All in all things are not going great. This morning everything is broken. Yeah uh, the best part of the day so far has been cinnamon. Toast crunch, i mean cinnamon toast everything else. Everything else is broken. No problem. Applause so were starting off the morning. Um at grants combine so heres. Where were starting our morning off grant you want to do a little um explanation for yourself. Explain this situation just after dark six in the morning um. So this corn is really falling down and kind of got: oh, my goodness. Oh it got balled up and it broke the cross agar off off, so thats an inch and an eighth shaft. So this auger, you can see this auger that runs along here. This thats out right now uh its supposed to be right here, but it just i mean clean an absolute clean break um. So this means that harvest is going to be paused at wilson farms for a while. So im gon na go head over to my farm, where i can actually run the combine back in the red combine the combine i was going to say, nothings broken, but honestly there are some things: broken were just kind of rolling with it im having dad clean Off my windows, so i have a clean vision for all the corn ill be harvesting today and hopefully he can clean all this kind of stuff off too Music. So today the moisture on the corn is about anywhere from 20 to 22 percent.

Im almost full here. So im going to kick my auger out, it takes three full combine loads, its, which is about 20 000 pounds to fill the grain cart. So now. The grain cart is filled with about 60 to 70 000 pounds and then that fills one semi truck trailer. So theres your conversions for you um. I had some questions on my last video about um crop rotation, so this field is corn right now, obviously, um thats. What were combining today and then next year. This will be a soybean field um. So, depending on what field it is and how far away it is from the farm we rotate between corn and beans or corn beans and seafood Music, commercial corn kernels are considerably bigger than soybeans, and so the combine fills up a lot faster. So i cant even make it i can make it about half a pass. I can make it about quarter mile before im, totally full and uh theres, not much forgiveness when it comes to the combine being full with corn. When you get the little alert that your combine is full harvest for two or five more seconds and youll have a lot of corn most operations that we do when it comes to row, crop like root, slicing or cultivating or planting all of those involve auto steer. So we have auto steer on all the tractors. The only operation that we do in the field, uh that doesnt have auto steer, is the combine.

We just have the case monitor and then the ipad thats running climate fuel view to show us our planting maps and then compare it with our harvest data. So i am totally driving the combine manually here and so is the grain cart. Everything is done by hand. So this is where it really comes in handy to have ridged rows, because the combine kind of drives itself it kind of sits in those ridges. I think ridges are like the auto steer before auto steer. Well, i just plugged the head. You can see that little pile up down there im guessing theres something wrong, so were gon na go check it out, uh yeah. Definitely a problem see that chain is supposed to be on that im. Looking over here, yup need to get that taken care of Music and there we go fixed. I have dad come out and help me with these things, because since ive never operated combine before i dont know about these little fixes, but honestly that wasnt so bad. I think i could do it by myself next time its kind of nice picking, corn right next to the road, because i know that people who drive this road daily are going to be so thankful that this corn is gone and that they can finally see the Intersection, i know that because im so happy when fields are harvested and your visibility across the countryside just increases tenfold heres, a nice satisfying final pass, this field isnt done and were not drawn with corn either, but were also not done with beans we switched over to Corn, because we had trucks available and we could start filling bins with corn, but i think were ready to switch back over to beans so now onto a bean field.

Music made it safely back to the farm. Now we just have to trade out this head for the bean head since were here and between fields. We are just going to take the opportunity to fuel up the combine and fuel up the tractor and refill both with diesel exhaust fluid its also a great excuse to have lunch Music, while were waiting on the auger to get the new shaft put in the back Of it im just getting things ready so when it gets here, we could just toss it in, and fire the combine up and go uh ill. Show you why the corn is so wrapped up in there. You can see how the corn is leaned over, so it doesnt go through the head, real nice and so usually itll go and then, as it gets to the ear, itll break off thats, something as it gets the ear it breaks off and then so all of This has to go through the combine which normally doesnt and then this is. It just gets wrapped around the auger and thats. What caused it to over pull and break. You can see thats where i got to and stopped last night, so the combine actually broke right across the road from my shop, so thats kind of handy, because i have all my tools here and can just run across the road uh. I didnt pull it in the shop because i didnt want this floor to be covered in uh corn stocks, but im thinking, we probably should have just brought it over here because i think ive walked across the road about 20 times now, but also i was supposed To be here this morning to help service everything and get stuff going, and then my mom was actually going to drive the grain cart for me today and i was going to go, run lauras combine at their farm and she was going to run the 8rx.

So we could film and have fun, but with this being broken, i have to be here to help fix that and with lauras grandpa in the hospital theyre a little short handed over there. So it makes it really tough for laura to film things outside of the combine, because shes constantly going so were sorry. There might not be any er x footage today, but itll be coming soon. Thank you for understanding, Music, Music. Do Music man what a doozy honestly its like – probably one oclock, so really didnt lose that much time today. It was really due this morning, so it couldnt go on too long, so were gon na get going here. So you cant do it again totally joking dont want to do that again got my lunch though thats good, so uh laura packed my lunch for me today and left me. The sweetest note, thanks dear its been its been a while since ive filmed, but its going now, as you can see it really doesnt look like rose, the corn is just kind of coming in here, like its just theres, a pivot track. I mean look at that stuff. Just not not good. The roller coasters are doing their job perfectly uh. The reel is helping a little bit. Cutting a new land couldnt make it to the end filling her up. Oh boy, im filling the gaps on this one to the rails, thats a full one, filler up, he said uh.

This stuff is just pure chaos, but on a bright note, i have no cap corn, no cap corn for the year thats gon na, be my goal. Keep my cab clean all year. Let me know if you can do that so after that little bit of cab come on, i got kicked out. Actually the combine driver just showed up and he is way better at driving. That thing than i am so im just backing the green card, Music, so Music. So i have a little mayday situation. I was flying the drone and i was getting into the shot all of a sudden, its out of power, so im frantically flying it towards the road and i hit the semi truck. I found it look at that still alive. I think along the road almost made. It back to the shop Music time for a little transformation were going from the farm to the field. Much better lets cut some beans, Music wow – that is a beautiful background that is lovely. That is a wrap on combine operating for me tonight, got about 30 acres knocked out of beans, so feeling pretty good about that. Um im gon na go home, make some supper for grant and hear all about his day, hes always up to some adventure.