There is a sea of cheap drones to choose from and youre under pressure, not to mess up on your first purchase. While you can never be sure of what to expect from a drone model, youve never tested. The holy stone. Hs100 has made a great impression on first time users not only for its affordable price, but also its overall combination of beginner, friendly functionality and high performance specifications. In this video we shine a light of the hs100 to see what it brings to the table as far as features and overall performance is concerned, Music holy stone, hs 100 at a glance for an affordable drone like the hs100. There is a lot to enthuse about, but i know youll need more than just a sentence to get convinced. Let us delve deeper into the individual features. The drone has to offer flight time on paper. The holy stone hs100 has a flight time of around 18 minutes. However, flying it in real world conditions will give you just about 16 minutes, which is more than decent for an entry level. Drone, the impressive flight time can be credited to the high capacity 7.4 v, 3 500 milliamp hours lipo battery that powers, the drone the modular battery, helps to keep the drone in the air and will require around three hours to fully recharge when it is completely drained. Led lights have been incorporated at the back of the drone to let you know the remaining charge, control range when the conditions are perfect, the hs100 can fly to a maximum range of 600m, but when flying via fpv, the range will drop to around 350m.

In the event you fly, the drone out of range, a return to home function will bring it back to the point of takeoff so that you dont lose your priced possession to use the fbv feature. You must first download the holy stone drone application, which is available for both ios and android devices. The remote controller is compact, with a minimalistic design and fits effortlessly in your palms. A pair of ergonomic handles on the controller also ensures that you wont grow tired of flying the hs100. Finally, there is a smartphone mount where you can attach your phone when flying the drone on fpv camera. One of the most exciting features on the hs100 is its upgraded 2k camera, which is way better than the original 1080p cam. This allows you to shoot high resolution videos and crystal clear stills that you wont ordinarily find on a drone in the range of under two hundred dollars. You also get a 120 degree field of view that allows you to get maximum details in your shots, not to mention the 90 degree adjustable camera lens that lets. You shoot videos from different perspectives. You can also use the fbv feature to fly the drone, although the maximum resolution youll get is 720p overall youll be impressed by the footage the drone can capture, especially in its altitude hold mode. Unfortunately, there is no gimbal stabilizer on the hs100, so watch out for a little jello effect when the flying conditions are breezy.

A micro sd card has also been included to cater to all your storage needs. Flight experience flying the holy stone drone will be a joy to rookie pilots who are still finding their footing. The user friendly operation includes gps, enabled intelligent modes like altitude hold to keep the drone hovering in one area as well as follow me mode which allows you to capture dramatic aerial videos, as you move around. The drone is made out of high grade plastic that results in a durable build with an overall weight of just under 800 g. This helps to keep it stable in mild winds, but it also means that you have to register with the faa before you fly. It beginners will also appreciate the return to home function, which ensures that you wont lose your drone when it flies out of range. This is one of the leading reasons why amateur pilots lose their quadcopters. If youre still wondering about where to find the ideal beginner drone, the holy stone hs100 might just be the drone to end your search. It has all the makings of a winning entry level drone from a high quality 2k camera long flight time. An extended control range to a high capacity battery and gps enabled features. You cant go wrong with the hs100, although the manufacturer builds it as a drone for beginners. I still feel like intermediate users.