The rest stop i charged up the car all up to 100 and i left the car in utility mode, so it’s like camper mode, if you guys, are familiar with tesla’s, they call utility mode in this car and so i’m down to 95 percent used about five Percent of the battery um it’s uh, almost six in the morning now it’s like 5 45 in the morning, the sun to rise. As you can see, there it’s coming up and get some nice views of the eastern sierras as the sun rises, but uh i’m going to head now to the bristlecone pine forest it’s about an hour drive from here and that’s. Why? I kind of decided to stay here because it was a little bit uh. I wasn’t really sure, if there’s anything in between it’s kind of in the mountains and nothing there so anyway, a better route. Planner says that uh consumption battery consumption is going to be quite a bit going up. The mountain i think, it’s like a good another 4 000 foot of elevation gain at least we’ll see, should be some good views up there and hopefully get some good flights in Music, Music, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, um, Music, Music, all right so i’ve made it To the top, this is the uh ancient bristlecone pine forest visitor center there’s. No one here, it’s about 7 40 in the morning i’m, pretty sure they’re not open yet but cars doing pretty good, not exactly sure how much battery i eat up.

I’Ll tell you about that later, but there’s. Nobody here, it’s freaking freezing right now. I think it’s, because we’re pretty high up, not exactly sure, probably at least 9 000 feet way up but i’m, not exactly sure where these uh famous trees are. I mean i can kind of tell they. They look like these, i think, but i’m, not sure, if i’m going to go hiking anywhere, all right so there’s some information looks like this is the main area right here that we’re at i heard there’s some more over here, but this is like a dirt road. You need a for uh like a a four wheel, drive via call i’m not going to go there. No one else take a look around. It looks like there’s a ah that sucks two mile trail: okay, well, i’m, not gon na. Do that that’s, a bummer Music! All right that trip up here from the rest stop. I was at 95 battery i’m at 67 battery and it was not that far uh. You know. I think it was maybe 50 miles so yeah. It was a lot of elevation gain and it’s too cold outside to go hiking, at least for me, and bring i didn’t bring warm clothes with me. I’Ve got like shorts on it’s 35 degrees outside so i’m, going to just fly the center up and there’s enough. Bristle cones here i can fly around, should be fine, Music, Music Applause, Music Applause, so Music.

All right, i found a random uh spot here, pretty looks pretty awesome i’m gon na try and fly with the uh camaro, seven Music, so Music, all right guys. So i’ve arrived at the um caltrans district 9 office here in bishop and they have a dc fast charger right there, i’m going to plug in just for a short amount of time. I actually don’t really need to charge. I have 68 uh 164 miles left the next charger that i’m gon na hit is in bridge bridgeport, i think, is what’s called it’s like 100 miles from here, so i can definitely make it um but i’m going to actually eat some breakfast now uh for, like The next 10 15 minutes those might as well just plug in since i’m, here and it’s, free and well. This will be the last free one for a little. I think the next two i have to pay for, but it’s been nice i’ve driven 368 miles on this trip so far and haven’t paid for charging yet yep. So this one’s, just like all the other ones, look at all those bugs yeah. I might as well just get a little bit of free juice here, it’s uh, you know um, while i’m eating and just sitting and waiting anyway and i’ll have to pay for it later: Music, Applause, Music, Applause, ah, Music, all right guys so i’m, going to throw Up the uh air 2s to check out that geyser.

Usually you only find those things that like yellowstone, but you know obviously can’t fly drones there, but it seems like it’s okay to fly here. Super windy right now. So this is the only thing that i’m i’m confident in flying without losing it because it says pretty good wind resistance anyway. Hope you, like the footage Music foreign Music. Well, this is mono lake and unfortunately, no drones allowed. So my trip here will be really short. It’S an interesting spot i’m not going to go, walk all the way out there, since i can’t really get a good look at it with the drone anyway, but let’s see here, whoa it’s zoomed in too much yeah it’s, pretty windy right now too, but that’s what It looks like that was the interesting part way the hell over there is this guy right. There let’s open deck, take a look at that with the drone, but apparently not all right moving on to the next, but i think the next spot is going to be the charging station here’s another view of the lake from the highway. This one actually looks better from this vantage point: Music, all right, so we made it to a bridgeport, and this is an electrify america station and plenty of charge, stuff 41 99 miles on the gom i’m. Not sure what to do here. Um, i may just charge a little bit and then go to the next charger, which i think is in gardnerville in nevada, because i’m going to be heading into tahoe for tonight and then hitting some spots tomorrow in the tahoe area.

But i haven’t figured out which charges i want to hit. I don’t need to stay here very long. I don’t think um. I do have the uh. Was it the four dollar a month um electrify america pass plus. So you get a better rate on the kilowatt hours. I think it’s 31 cents a kilowatt hour instead of 43 cents a kilowatt hour, but i don’t think i’ll be charging too much here anyway. So far, um since the beginning of the trip uh 476 miles on. Basically, free charging, i didn’t spend any money on charging yet and four stops at four different caltrans uh dc fast chargers along the ‘5, so it’s been working out pretty good. So far, this trip all right. Getting that charging session was all started was a little tricky. I usually just use the app and start there, but i guess my uh cell connection’s, not so great here, however, the tap to uh pay option. If you tap your phone uh to the little rfid reader that works so i’m, getting uh 73 kilowatts that’s, almost the max i’m, i think i’m. Actually getting this is like 70, 75, 76 yeah, but 73 is pretty good, should charge a really fast, all right. So it’s a quick little summary of the trip so far, at least in terms of the ev charging uh we’re super quick here, and you know some of you guys are like well. Why were you charging at slower chargers, even though they were free? So i may have saved 10 15 minutes each of those chargers um.

If i chosen like an electrify america charger at this faster speed but um, i think actually i actually like the prefer the brakes and this brake here is going to be a little bit too short for me um, because i you know i i want to do Some other things, but i have to unplug and then probably hit the road again, so i actually like the slower charging believe it or not. Uh. It gives me more time to sort of um get a mental break from the driving and uh. You know the extra 10 15 minutes isn’t a big deal over the long stretch, so that doesn’t really bother me too much. Obviously, if you’re in a hurry, you know you want to get on the bat, the fastest charges and and charge up and move along to the next one, but i went with four charging stops. I was a 400 some odd miles. I mentioned uh 100 and i think it was 113 kilowatt hours in total and they were free. Now, who knows if they’re going to be free for much longer, i mean they may not be free for forever, but it’s um. You know if you go up to ‘5 check out those stops and uh. You know: it’s still, uh it’s, 50 kilowatts, but it’s still still free and it’s still fast enough. I think, in my opinion, all right so i’m up to 64 18 kilowatt hours added five dollars and 27 cents uh it’s gon na be more than enough.

I think to get all the way to tahoe i’m, not gon na even bother stopping over in gardnerville i’m to go straight in should be fine to make it. It is uphill i have a little bit of buffer, but i think i should be. I should have no problem Music, so Music, you Music, so Music, now, Music, bye, Music, all right so i’ve made it to the hotel i’m staying at tonight. They have a couple of these tesla destination chargers and one clipper creek uh j1772 plug that will level to charge the my car arriving here with 87 miles of range left, all right plugged it in and yeah uh 6.