After testing it out and show you some flight footage, first of all in terms of packaging inside the box, along with the quadcopter youre, getting some gaper c stickers, a hex key and a phillips screwdriver two battery velcro straps, two 3d printed parts which will enable you To mount the batteries either on the top or on the bottom of the quadcopter, a quick start guide, which is not made specifically for this quadcopter. So in case you need to obtain more information about the flight controller. I recommend to head over to geppercys website a spare set of gemfence 1610 bible competitors and some spare screws. As for its packs, the gaper c smart 16 features gapper c0803 11000 kv motors the codex and nano sized fpv camera on its center. You can find a 16 by 16 millimeter stack, which is based on the 12 ohm pairs, blle s4 in one esc, an f4 flight controller and a 48 channels vtx that supports rc tram protocol and has a maximum output power of 200 milliwatts. The vtx antenna is secured to the back standoff using a 3d printed tpu part its using two ph 2.0 battery connectors, which are connected in series, and the smart 16 is available with multiple ready receiver options or in case youd like to install your own ready receiver. You can get a plug and play version. As for this cute, looking frame, its wheelbase is 78 millimeters and it features a wide x pattern.

The thickness of the bottom unibody carbon fiber plate is 1.5 millimeters. The thickness of the top plate is one millimeter. The distance between them is 19 millimeters and the frame only supports 16 by 16 millimeter stacks. As for its weight without the battery, the smart 16 weighs 33.4 grams and including the 3d printed adapter for mounting the batteries on the top plate and two gaper c. 380 million pr 1s ls3 batteries, the total weight is 54.3 grams. As for setting it up, here is a quick overview of the betaflight settings which are as always linked down below so in case. You change something and you want to revert the settings to the stock ones. You can use the included dumb file in case you have one of the button fly versions: youll need to bind the included radio receiver, which is, of course, pre sorted to the flight controller. To your render transmitter and in case youve got the plug and play version like. I have youll need to install your own ready receiver for that youll need to remove the top carbon fiber plate, then disconnect the vtx from the flight controller and solder the ready receiver to the flight controller, using the diagram that you can currently see on your screen Out of the box on the plug and play version, a server connector is pre soldered to the 5 volts ground and inverted s: bus pads of the flight controller. So in case you are going to use a compatible ready receiver.

You can simply cut off the wires and solder them to the ready receiver and keep in mind that in case you are new to the hobby or you dont have a lot of experience. Dealing with delicate soldering work, i would recommend to save yourself the trouble and get one of the binofly versions. The next thing that ive done is to test the smart 16, both indoors and outdoors and overall after testing it out. I can tell you that this quadcopter is very fun to fly, and it is definitely one of the most powerful drones in its category in terms of flight time. You can expect between two and a half to four minutes, depending on how you fly using the gaper c 380 mpr 1s lhb cells, which are connected in series. In order to create a single 2s battery. These batteries can be mounted either on the top or bottom plate using one of the provided 3d printed tpu parts, which is by the way, in my opinion, a very elegant and secure way to mount the batteries on the quadcopter. In case you are not going to use a lightweight action camera i suggest mounting the batteries on the top plate, and in case you are going to use one as this quadcopter is capable of lifting a lightweight action. Camera such as the insta360 go 1 and probably the go 2. You can mount the batteries on the bottom plate. In addition, as for the gaper c battery cells, as far as i can tell, they worked pretty well, the total weight of two cells is 19.

4 grams. So they are lighter, for example, than this beta fpv 300 milliampere 2s lhv battery, which is of course heavier since it is using an xt30 battery connector. That brings me to geppercys decision to use two ph 2.0 battery connectors, which are connected in series. No, you cant fly this quadcopter using a single 1s battery by putting a jumper on one of the connectors and, in my opinion, the reason behind this decision is maybe because gap or c are going to release a smaller one quadcopter and they simply want to reuse. The 1s battery cells, so in case you are not going to purchase these battery cells. What i recommend to do is to simply cut off this connector and replace it with a single xt 30 battery connector, which will enable you to use regular 2s batteries. In addition, in case, you are going to purchase the gap of c batteries and you need something to charge them with japan c just released this mobile charger, which is capable of charging up to four 1s lhv batteries that are using a ph 2.0 battery connector simultaneously. At a current of 0.5 amperes per channel and in case youve already got a charger at home, you can create this type of adapter and, in case youd like to learn more about it. Check out this video in this link over here now im going to wrap up this video with some flight footage and overall, as ive told you before, this is a very fun to fly quadcopter in terms of durability.

I think that it will be able to withstand even some nasty crashes because it is pretty light, but, of course, on a harder crash, you might break an arm and that will require to replace the entire bottom plate. So in case you are going to purchase it. I think that its going to be a good idea to purchase an extra button plate or maybe even purchase an extra frame, so i hope you will enjoy the rest of this video and, as always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them. In the comment section down below dont forget to leave a thumbs up. If you like this video and consider subscribing to my channel and hitting the notifications bell, if youre not already subscribed, see you on my next videos and goodbye Music Music, we tonight go Music Applause. Music were driving. Cars on the mars tonight were passing up to the stars.