i kind of want to see the drone in line of sight, but i guess its nice to know that you can fly the drone up to 12 kilometers kind of pushing it though, but you can and with that said reason number 11, the drone uses the same satellites as the mavic 3, which, according to my friend, aldrin syncs up faster than the mavic 3, so thats interesting but yeah faster connection reason: number 12. The drone can film 4k up to 60 frames per second and hd up to 120 frames per second now i dont really film in slow motion anyway, when it comes to drone shots, i usually film 4k up to 30 frames per second but yeah nice to know That the this drone can film up to 4k 60 and hd 120., so thats like reasons 12 and 13 in one go reason: number 14, 48 megapixel photos. Now. This is obviously great for photographers, because the more megapixels are in a photo.

Then the more detailed the image can be and if you rotate the camera vertically and film panoramic shots like just imagine the details of that stitched photo, you know just ah so good. So 48 megapixel photos huge, plus reason: number 15 zoom. You can zoom on the camera, with the dji mini 3 pro, which is great. I would imagine only to a certain degree, like i cant imagine, zooming all the way expecting a great image i mean its a digital zoom and so in 4k id probably zoom. Maybe twice as much and thats as much as ill go but its great to know that the dji mini 3 pro can zoom reason number 16. The camera has an aperture of f 1.7 thats great because it allows more light in resulting in a much better image. Huge plus reason, number 17 longer propellers now may not be a big deal. But again, according to my friend aldrin with the longer propellers, the sound that the drone produces isnt as as prominent – and i might be wrong with this – but maybe because the dji mini 3 pro has longer propellers. Maybe that results in a higher wind resistance level versus the shorter propellers im, not sure myself, but in terms of like just the overall sound of the drone. I i like drones that dont sound annoying. I mean they all sound annoying, but this one is not as annoying reason number 18. The camera on the drone has a bigger sensor, definitely bigger than the previous models, technically its a its a one, its a 101.

3 inch sensor, so its close to a one inch sensor, like i said before, generally speaking, the bigger the sensor, the camera has, then the Better image, quality that your photos and videos will be, and so yeah so im about to test that out, but thats a huge plus reason: number 19. The camera on the drone has a 24 millimeter field of view. 24 millimeters is great because its a its a wide enough focal length to capture landscapes and pretty much well thats, pretty much all youre capturing with drones, right just landscapes, but at 24 millimeters. That is a fantastic focal length for those wide drone shots. And finally, the last reason is the price, or at least the price options. Now you can just get the drone itself without the control for 669 dollars, and so, if you already have the the basic dji controller, then yeah you can just get the drone itself. If you want to get the drone and the basic controller, the rcn1, then thats going to cost you 759 dollars. And if you want to get the brand new dji rc remote and the drone thats going to run you 909.. And that is the option that i got. I got the drone plus the new dji rc remote, because i dont like attaching my phone to the controller its just. I know its not a big deal, but it is kind of a hassle and especially if you have notifications going on all the time, its its really really annoying.

And so i just wanted a remote just to be strictly a remote for the drone not to attach my phone to a controller but yeah. Those are my 20 reasons why i think you should get the drone and now the five reasons why i think you should not get the drone reason number one auto hdr like im, not a huge fan of hdr, especially if its not done right – and i, like The fact that you cant turn it off on the drone like i want the option to to not use hdr if i dont want to use it, but with the dji mini 3, pro auto hdr is just automatically baked in into your images, which i i guess Well have to see, but according to potato jet, that feature is turned off if you are filming at 48 frames per second, so yeah, so thats an interesting find and something im gon na have to test out myself reason number two why i dont think you should Get this drone is that theres not enough sensors, its great, that there are sensors in general like its good, that theres centers in the facing front sensors facing back and the bottom, but there are no side sensors like if theres something coming at the drone. If youre flying next to a drone to the side like you want to be able to have those side sensors to avoid those obstacles and so yeah, i mean its definitely better than nothing, but it would have been nice to have side.

Sensors reason number three: the internal storage on the dji mini 3, pro sucks, like its only 1.2 gigabytes of internal storage, again better than nothing, and i think all devices, like all cameras, should have some sort of internal storage, but 1.2 gigs. I dont know i dont know if thats gon na be enough man but yeah not a reason to get the drone at all reason. Number four. There is no active track or hyperlapse in vertical mode, like its great that you can do all that stuff. When youre filming horizontal content, but when you rotate the camera to film vertical content, you cant use features like hyperlapse or active track, and so that sucks and finally reason number five is that, even though it is a 249 gram drone, it is not heavy enough to Be stable in very windy conditions like i know it says when resistance level five, but if the weight doesnt really match what it says on paper, then i i dont know if its gon na i dont know like with the air 2s like the motors are strong. It can really really stand up to very windy conditions, but uh but yeah. I guess well, have to see and test and compare with the new dji mini 3 pro anyway thats it for the video just wanted to share my reasons why i got the drone. In case youre in the same boat as i am, i think its a great drone for me because again i dont really fly that often – and i i dont know why i got the air 2s like that.

Drone is wasted on me. Ive not used the extra batteries at all this year and ive, probably flown that drone, for maybe about 18 minutes total and so yeah. A drone like the the mini three pro is probably suited for someone like me that just wants to fly and get the establishing shot and then be done for the day. And if that sounds like you, then yeah definitely check the throne out.