Was that correct? I think it was. I think i got it. First try yeah! I can escape now thats wrong. Welcome to ryans world hey guys today, im doing a 100 bike couch, but only one of them lets me escape Music, all right ryan, you ready yeah. So the mission is so many buttons here and if you press the wrong button, then funny things. Okay! Well, come down this hole. Hi lets see how many buttons it take for ryan to escape this box, you ready Music. Was that correct? I think it was. I think i got it. First try yeah. I can escape now thats the wrong button ryan, which is the consequence cry again ryan. That was not the correct button to escape. Oh, maybe, yes, wrong again something fun coming up for you, snakes and styrofoam Music Applause keep getting it wrong. I have to think really hard if i was a button. Where would i be the correct button? Maybe this one? Oh, no, this one! No, this one! I think this one, my friends, Applause theres, so many bugs snakes ducks and styrofoam so ryan, which button youre gon na press next, oh im, gon na press this. This is too hard, theres, so many buttons. Maybe i can call combo okay. I need help im doing the 100 button challenge and only one of them lets me escape, which one should i press wow. This is a lot of buttons. Based on what i observed, i would say: try your favorite color.

Have you thought about that? Maybe the exit button is gon na, be your favorite color. Okay, the favorite color is purple thanks, combo, okay, so theres actually two purple buttons. So i have a 50 chance: hmm, okay, eeny weenie miney mo catch a tiger by his toe. If it hollers, let it go eenie meenie, miney mo okay, this one so daddy did i get the right button that is correct, thats, the red button, Music yeah. I got the right button. I get to escape now to celebrate Music. Look at it. I look like a spiderman dad. I challenge you to do the 100 buttons challenge. Thats easy. I was just watching it from here. I can do this Music, oh its nice and cozy, all right whoa, i didnt know theres, so many buttons here. Oh, i forgot, which ones the right button. Actually i wasnt paying attention. Oh cant, give me a chance. The hint is its one of those buttons hen is a button. This is button. This is button. This is button. Everything is button ryan. Oh thanks. Uh im just gon na guess, i think its this one, sorry to tell you, but that was not the correct one – try again Music different button. Maybe i should go with the color that matches with my t shirt, right, pink, color, look at this, its nice and pink thats right, nice and pink thats, this one, three, two daddy! Are you ticklish? Why are you asking me? Oh my gosh? Oh my gosh! This is so much better hey.

Who did that is Music? Stop it. Did you stop it? This is harder than i thought. Thats. Okay, im just kidding, okay, im being serious, now uh, the white button. Is this one, the blue one, my favorite color Music and i broke one button? Is it right button uh, sorry to tell you guys but thats wrong again: Music? Music? I think i know what you can do to get the correct button. What i did to get the correct button was phone combo. So maybe you should fold a friend, oh thats, a good idea. I dont trust combo. He might tell me a wrong button, so im gon na call gus. Instead, hey guys hi sean yeah. I need your help im trying to find the right button in this button challenge. Can you tell me which one is the right one, the green color one, just like your belly? Okay, all right got it. Thank you guys. All right, i think, i know which one to go green color button, but hey theres, so many this is green. This is green. This kind of looks green. Oh this is green too, and this too and thats green, oh, my god. No! Ah, this is so hard good idea, though, how about i press all the green buttons? Three two one go at least one of them is right, right, congrats, daddy did i win yeah. You want a prize of a bunch of silly strings Music.

I dont feel like i won Music too much strings, try again daddy and heres a very good hint, its, not green nah. Really, i pressed all the green buttons, so i know its wrong. Okay, something not green! How about this one, this red button a lot of times you dont push the red buttons, but this time i think you do its a reverse psychology all right this. Is it guys, sorry to tell you what its not red either? What is this spaghetti? Heres some spaghetti with ketchup. Oh, i know i said im hungry, but i wont eat it now in this park. Oh my gosh, its so messy in here. Hey, wait! A minute ryan won this challenge earlier right. So that means he knows the right answer. Maybe he can just give me an answer. Ryan sending you a psychic message. Tell me the right button, the right towel, but i think that means selling me the right one. Okay, all right, i think, im the answer now, its a purple one, just like ryans, favorite color, this Music is that okay, daddy you got it now. You can come out Music. All right, im, gon na go, take a shower now guys, Music, okay, guys! Thank you for watching our 100 buttons challenge. If you liked the video give it a thumbs up all right im going to clean up now, you will right.