What in the world did a hundred thieves play that bad that warranted firing? Literally half the roster on the spot lets find out exactly what happened in that game. A hundred thieves start off with a mid heavy default with three tiles one top mid and one amine guard is running. The standard killjoy silva, set up in b main basically killjust turret, will take first contact and off the sound queue silva will bounce the shock. Dart off the ceiling and into beam in this setup is strong, since it gets guarded early info and free chip damage with almost no risk at all. Jets holding mid sage and astra are looking to fight for a main control. The round starts and baby j throws his cam into a main to get early info. The game spots, both jonathan valen and gets broken under thieves, now know that gaard is showing heavy presence in maine when this happens, theres, usually a gap in the defense either cat or mid. So 100 thieves start working mid to figure that out they smoke off mid but not cat. They then silver recon inside the mid smoke in case any cheeky guard players were riding in there. A hundred thieves won a walk up cat while making noise deep mid with their sky dog, but then jona p walls off cat. This throws a wrench in 100 thieves plan. Luckily, for them, theres still a lot of time in the round 100 thieves make the call to take back space and be main and then come back to cat.

When the wall breaks by itself, they skydog going to be main echo breaks the killjutor and eats a shock. Dart presence is shown ethan and nekos, then walk back mid to regroup with the team, but their mid smoke has faded and side player 1 taps ethan as hes crossing mid jonah and balance sentinel split coming, so they make the call to give up tree and double Up bay, austin walks in the guardian with the drone and gets one tap by saya player that goes tunnel visions and sprints after saya. As a result, he goes left alone in tree and he tries to work on his side by himself but gets classic right. Click by jona p echoes manages to hunt down sia, though, and take space heaven, but guard is slowly surrounding him. Baby j finally comes out of a main smoke and gets taken down by valen, then echoes and valon play tag around jen until jonah p finally finishes off eccles under thieves start with four tours of the main and cipher b lobby guard is running the exact same Setup as last round the barriers drop and john p ends the slows they made and break sequels recon. Both teams are trading utility for aiming control, joining p retreats after getting dinked by ethan neds turret doesnt, see anyone be main cyan player doesnt see anyone mid. So guard thinks under thieves, might be working towards an a hit in response. Valine and jonah p double up cad.

They have fewer numbers on their side of the map, so they want to play together and fight one side of the split 100 things begin lurking up in maine, getting ready to explode on the site off contact. Then they hear john p wall of cat. A hundred thieves dont want to risk executing on a with all the guard players staring at the a main choke, so they leave us on a main to maintain the control and the rest work back towards the mid to break the stage. 1 xs execute an a hit through cat 100 thieves have stayed silent too long guard is getting suspicious. So all the players on the b side of the map regroup market to get info and take control of mid towards amen. These players are playing off site theyre, not even looking to take these fights saya player. They find two picks even skye flashes mid and swings to trade, but sai doesnt, flash and instantly takes down. Ethan austin and hiko eventually die and guard wins their anti equal round. Now unjutes have rifles, vs guard, specters and marshall. This is their time to gain back the momentum under three start with a heavy mid default. They want to take mid control with their long range rifles. Meanwhile, guard changed up their setup. Nit has his killjoy utility set up on a now side. Player is starting to be main instead of mid and valen is playing mid. Instead of a lets see how this changes up.

The round side player wants to be made by himself with a marshall guard. Knows 100 thieves like to default and play it slow, especially if theyre against a team with worse guns, so cyan player knows hell, probably get a 1v1 and b main he also has to dash to get away in case. Anything goes wrong. Wait. Trent is also saying lane with a shock dart out, so all sayya player has to do is tag an enemy in the chest for 100 damage, with his marshall trait, will shock dart offside, a shot for enough damage to kill the enemy. That is actually five head. A bonus here for the guard this time around early aggression. Here no wall is going to go down towards catwalk. Instead, it is wait, trenton recon! Well, i i guess they overthought the setup no matter. The recon confirms that theres only one player outside of b main and because cyan is a cracked player with a get out of jail free card. He confidently takes the fight getting very aggressive. 100 thieves respond by speeding up their midtake trent inside player, hears the noise and double peak market together. Psy gets one and gets traded, echoes, dry peaks from market alone and dies a trend. He probably should have waited for his two initiators to catch up to him before peaking, but maybe he just didnt expect trent to have a rifle, while all that was happening. Jonathan walls of cat guard settles into a solid mid round setup.

They have keljo utility holding a main. A sejuan blocking off cat trent and valen are playing together in a crossfire on b and jonah p is holding the ct walkout notice that joining piece holding a passive angle. This way under these are forced to swing out wider. Before taking contact and thatll, let valine get an easier trade only one spot. They could be at this point in time, eco and ethan, if they can find these picks one by one which theyre being given to the opportunity. Oh jonah p dancing around well played by guard because guard won their bonus round. This means their economy is going to be flourishing, while engine thieves go bankrupt. A hundred thieves knows theyve been playing it too slow and theyre just getting picked off its also their save round. So they make the call to change up the tempo and do something fast. All five members of 100 feet start the round in b lobby. As regard theyve killed, you back on b for the killjoy silva setup, astra, mid ja, heaven with an op and seiji main defaults, slowing a main to keep things. Looking the same, the barriers drop energy thieves sprint out mid, they skyflash close mid to clear archers. They smoke cat and recon behind it to clear olive cat. They run a min in flash market. The flash is nothing valin, actually dodged the flash from his position, so he holds the cross and gets one under thieves.

Definitely should have waited for the actual smoke gate to bloom before crossing huh, with 100 thieves, making so much noise on mid. Look, how guard adapts their positioning training that back up together on site valon, falls back after his pick gate and shift towards b joining p walls of cat, so guard doesnt need to worry about it and picks up spawn, and, lastly, science player stays heaven holding a Maiden with a zop, they have everything covered and theyre ready to receive a b hit. Trent recons above b main just slow down 100 thieves push after waiting out. Trents recon, under these flood out from market net, takes a long range fight with his rifle and takes down two before getting traded the long distance fight the gun advantage. His answer suck were all reasons why he decided to take this fight on lane what they can to make the way trent gets into an off angle and takes down baby j, then overheats and dies, but he immediately gets traded by balance. No worries under thieves are back on the full buy and eight for half for under thieves is still possible until you start with an alien default. They want a working mate and see what they get as regard theyre, pretty much the same step as last round, but i want to focus on this b main engagement. This untold story is the crux of this round. Throughout starts. Net instantly throws a molly b main to delay any fast pushes and baby jay cages across who gains space in to be made.

Baby jay uses his camera to get info over his cage and then peeks and breaks the camera baby. Jade trips remain to prevent any guard players from pushing and net breaks that too baby jay just had all his toys broken hes feeling a low butt hurt, so he uses his second cage to give him cover and spams down net through his cage. He tanks. The shock dart, but its not enough to kill him. It was a scrappy fight, but baby jake came out on top hes cipher, ultimates body and boom hundred thief, see three guard players on a side and only one on b, so they make the call to sprinted down mid and hit b through market jonathan peeks from On top of his wang gets an insane timing on eccles theres, no one. Turning back for 100 thieves. Now they want to commit to the b hit before guard reorient themselves. Sorry, playing swings out of the ct smoke, misses the knife and dashes away baby jade swings out of the main smoke and turns to focus on saya, giving trent a timing to peek and kill baby jay trent repositions himself into a north angle and kills asuna. Who is swinging out on sight alone, its a 2 before 400 thieves? They need to find picks if they want a chance in this round, see it again: two kills back for trent hes holding back time for the rotations. This is working out now, eco ethan.

They could still absolutely make something out of this, and eco is pulling this team back into this round. Two kills coming out from eco and now 100 thieves down to a 1v1, the most important one we win for 100 thieves. They cant afford to lose this. They have courtyard control, ethan and trent takes down ethan gard keeps their momentum under thieves. Take a much needed, timeout hundred thieves. Look a little indecisive and decide to spread out in default. Guard has the same sub as round three, with a killjoy on a and jet b main the barriers dropped and both teams, trade utility name in john p, leaves, after breaking hikos silver, recon and three members of hundred thieves creep forward, ready to fight for a main. After the slow wears off, meanwhile ethan walks the beam mate and gets shocked by trent, taking him down to 10 health ethan flashes trent recons in response, scythe player creeps up beaming with his op even feels this and sends out his dog, which gets destroyed by trent. Even though his side player was inching up, so he flashes the corner forcing saya away from b main both teams did a great job of trading utility to fight for bemain control. By at the end of the day, 100 thieves invested, two flashes, a dog, a cage and a camera and side player is still supposed to be made with a zop guard came out ahead in this b main skirmish on the other side of the map.

Undertakings got a main control and hiko rotates to top mid to take back mid control with his drone. This combined with the archers smoke, lets asuna work up cat with his chamber. All jonathan net sensed this and called a double peak from garden, but austin that instantly picks up joint p and tps away after showing all that presence aside theyre confident that guard has shifted their numbers towards a so they make the caller regroup b for b hit. We flash him off for this angle. Baby j decides to jump instead of using his camera and gets punished. Ethan uses his only flash to get side player off the angle, but saya isnt, blinded since hes already turned away sai posts up on lane and takes down asuna off that kill. Trent throws the recon from ct and scans. Three members of hundred thieves, resulting in two more kills. Hiko tries to at least get playing money, but its taken down my net connect. 100 thieves are finally on a full buy. This is their time to turn it around. They can make this a six six half they open up with a b main heavy default 3b lobby, one top mid and 1a lobby. As for guard theyve drastically changed their setup. They have sage and jet beam. Main killjoy and silver are playing a with a killjoy microwave setup and tree and ash is holding mid. They want to show under thieves a completely new look off the start.

Jonathan slows, b main inside player, creeps up with a zop trent a main and after the recon sees nothing all of guard shifts towards the b side of the map. A hundred thieves smoke off cat and recon arches establishing submit control for themselves. Science player looks at the main ethans flash, misses, saya player beside whips and dashes away, but gets blocked by his teammate. The traits go in favor of a hundred thieves. They have a numbers advantage, they got ta be main control. This is what, under thieves, want theyre in the good place right now. They leave ethan and b main while everyone else regroups, a even skydiving, show some presents balance smokes off be made in response. Ethan flashes beat and echo smokes off market. Then ethan skyles from b main hes really trying to sell this be fake, but look at guards setup theyre, playing music on a and are stacked towards b. Their game plan was to retake a anyways, so both teams are going to get what they want. Tret and valen quickly realize that its a fake and immediately rotate towards a check this out net is one kill off assault in the retake turrets gon na go off. Valins gon na pop these stars do what he can to delay a hundred thieves smoke off, treat and that sprays through the smoke and actually picks off hikko. This gives net his killjoy out and he immediately pops it with only 30 seconds left under these are forced to plant and flee the site.

Balance will also block off the spec from mei main and trent silva ought to wind the only place, kill, drill, doesnt reach, but echoes massively dances around the silvo and lives with his life. Echos living is huge, though, because hes able to set up a start and suck valen off the spike, ethan whooshes, backstab and gets taken down by trent because of valens asher, while baby, jane and echoes, are forced to push on the site to contest the spike. But the double post from trent and net proves to be too strong. This is definitely not looking good for under thieves, because under thieves lost bonus is already at the max theyre, actually able to kind of fool by this round. They have five rifles, but three of their players can only afford half armor, definitely better than only being able to afford spectres and marshals, though 100. These do the same opening default as last round as regard theyre back to their kyogre silva setup and b main and alarmbot mid, but this time they have jet and sage cat in ashrae. Heaven guards have been doing a really good job at moving their jet around making sure 100 thieves can never predict where the ops is going to be. The round starts inside gets walled up on cat. This is a sick off angle. Baby jake cams, a man for remain control, ethan dogs be main guard smokes up the main in response under the smoke cat and recon mid to get mid control, side player actually cant see over the cat smoke, even though hes on the sage wall.

This allows echoes to creep up mid yo. The alarm. Bots are my pain. Can you shock it shocking? You missed its literally all my pain hico. What are you doing, im literally shooting at your ping. What do you want from me under thieves, eventually break nets? Killjoy alarm bought mid. This draws valon away from mayhem and towards mid under these currently have control of mid amine and b main with all the information they have. They make the caller regroup and then be awesome is spamming through the b main smoke making a lot of noise. This is actually a high level mind game. Usually, if you want to hit a site, you want to be as quiet as possible, so enemies dont expect it. So asuna is making a lot of noise because he wants guard to think hes making noise to draw attention away from an a hit when, in reality, under thieves, are re grouping for a b hit. They join it through b main they sky flash lane and they get mollied off after tamales run out trent recons above the main, to prevent under thieves from running out. The recon ends up scanning. Two though, and down gets two kills through the ct smoke. Echoes gets caught on his lurk and now its a 2v4 baby, jay and kikos only option is to find 1v1s and win them, but guards confidence through the roof right now and they cleanly wipe out the remaining thieves.

A hundred thief start with two, a main two tiles and one top mid. Theyve been ignoring cat for most of this game, so theyre starting to think garden, might have a weak cat hold a hundred thieves want to work in a split this round. The barriers drop and under thieves, smoke cat recon, close arches and skydog a mid with echoes running behind it. They want to show heavy d mid presence to draw attention away from mei. This draws three guard players towards the mid, but then join the p stage, whilst cat this again throws a wrench in hundred thieves, plane and now theyre stuck out in the open in mid. This results inside player, picking off hiko echoes, tries to look for a cheeky pick in mid and backs off before he could get collapsed on. Meanwhile, when ethan is knifing down the sage wall, this is the first time in this game that 100 thieves have actually broken. The sage wall guards lack of a main control, plus ethan knifing, the sage, while it draws valine away from mid and back to garden guard, has a nop watching a main two players in garden, two mid and a turret holding b main once again, their mid round Adaptations are on point 100 days, begin executing their a split, even skye, flashs tree to start it off. Then he fights his garden, but balan turns away from the flash and he takes down both ethan and nichols.

Meanwhile, side player takes down austin and they made and balance suck prevents baby jay from scaling up side player is completely bamming. Baby j and dies guard triple posts up by main and baby j finally gets taken down. This is looking very dire for under thieves, but hey a 9 3 half is still possible and, as we know, the 90 curse is a very real phenomenon. Both teams are on full, buys under thieves, start off with a one through one default guard has jet and silver fighting for b, main asher holding mid kiljury inner utility on a and sage cat fun fact, cyan player with a zomb and net worth his killjoy utility Are never playing on the same side of the map? I wonder if 100 thieves noticed that pattern too. The round starts inside player, aggressively pushes b main past ethans flash ethan hearsay players, footsteps, soy skydox, would get info and take back space. The dog pushes side player back to the choke and ethan flash aside the player one more time to force him back. While that was happening, unjustly smoke off cat and start working up mid guard is reading this well, they already have four players converging around mid ready to receive the hit. This is what happens when you can just sagewall a choke and forget about it. Unjustly is pop a fake smoke gate which lets echoes, lurk up and take down solid player, a very high risk fight for echoes, but it worked out in the end guard regroups to rezai and baby jay picks off valon off that kill.

Unjuts know that saya and jonah pr and ct spawn right now, which means trent, is playing alone on b. So the cap lies on this opening and rush into b site. They sky, flash in in silver, recon sight, trent counters, with a silver recon of his own inside player. Up traps over ct and takes down two joining pieces slows the b main choke preventing hiko and austin from getting out side players. Spidey senses are tingling and he sniffs out the midler gets the kill and the up drops once again to take down asuna. He gets taken down by hiko, who gets instantly traded by jonah p. Once again, guard holds down the choke stopping 100 from getting anywhere close to the site. This is looking really bad for under thieves. They need to get some rounds, so they decide to force by this round. Under these start, with 4a lobby and one tiles theyre looking to change up the pace in hard hit, a as regard weve seen their setup several times already, its working so far, no need to change it off the starting guard, slow and main instantly break baby. Js camera and pop the one we smoked garn knows that 100 thieves actually used to suck off the start, so they have a gut feeling. Im. Just thieves are heavy in maine jp wants of a mania response, while also getting himself into a cheeky off angle. Hes exposed the cat from his position, though, and guard doesnt know if hundred thieves are playing on splitting a or not so, valen rotates to garden and trent silva joins down mid for info.

The drone sees nothing meanwhile under these have cleared out all of a main and they start breaking the sage wall. They actually ought to block offsides off and they skydog out jonathan breaks, the dog and valentines a perfect azure suck right as asuna steps out psy peeks out from the wall and gets a satisfying collateral. Kill guard have numbers now, so they back off and regroup on site. They want to fight together using their numbers advantage. A hundred thieves, just dont have enough space right now to safely plan and eventually their actual goes down and guard mow down 100 thieves, as we can see so far, guards win condition is to keep under thieves stuck at the chokes and so far theyve been flawlessly Executing on their win con because guard didnt lose a single round so far theyre able to afford double ops, plus they definitely have an extra rifle or two laying around on the ground behind them. Meanwhile, underthieves economy isnt a very sad recession. Right now, like echoes cant, even afford full armor with the specter 100 thieves silva reconnect main the recon sees nothing, so they chamber trip the choke to maintain the control and they leave they made to work. Another part of the map side, player, tags, baby j through the wall with a zop and next turret finishes off the kill. Now it would have been huge if baby j could have taken down saya, but his team just cleanly took a main and theyre about to take even more map control mid.

So he really didnt need to take a fight there. He just had to play his role and stay alive, jonathans boosted up on the stage one pizza. This lets him see over under thieves, mid smoke, john p picks up austin announced to 5v3 for guard echoes breaks nets alarm by mid to show mid presence. Their thinking guard might rotate mid off that, so they take this opportunity to hit cat fast. They didnt give guard enough time to rotate mid before making noise cat, though, and as a result guard is still stacked towards a side.