Welcome back to the drone camps, channel todays video were going to talk about two things that you need in your fpv arsenal in your fpv toolkit i like to call it were going to do an updated video to that talk about all the tools and stuff that You might need if youre just getting into fpv, were going to tell you about all the little tips and tricks and things that you might need for a build or just for repair or general maintenance and working on your fbb. Drone now were going to talk about two things today that are actually pretty cheap. You can check them out in the links down below. You can use my discount code, hopefully its going to work its going to be bg davis. 2021. The toolkit rc m4 is here, and this is a tiny little 5 amp pocket charger that fits in your pocket. Pretty much anywhere you go, it will charge xt30s and xt60s, and you can also have dual inputs on here for an mx like a little xt60 and a usbc. If youre doing it from a battery bank thats awesome, you can charge from a battery bank, you can charge from a lipo to charge your lipos a larger lipo. If you have it – and i believe its 7 to 25 volts, so you can run something up to a 6s battery on this little guy, which is kind of crazy. You can charge one to 4s on this and its a good price.

Well talk about this one! A little bit more in this review, and you also need in your arsenal and mc8, which is a compact little battery checker. It also discharges your batteries for storage and its kind of one of the fanciest battery checkers that ive seen it has a little jog wheel on the side. It has a built in computer, it has a display, it has inputs all the way around and the balance port is right there to show you your cell life as well, so to keep up with your cells. You want to make sure that everything is balanced when youre charging lipos and all the numbers read the same in all the cells. So this is a very super super important item to have, if youre going to be flying, fpv drones and maintaining your battery. So we want to keep everything safe. You dont want to have any fires with your lipos, so lets go ahead and get started with the first of these two uh, the m4 little pocket charger on the bench. Here we go. Okay, guys lets go ahead and check out the m4 its around 75 grams. It has a 240 by 240 pixel, full color screen, which is super nice, its not touch screen, and it only has one button in the very center. It is super super simple to use. It does charge up to 5 amp itll do a 1 to 4s battery. It has a balance port on the side over here on this side.

So you start out with the negative here: put your balance port on there and whats neat about this. Is it can also can become a battery checker just to check out the health of your battery. You plug that in on the side, and then you find the main input port here see the output port, which would be the output port, so were going to switch that around and it should come on and give you a display and itll show you cell life. So itll start up and ill bring in a little closer there. You can see the current cell life of this battery its a 3s battery, so it should be up to about 12.6 volt at full charge. Right now. It shows me its setup to standard lipo charge, which is what you want. I do not have any input right now so its showing negative there, but you can change it to life. You can change it to live hv, which is hv batteries, which is awesome for your micros and you can do standard lipo charge, which is to 4.2 volts. So if you press the button, it changes the current m output to the battery never charge a little battery. Like this at 5 amp because youll start a fire, so a lot of times, what you want to do is is keep it one amp or less. It doesnt have a customizable way to change it to 0.5 amp, which would be nice.

But so you want to watch out with certain batteries if you get smaller than something like a 300 milliamp battery and youre cranking one amp to it. You want to be super careful doing that so im going to unplug this real quick and were going to talk about the input you can input. Seven to, i believe uh, so thatll be 2s up to a 6s battery input. You can do it in xt60 there. If you flip that down youve got a little adapter, which is super cool here, you can plug this in and you can use this. You can also come out on this side for the output and with this adapter that comes with it, you can charge your cell phone, so thats really nice that you can do that and for input again. We can switch this over to the xt60 and i have an xt90 down to an xt60 here, and this is a 3s 5000 milliamp battery that im just powering this with thats my input source. Now my output side were going to go ahead, were going to hook up this little tiny 1s. I believe it was yeah 300 milliamp so were going to plug this in on the far side here its a little negative right there. You want to make sure that your balance lead goes in all the way to that side, flush with the edge and switch over to the xt30 port plug that in and this little guy should automatically start charging and youll hear a beep right now.

Its locked so were going to unlock it once i unlock it just by pressing the button now its automatically charging. So you see blue up here. It gives us the current time elapsed, which is about 10 seconds. The input voltage from the input battery the current temperature and how much its putting in so right now, its like 2 amp, were just going to cut that back to 1, because 2 amps very high for such a small battery. You want to make double sure you dont do that, but this should have some type of over voltage protector in here, so that you dont have a problem im not going to guarantee that this thing does. So you want to charge your small batteries, your tiny batteries at the minimum amount of amps you can so thats, looking pretty good. That was pretty easy again, this little guy right now on the banggood website, im looking at like 29 dollars on the price for this. So charging all of your batteries up to a 4s battery is pretty sweet. The fact that it will do that and you can charge it any type of device laptop. You can charge your phone tablets and you have a variety of different possibilities for inputs and outputs, which i think is great. This slider right here it doesnt uh, require me to have adapters, which i love, because most of our batteries nowadays are these xt31s and you know your standard xt60.

So its got pretty much all the bases covered for not having to have an adapter with you in the field. You can get also six in one charger adapters that will allow you to charge up to like six batteries at once in a parallel charge. With this type of charger, which is super sweet, so lets talk about the mc8 as well, so this is, this is pretty cut and cut and dry. This will charge most of your batteries that you have. You can also, by the way, get little 1s balance boards that come out of here, and you can charge up to like six 1s batteries at a time ill. Try to put a link down below for those type of adapters. For for guys that are looking for that for this charger, so this is a great beginner charger that you want to watch out that you dont charge your tiny batteries at more than one amp. Um youll have some issues there. So mc8 is super handy and very compact. I would love to see the toolkit rc release, something like this in this size. I know there was one a while back, but it was it. Didnt have a screen. It was um pretty cheap. I think it was like twenty dollars – i forgot the name of it, but this would be a great size for a full 1 to 4s charger, little jog wheel on the side. Full color display even bigger screen on this one for the battery checker than the m4.

So lets look up the price on that real, quick. This little guy is is a fairly expensive battery checker i mean this is 36 dollars, but lets go ahead and take a small battery and plug in here, and i believe well have to use an xt60 there because it looks like you may need an adapter to Go down to xt30, i would like to see that this had xt30 and an xt60 on there, so this ones giving me a battery reading of 11.83 volt and now over here on the side. Is your balance port all the way up to 6s 2 to 6s? On this battery checker, which is cool, so all the batteries that you use plug in the ballast portal on the side, there negative port all the way to this side and now check this out its actually balancing the cells so its automatically balancing the cells. For me, because my cells are slightly off so its going to take care of that to make sure that the battery voltage in the cells are completely balanced, thats really nice, so thats thats pretty cool. So it does a few things for you. It lets. You know what your current voltage is: each individual cell voltage and it automatically balances thats pretty sweet, so im going to go into the menu serial see if it has some menus there we go showing the pwms there, because some of you guys want that information. 15.

Us lets see outputs manual output width cycle and back to the main screen. Thats pretty cool Music, and this little guy can also do if you plug in a power source to this little guy, it cant output, Music to a cell phone. So if you wanted to output on the side here, it gives you that option. We have an output of one amp right there with the full size usb and the usbc will also give you an output of one amp. So if you have a lipo plugged in just like this, itll come out and charge your device as well. So this can also be a device charger which is nice, and we have a slider scale inside as well, and it looks like the balance. Input on here goes all the way up to 8s. So look on the side right there. You can just barely see 8s 2 to 8s thats, pretty awesome. Most of us dont have 8s batteries, so thats thats really really nice. It also has s bus readout, and i love that it automatically balances the cells when you plug them in because most of our our cells really are a little bit out of whack and its nice to have these things go in and just totally fix it. For you and it will fast charge your phone, it says, but i mean one amp is going to be a minimal. I wouldnt call that a fast charge and the slider also dictates how much output youre doing out to your device, which is cool.

It has a 32 bit arm processor in there, as well, with pulse technology accurate to one us and its upgradable. It also can do firmware updates, which is pretty sweet, but i think this and this one weighs a little bit more than the m4, which is kind of funny. This one weighs 100 grams actually lets lets double check that double checking the package weighs 100 grams in the box here, so the unit itself weighs 50 grams, so there they are both those guys. You can check them out the link down below im, going to recommend some balance boards for you, some parallel boards, so you can charge up to six batteries at once, so i think they have theyre on to something here with this small size. This could be popular for, like the first part of 2022 id like to see these get more powerful, but for now these are great for your micro batteries and up to even a 4s 1300. You could safely charge on one of these from any external power bank, which is super nice. Most of us have a giant power bank laying around for charging in the field so kind of one of those things you just need to get a hold of and own, but thanks again for watching the channel guys im, justin davis, we are going to end this One for now and tomorrow, hopefully, if i can get out and fly during this snow time, were going to have some new quadcopter review tomorrow.

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