This is something a little different, not a car today, we’re going to do a quick review of this little drone. I picked up this drone for one very simple reason: guys it came with uh three batteries. I needed batteries. These little 1s batteries are actually kind of pricey where i live, so i figured hey for the money. Why not let’s uh let’s roll the dice right? So i cracked this one out of the case because i’m, using it with something else and as you can see, it’s a 3.7 volt, which is 1s 1100 milliamp hour 4.07 watt hour. I think that is and be warned guys. These batteries, i don’t, think, are what they say: they are or they’re old they uh. You know that it isn’t puffed or anything, but in terms of flying time, in this drone and in my other drone that i bought that i bought this for not that great guys, doesn’t doesn’t live up to expectations, so these batteries are useful guys and they do Seem capable of handling the draw they don’t uh, you know they don’t cut out or anything but ah capacity. I very much doubt is actually 1100 milliamp hour. So just be warned of that. That being said guys, this drone was very very inexpensive. It was a whopping 55 canadian pesos about 40 bucks. Us super cheap, guys, uh the if i bought three batteries like this with the same amount of risk, uh they’re gon na be in the same, not a lot less guys, not a lot lot.

Less, probably in the 30 to 40 dollar range, they’re they’re, not giving them away these days so probably still worth it for me. Uh take that into account when you buy this guys if you’re buying it purely as a drone, might not be the best value and now i’m going to go over the high points so i’m going to try and sum this up as quickly as possible. So the upside guys, the upside this little drone actually flies pretty well, not great, pretty well. The big disappointment flying wise is that this is a pretty good sized drone guys. I got big hands large glove size, it’s, a pretty big drone guys. I have another drone. That’S, almost the exact same size, this drone does not handle wind very well at all. It just doesn’t have enough. I think it has enough power, not enough agility. It doesn’t want to pitch into the wind, and you know, fight the wind as aggressively as as as it should, if it’s going to be capable of flying in the wind and in its defense guys, i don’t think it’s really intended to be that this is like An entry level drone, but just be aware guys, if there’s anything more than just the slightest of breezes it’s, going to be a little dodgy, especially if you don’t know how to fly a drone. Okay, if you’re experienced not so bad. If you don’t have no idea what you’re doing going to be a little dodgy other than that, it actually flies pretty well when it’s working properly, and i have to put that when it’s working properly caveat in there guys, because i had problems with this.

In my usual driving spot, i think it was mostly down to interference, because when i was flying this inside very, very stable, like this thing hovers so well, it’s, really impressive, guys outside i had trouble where it wanted to wander. It wanted to go cruising off to one side and in any of the reviews, you’ll actually see people talking about that where everyone smile. This thing does like to wander that’s fine. For me, i know how to fly these things guys, if you have no experience, do not know how to fly a drone, that’s, probably not ideal and it’s one of those deals where i’m almost positive it’s, the all the flight controls that are built into it. It’S got a lot of flight control built into it into it. This thing is very, very stable, guys well, in order for it to be very, very stable, there has to be a bunch of processing going on a bunch of work happening to keep it stable. Well, if that work happening goes a little awry not going to be so stable right, so i think that’s what the problem is guys so overall flies pretty well. The problem is that it it’s a little it’s a little erratic there. You know there seems to be some glitches and, if you’re a noob, those glitches might not be ideal. My other knock when it comes to flying this thing is that it does not have the ability to just cut the power and when you’re flying rotary aircraft.

In my humble opinion, this was advice. I got very very early on in my rotary aircraft experience with the small guys if you start to lose control, just cut the throttle right. Just let it fall because just falling with no power to the rotors is going to do way less damage way less likely to cause damage than actually running into something under power, because you’re trying to correct believe it or not. So if you’re inside carpeted floor um, you know not not any uh, you know as few jagged surfaces as possible. You know you that’s that’s a great scenario to learn how to fly guys, you’re much less likely to wreck stuff now. That being said, my one big mistake learning to fly was: i actually pulled a little boo boo with a small helicopter, and i put some big scratches on a shiny, new uh. Fortunately, computer monitor not a ginormous tv screen, but you know i did a little damage, guys oopsie. That was embarrassing. Let me tell you it’s a real stupid one on my part. Don’T. Do that learn from my mistakes, the controller, not bad guys. It actually works pretty. Well, it’s uh it’s, not super proportional and whatnot, but it’s the standard stick control. It actually does function. This phone holder, i don’t, think, is going to work super well with a big phone, my phone’s fairly narrow, so it is capable of holding it. You want to be careful guys, don’t, uh, don’t uh have to have a have your your thousand dollar phone fall out of the holder on a forty dollar drone control and get wrecked right that just doesn’t make any sense if it doesn’t hold your phone very well.

You know be careful all right now. These controls uh, it works pretty well guys, but it’s more of a blip, blip blip type of control than a than a truly proportional control. I think it is proportional, but this drone doesn’t have a lot of jam in its jelly doughnut. So i mean i just find myself just kind of blipping the controls a lot. You know giving it just. I guess it does have some proportion but it’s. Definitely not the greatest control ever made it’s, not the worst, either guys. I have no idea how the trim is supposed to work because uh, as you can see, it’s one button usually trim is you know, left and right up and down on each stick uh. So this i’m not exactly sure what the deal is and you may be thinking. We’Ll read the instructions. That brings me to my biggest criticism of this drone guys the instructions are horrifically bad. They are so poor. It is mind boggling okay, so if you don’t know what you’re doing and you’re not good at figuring things out, it’s, probably a reason not to buy this thing, it’s a little dodgy biggest thing. You have to know guys turn on the control turn on the drone move. The stick up, move the stick down now: you’re ready to go. If you don’t do that it’s not going to do anything guys so chances are, you would do it by accident because you’d be doing one of these.

But all you have to know boop, boop and then it’ll fly so the basics of the controller. The same as any drone you push up to go up. You pull down to go down uh. This is the throttle control, but, as you can see, it’s it’s, not it doesn’t stay in one spot, so it’s, not a it’s, not a proper drone or helicopter throttle control like with a proper helicopter it’s all the way down to start, and you actually move it Up to to to set the throttle to whatever position you want left and right on, this is spin around spin around one way spin around the other way. This stick is tilting, so tilt left tilt right, tilt forward tilt back that’s the best way to think about it, in my opinion, so pretty standard that’s how these controllers work guys it’s got a up down button here automatic landing. I haven’t actually tried that uh it’s got a. I think this is a one button come home but deal. I haven’t really tried that i’m, not that big on the automated functions. Guys it’s got a take. A video take picture button best, as i can tell that. Doesn’T actually do anything guys it beeps the drone blinks, but it actually doesn’t do anything and i think it’s set up to work with a drone if it actually has an sd card on board which this drone does not and that’s a very, very important caveat guys.

So, with this drone, my biggest beef and it’s not really a beef it you know it is what it is. You should expect it. The sales pitch of this drone is significantly better than the actual drone, especially in relation to the camera functions. Okay, guys, the sales pitch sounds awesome like it sounds really good guys. You know 1080p or 4k, depending on which one you get um. You know the navigation function, all that stuff guys look! This drone works. It technically does what it says it does. I really wish they wouldn’t. They wouldn’t try so hard to make a sales pitch that makes it sound like to be all in end all because this is not guys the biggest problem, there’s no sd card on board guys. So it is not simply capturing the video from the cameras what it’s doing it’s sending the video back to your phone and your phone is then recording it in order to do that, it has to compress it, so the quality is reduced immediately, guys now, technically, i Think this is delivering what it says it does, and the footage is not terrible guys i’ve seen much worse, it’s, not that bad okay, so i’m i’m dumping on it, but i’m i’m trying to be fair and the biggest problem. I don’t have any onboard footage cut into this really. The problem i had was that the place where i i usually drive there seem to be some interference and the only thing i can think is that’s why the app was crashing so constantly, because you know i did get a little footage inside and it’s just it’s Terrible it’s not worth showing guys that’s, why i’m not including it, but it did work when i went outside i’m, not entirely sure why it was so.

It was so unreliable. The only thing i can think is it was the interference because first the app was crashing constantly. Then, when i finally got it working and it seemed to be recording properly flying around, you know in theory, recording and then magically. You know the app crashed somewhere along the way and all the footage got lost and then the battery was dead, and that was that guys. So no footage, not that big of a deal because i’m just doing a dopey review of this thing. If you were, you know trying to get some footage that you cared about. That would be super annoying guys, two things. First of all, this is not the drone you’re looking for. If you want to get really nice footage, guys it’s it just isn’t that okay, it isn’t, you want one with an onboard sd card. If that’s your goal, guys because then it’s going to give you the capability of getting the best footage possible if it’s transmitting it back to your phone, it does not matter how good that drone is. That is not what you want. That is not desirable guys. So pay attention to that’s very, very important. Does it technically do what it says? Yes, the video from the phone is not as bad as you would think. Where it absolutely does not deliver. Is it says you can fly fpv like you, you can use your phone screen and – and you know, be looking out out the drone and fly it around based on that, no guys it is completely incapable of that.

The big reason is as soon as you turn it goes so choppy you can’t, see, squat, guys, it’s, terrible, absolutely terrible, and the big problem is if you’re trying to fly at fpv and you lose track of where it is because you know you don’t have radar In your head and then you look up to try and find the drone. Well good! Luck with that guys, like it’s a recipe for a crash it’s, a recipe for bad things guys. So, if you’re looking for something to fly fpv, this is definitely not what you’re. Looking for just don’t, even i wouldn’t even think about it, guys it’s so bad. You know it’s it’s staggering, so don’t even think about that guys and it sounds like there’s a lot of bad i’m talking all the bad guys well for the money, it’s a drone. It flies it’s, not that bad guys like it’s super cheap right and for me i think for me, because the batteries you know are offsetting a lot of the cost. I’M. Not that upset guys for you. You have to judge all the things i’m telling you the cold, hard reality that this is not that good and weigh that against what your expectations are. Okay and my nicholsworth is that any drone that you’re getting for 50 bucks isn’t going to be any better than this drone guys. Okay, now, where i live there’s, actually some really good deals on amazon, with some pretty decent drones and for around 100 guys far better than this drone far better way way better guys, but that’s double the price right.

You know you have to kind of take that into account, and you know this thing is actually when it’s working properly it’s super stable, guys like it just hovers beautifully it wanders just a little bit. It’S it’s, really impressive. When it’s, when it’s stable guys, it has optical flow it’s got the second camera right here that i think is 1080 and that that it uses that to look at the ground and keep itself stable when it’s working properly. It works fantastic like inside. This thing was working really really well for me outside, i was having some problems and the one thing i’m, not 100 sure of guys, is if that optical flow requires you to be connected to your phone. I don’t think it does, because there were times when this drone was super super stable outside, and i was not connected to my phone. There were times when i was both connected to my phone and not connected to my phone, where it wanted to wander around so i’m, honestly, not sure what the deal is there there you go: that’s that’s the nutshell guys now in terms of durability, pretty solid um It’S definitely it’s, you know it’s really thin plastic because it has to be lightweight guys. The one thing to be careful of, i would say, always use the box when you’re when you’re transporting this thing. If you stick this in your pocket, all it takes. Is you whack up against the rail on a bus? You know lean up against something lean up against your car.

You know bump up against the door frame uh. You know if it’s in the corner of your backpack or something like that it’s going to get broken guys almost guaranteed. I mean i don’t know how what level of hit it’ll take, but not a very big hit, guys it’s, just not that it’s, not that tough, guys, it’s for sure going to get broken. If you do anything silly, so i would say always use the box and the box is not bad guys. As you can see, it’s got this nice styrofoam liner got a place for the batteries got a little spare place. Uh for the for the charger and stuff got the place for the controller lots of room guys it’s really well padded. It made it around the world with no damage, so i would say, just use the box guys don’t plan on sticking this thing in your pocket: that’s another it’s, another aspect of the sales pitch guys part of my french but that’s that’s, the big problem. With these things so now i’m going to cut to some some flying footage and it’s just footage of the drone itself flying to try and give you an idea of how it performs and i’ll throw some some narration over top and uh and give you an idea Of what’s going on and how it’s performing and whatnot but uh just if it is guys for the money, not that bad. In my opinion, guys not that bad.

But you know you have to keep your expectations in line with what you’re getting for the money and to me that’s. The only reason you should be disappointed is if your expectations were far too high or you get a dud that just doesn’t fly at all guys, but mine works pretty well like it’s it’s it’s annoying because, like i said it, the interference, i think, was what the Problem was, and if you don’t know how to fly, if you’re not skilled at all, guys, that’s, potentially a problem, because when it wanders it’s really easy to lose track of what’s going on and potentially crash into something. So you know just be aware: there’s, you know there’s a few quirks you want to. You want to start flying in a fairly open space. I had way less trouble indoors for what that’s worth so so in theory, it should be to your advantage to fly in a room without a, but you know if you got some a room without a bunch of junk in the way in the corners and stuff You know where you can, you know you can kind of fly at your leisure won’t be too bad biggest knock. Doesn’T have a kill switch guys, so you know you definitely need to be cautious, but you know overall, it’s not bad guys, but it’s, not bad. For for the money i’m not upset at all guys, all i know is that sales pitch is just pretty serious exaggeration, so all right guys, so you just give it a good blip of the throttle and it’ll leap right into the air.

Like you see there and off, we go and you’ll see in a little bit here that it’s going to wander off to the right that uh that motion it was doing there that’s the drone doing whatever it wants there guys so i’m, bringing it back and you’ll See there that’s just the drone flying off to the side all by itself guys the giveaway is, if you see a tip that’s me flying it. If you see it just kind of drifting and there’s there’s, no tilting action going on that’s the drone doing what it wants guys. So i just set it down powered it off, powered it back on and now you can see it’s hovering very, very nicely guys much better, so i’m, just playing around with the up and down a little bit and i’m flying it away. Pretty much only has one speed once you get cruising along it’s uh that’s, pretty much full speed right there, that’s. What full speed looks like there’s, not a lot of in between on this drone. Like i said, the control is a little a little lackluster, but it flies all right. You can definitely uh do some. Okay, flying with this thing, there’s very little wind today guys there was. It was super super calm and uh. If there was a lot of wind, it would be an issue i had it out on a breezy day and it wasn’t a total disaster, but it doesn’t fly that great, but on a calm day you can see it cruises around pretty well, and this run here, I’M, just flying around without any any uh connection to the camera or without any connection to the phone, and i did not notice a whole lot of difference between this flight and the next flight, where i was actually trying to capture some footage and whatnot.

As i mentioned, there was some interference around here, so i didn’t want to try going real high and i didn’t want to try going real, far away uh, where it’s at there the farthest out it’s, probably between 30 and 40 meters, which i mean that might be The limit of the of the of the distance on this transmitter – i’m not i’d, have to double check the specs, but uh i mean if that’s, if that’s as far as the transmitter can reach guys it’s a little a little less than you would like, though, with A little small drone, it would be all right because it would be starting to get really really small. But with this thing you could fly it a little bit further for sure if that’s, just the natural limit of the transmitter – and this is me just walking around it, while it’s hovering little to no control input. If i remember correctly, it was hovering very nicely. So you can see very stable and off. We go Music, so just cruising around a little bit here and for what it’s worth um. I am by no means the greatest drone pilot and uh. This thing is definitely um what’s. The word i’m. Looking for it’s it’s a little bit, um what’s, the right word it’s a little wonky, guys like it. It doesn’t. Some of the handling characteristics are not very drone like guys, like it, it’s uh it’s a little bit of an adventure.

Doing nice sweeping maneuvers that you can do much easier with with a with a better quality drone. Now that being said, if you’re a beginner and you don’t know how to fly a drone, you’re not going to be very good at doing those maneuvers anyway, so i wouldn’t really call that a problem per se with a with a with an entry level drone what You really want is stability and, and you don’t want it to be too jumpy, you want it to be forgiving, and this is very forgiving guys. It’S. Definitely not terrible. Like i said, the only time it really is is an issue is when there’s a good breeze guys and there i’m going for a little uh. A little high fly there, taking it up a little bit and if you’re a rookie guys, one of the things about drones is when you’re coming back down, if you’re descending straight so very vertical line of descent. Guys, the drone flying through its own prop wash becomes unstable. So when you descend normally, what you want to do is is fly in a direction and then decrease the throttle and kind of descend gradually like an airplane, not straight up and down like a helicopter, and when i would take a drone way up high one of The tricks that i would use is, i would just kind of cut the throttle and let the drone you know almost free, fall and then hit the throttle to slow it down and then let it fall hit the throttle to slow it down.

Let it fall hit. The throttle to slow it down, let it fall my old drone. I would fly quite highly. I mean i honestly don’t know how high i’m gon na stay at least 200 feet, and you know so. It would take a little while to come back down and when it’s way up high, like that, you can’t really tell if it’s coming down. So the easiest way to make sure it’s coming down is to really cut that throttle way way down and let it let it come down fast guys, and you know this drone is just like any other drone. You know when you, when you, when you hit the throttle it stabilizes itself pretty nicely. So you know it does fly pretty well guys and i’m still just cruising around here. This drone does seem to have pretty much the same speed in any direction so forward backward left right. It seems to fly about the same speed, no matter which way it’s pointing or which way you’re you’re flying it. Here i was trying to get some footage flying over the field. Just get some some pictures of the greenery and i’m kind of cruising around there and it’s about to drop here – guys – oh, maybe not here, it’s coming up somewhere here, where it actually just kind of drops into the field, and just so you know, i don’t know Why i did that because i did not do it, it uh it just kind of magically did by itself.

I think it’s coming up right here. Oh maybe not, must be the next pass out into the field. Yeah! Sorry about that guys, but Music not much to talk about just cruising around other than this. The camera was recording, but it didn’t actually, ah there it is yeah, so it it just dropped guys. I don’t know why i did that it was very strange it’s. The only time it’s ever done that the battery wasn’t dead here i am flying some more and that might be what caused me to lose. My footage i don’t know i mean i honestly i don’t know. Maybe that was a fail, safe type of thing. I have no clue, but it just dropped and then towards the end of this flight. I realized that the phone screen was blank. It wasn’t showing a picture anymore and sure enough. It had crapped out. There was about 150 meg file there, which kind of corresponds to the to the length of the flight and uh yeah, whatever oh, and for what it’s worth uh this uh, this flying footage guys, which is about 10 minutes. This was two battery packs and there is very little edited out guys there’s there’s, essentially no flying edited out. So this is two battery packs worth of flying. Clearly, one battery pack does not even come close to 10 minutes guys and i didn’t push these particularly hard past the blinking light stage guys i i just figured i’d show you what kind of normal battery life is and it’s definitely not super long guys.

It is what it is so be aware of that if you buy one of these, the uh i don’t know, i think i mean i’m hoping they’re, just old batteries, guys and they’re they’re, not quite as good as they should be. But you know the sales pitch like i said, it’s a little a little bit better than what you actually get. Unfortunately, but it does fly all right. It is fun, so you know take that into account. If you’re on a budget, you just want to try out a drone, you know, i think it could be worse guys, it’s, not that bad it’s it’s definitely fun um. I have not had anything that flies that was this cheap, so everything i’ve ever flown has been at least a hundred dollars, so by far the cheapest flying machine i’ve ever bought. So take that into account my advice would be save your money. If you really really think you want to fly, save your money get something more in the 100 to 150 range it’s going to be far superior. Do your research there’s a bunch of decent models out there that you know have have pretty good specs and they’re? Well, reviewed i’m not going to really name any because it all depends where you live and what’s available, but definitely in the in that hundred dollar u.s. You have a lot of choice, guys in the in the 50. To i don’t know say: 75 us something like that: that’s about 100 canadian there’s, some there’s, some good deals to be had there’s some older models that are being sold.

So thanks for tuning in and uh yeah, like i said, for the money, you can’t really go wrong. If you aspire to do great things with a drone, this is not the drone to buy guys. It is not any better than you would think it is. Okay. It’S it’s a it’s, a 50 drone um. The sales pitch is way better than the drone guys and anything in this price range. I mean i’d, say anything less than about 100 bucks. Canadian, good luck, but good luck, getting something that’s better than the sales pitch or on par with the sales pitch. It ain’t going to happen guys it just ain’t gon na happen, so that’s my nickels worth to you not bad guys and like for the money. I i like it it’s fine, you know it’s it’s, not bad, for the money guys, but uh don’t pay too much thanks for tuning in and see you next time on wrench to drive.