I want to go through some of the biggest mistakes new pilots make when theyre out flying and im not doing this alone. I have my buddy aldrin with me with the channel flight path and were gon na go through 12 different mistakes that you want to avoid when youre out flying Music. Now mistake number one is letting your battery drain too low to get to the point where its going to auto return to home and theres nothing. You can do so on a dji drone, its automatically set to return to home at a certain point, and you can override this. But if you keep overriding this setting, eventually its gon na, get to the point where its almost completely out of juice, and it will just take off and move towards that home point because its trying to land and if youre too far away well its just going To fall out of the sky, so one of the things you want to do is manage your battery life and make sure that you have enough battery to come back and enough battery in case something major happens where it has to sit there and hover for a Little bit, the last thing you want to do is fly into your buddys truck mistake. Number two is flying too low to the ground in sport mode. So when youre flying a drone in sport mode, the drone itself is actually tilted pretty far and its going to be moving fast.

So when youre flying super low to the ground – and you have this tilt happening well – theres a chance that your propellers might actually hit the ground – and you can see from this footage – i was flying super low to the ground and i got lucky because when i Pulled the drone back, my propellers looked like this: all the tips had been chewed off and thats because, with the tilt of the drone and the speed it was hitting the ground just slightly where it was destroying the propellers. So when youre flying a drone super fast just make sure you have enough clearance between the ground and the drone so that you dont end up taking off your propellers and then having a catastrophic crash now, one of the mistakes ive run into recently is taking my Drone out into the field – and i will actually forget to clear out the internal storage on my drone now a lot of new drones. These days are coming out with internal storage, whether its 8 gig or 16 64.. So a lot of them do have that internal storage on there so its not necessarily writing to the memory card. It is writing into that built in storage on the drone. Now, of course, its always recommended to bring an extra memory card with you, but sometimes you kind of depend on that internal storage to bail you out, and the problem is, if its full, while youre in the field.

Most of the time you have to plug that into a computer and a lot of times, youre not going to bring your laptop your computer out there. You normally just have your drone with you. So the one thing you want to do before you head out the door make sure that internal storage is downloaded and cleared out on your drone. Now, with all the new drones right now with higher resolutions. So many different options for you to choose from the one mistake i made while i was out there was not specifying the resolution that i wanted before i took off for each flight now. What exactly does that mean? Well this one right here. This is the mavic 3 and this one actually shoots at 5.1 k at up to 50 frames, a second and not just that. It also has 4k at 120, which i was also testing out. But the thing was when i got back to my computer and i downloaded my files, i didnt realize i forgot to switch back and forth for certain shots, and then i had to go back out reshoot because i shot a bunch of video that i didnt want. At 120, i actually wanted at 5.1 at 30., so one of the mistakes i made was not double checking my video resolution making sure i had the right settings before i get up and fly for a particular shot. Now the next mistake is not checking your drone before you head out to go, fly and checking your firmware, so drones will have updates, and sometimes your drone will force an update before its allowed to take off, and this is something that you want to avoid before You get into a situation where you dont have cell connection or you dont have wi fi connection.

So, for example, i was up in alaska and i was working with the dji mavic 3, its pre released. I was working with pre release software and i actually made the mistake of going out to this epic glacier where there was no cell service, no wi fi and i tried to take the drone off and it just wouldnt connect, and this all would have been avoided. If i didnt rush out the door and actually check the firmware when i was sitting at my hotel room, we spent all day getting to this point and unfortunately, we werent able to fly the mavic 3. as soon as we got back into cell service. It connected it did the update that it needed to do, and then i could start flying again, but this is way after we left where we had this awesome scene to shoot. So before you leave always check your drone always check that your batteries are charged, that your propellers are good, that your controller is charged, that you have a memory card and check the firmware to make sure that theres no issues and that you can take off and Start flying when you get out to these epic landscapes now to ensure you have a safe flight. The one thing you want to look at is how many satellites are connected to your drone. You take off youre always going to want to listen for that home point that has been set.

What ive seen a bunch of times is people will start up their drone either inside their house or inside their car and then put it right outside and then take off, and they dont necessarily hear that home point set because gps might not have already been set On the drone there it is home point has been updated. Please check it on the map, so dont make that mistake and just put the drone up in the air too quickly make sure you guys hear the home point has been set. That way. If anything does go wrong, itll ensure that you have a strong connection if it has to go back into return to home now. The next mistake is not getting variety of your shots. So if you want to create interesting videos that you want people to watch, you dont want to just keep shooting the same thing over and over. You dont just want to put the drone up and keep getting the same, wide landscape shot again and again and again so you want to create a variety of shots and if you can, you want to tell a story in your shots and i did another video Around the dji mavic 3 thats how to get cinematic looking footage and a big aspect of that video is tell a story, have a shot progression. Have something happening in your video and ill include a link down below in the description to where you can check out that video now one of the mistakes i see a lot.

Is people not utilizing the tools that are actually in the app to help you shoot and compose your shot? A little bit better now, im flying the mavic and its using the dji fly app and all you have to do is on the top right. You click on that and click on the camera setting and if you scroll down, you can use things like the histogram. You can turn that on that way, you can see where your exposure is as well as turning on and off the grid line. So if you wanted to compose your shot a little bit better, you could turn on the thirds as well. If you want to see that center point that way here on your screen, now you can compose your shot. You can see exactly where your subject lies. So if you wanted to move things around on those third lines or if you wanted to make sure that your horizon is perfectly centered and leveled use those grid lines which are inside of the app, the next mistake is shooting with an nd filter when its not Needed so nd filters have a very specific purpose and you dont want to just put an nd filter on your drone and fly and shoot everything. You only want to use an nd filter when youre trying to achieve motion blur now nd filters, arent needed all the time and most the time if the drones high up in the sky youre never going to notice.

This motion blur the only time that you really need to use an nd filter is when youre flying low and fast when youre flying that way, youll actually see motion blur in your frame, and the issue is, if you leave an nd filter on your drone, its Going to force you to have your aperture wide open shoot at slower, shutter speeds and potentially boost your iso. So, if youre in a lower light situation, youre going to have more noise in your footage and if youre shooting photos well youre, going to end up with blurry photos and so use your nd filter sparingly and make sure that you know why the nd filter is On your drone, now after each flight, when you bring it back in the one thing, youre going to want to do is inspect your drone of dust or dirt, and debris will kick up onto your drone when you take off, and some of that will stick to It so you just want to make sure that when you bring your drone back in after each flight, take a look at your lens see if you have anything on the body anything on the props that might affect your flight, sometimes ill. Just take out my little air rocket or duster and just clean off the lens, sometimes youll get some dirt or debris. Thats been kicked up during landing or takeoff or while its just out there up in the air.

Now number 11 is flying without knowing the rules and regulations you dont want to just go somewhere and put the drone up without doing a little research. First, when i was in alaska and in utah, we made sure to research all the locations we were going and make sure that we could fly a drone in all of these locations and we were even able to fly in goblin valley state park because they allow Permits and we went through the process and got that permit now this permit wasnt super hard to get but understanding what the permit process is before you actually get to a location is super important, and another thing is: if you want to make money from your drone Or you just want to make sure that you know all the rules and regulations. I highly suggest you go and get your part 107 license now, depending on which drone you have. Some of them have obstacle avoidance, the 360 obstacle avoidance, all the way around the mavic 3. and most recently, i was out flying a different branded drone and it also had obstacle avoidance on it. So i tried doing some intelligent flight modes on it tried doing some follow me modes and assumed that the obstacle avoidance would automatically turn on. Of course, that wasnt the case – and i was a little bit too late – ended up clipping one of the branches on a tree and crashed my drone, because i assumed that the obstacle avoidance was automatically on.

So its definitely a mistake that i hopefully wont do again. Whichever drone you use whether its a dji one or another brand and you are depending on something to work, make sure its actually turned on or off in the app itself before you get out there and fly and hopefully not run into the same issues that i Did now make sure you head over to aldrins, channel flight path and check out his videos, and next i highly suggest you check out this video right here. It goes through a bunch of different drone moves that you can use when youre out flying to get better.