You see how these come off and also this is a V tail. So these two also come off not really an unboxing today, but I did do some configuration on this thing and I don't want to show you guys what I did before we fly. This is kind of a dual review: I'm. Also, reviewing the run, cam split, mini I've actually installed it already into the dart. The dart comes with there's there's, either an fpv version or there's. This version, which is basically puts your own fpv system in and your receiver system. It already comes with the motor. It already comes with the prop, and it already comes with a flight controller and all the servos Music Music. So, as you can see as I'm, taking this thing apart, it's pretty cool things just pop off for easy access to all the components. I did go ahead and put a bunch of kind of like fpv racing quad stickers from my drone drop, so excuse if they don't really match airplanes, but I thought I made it look a little bit cool to have a little more stickers on it anyway. The way I have this set up is I'm using today the radio link 8010. So this one just came in so this is supposed to get like a couple of miles of range. With this receiver and I'll talk about what I did to the controller once we get to that part, but first off just basically put the receiver right in here velcro it in.

I have one receiver antenna going down the wing this way couple millimeters down cutting the line with an exacto knife and push that antenna in there. So if the wing does pop off it'll still be able to pull out the other antenna. If you look over here on, the bottom is actually coming out the bottom, so we have a good spread kind of a 90 to 90 degree angle of both antennas for a great spread there, and then you can see. I have this little cloverleaf FPV antenna sticking down off of a 600 milliwatts transmitter, and let me show you that real quick, this also just pops off, and these are all magnets. The way this stuff is all held on as a magnet, so real cool. So I just did basic wiring kind of messy but there's our 600 milliwatts meter coming out there and it's just wired into down here, and this thing actually comes with the a t10 transmitter comes with this little telemetry module where you can plug in your battery and It can read the actual voltage of your craft on the radio, so when it starts getting low, the radio will beep at you. I didn't actually put any voltage information on the OSD on the run. Cam split mini all I'm using is the micro USB plug in here. So I just have my video and my power. It only takes five volts through this one. I didn't want to go ahead and solder anything but it's it's, basically a double stack and then you have kind of your power button and your menu button, and once you boot this thing up, it does take an SD card in there it's, just like one of Those push and an SD card holders, so the runcam split mini, is gon na record 1080p, while you're getting fpv through here 5.

8. Have you heard fpv so it's? A pretty awesome thing, mainly I think made for like micro mini racers, but I just went ahead and installed it in this. I thought it'd be cool to put in an airplane and just see how it worked. So you see how this little micro sd card user might smaller one like a 16 gig just in case I lose this thing I don't wan na put like my 64, get you in there my more expensive ones. So you just push and click. You hear how that kind of clicks when you buy this thing it's kind of apart, and you just put the stack together – and you want to put these plates on here – there's a race plate here and there's, a brace plate to hold your SD card into that. You put up push on it's like a little catch, so when you pull it out, you just have to pull this little metal piece down so great for, like if you're crashing or hitting things your SD card. Just won't fly out, it's a nice little safety catch. There but there's the camera here right in front real, tiny and it's kind of hard to see what's happening here. All I did was glue it into the front here and then just notched out some of the EPP foam. This is a very durable craft. It'S made of that EPP, styrofoam, stuff, that's, real, flexible and durable so should be okay.

I actually crashed at the park once and this wing flew off the antenna just pulled out and there was no damage whatsoever. All I do is snap the wings back on. So maybe we'll do some crashing today, maybe not when I use this 1500 turnigy graphing battery. This is a 4s. This thing takes 4s. Just make sure your other electronics can take 4s. When I put this in I'm, going to plug the balance into here and then it's gon na feed that voltage through the receiver to my radio so – and I have it set to beep at – like – I don't – know – 14 volts. So I know when the 4s is getting kind of low to come back. I'Ll have the Taney recording on the run, cam mini split for you. This is a brand new camera on the market, so it's gon na be kind of cool to see how this thing does and also I'll record my fpv in these these guys here the sky zone's i'm, using that new, triple feed patch hybrid. That came in my last drone drop. You guys will see how this performs at range and what I'm gon na try to do is kind of go out. The winds kind of blowing this way towards me hit about five mile per hour, so I'm gon na try to just fly into the wind. As far as I can go, maybe do a range test I don't know I have the failsafe set for this thing to kind of just turn the motor off and just do a slow circle.

So if it drops range, hopefully it just circles and then we can catch back into range. So maybe we'll do a little bit of a range test. We'Ll see. Hopefully we don't lose it. Maybe we'll crash okay. So I just wanted to show you guys how I'm wedging this guy in, so you can see how I have the power to lemon tree module that comes with the 8010 transmitter, just kind of velcro to the front there. Just for easy installation – and all we do is plug in our 4s battery balance. Connector there put that on the velcro. I don't want to make it too high conflicts with the door that closes push this battery back and then that's, where our power is coming out, and we want to secure this battery like super tight and the cool thing about this plane. Actually, once I get this battery and I'll show you is, it has CG or center of gravity spots on it that you can check before you start flying so I'm, just gon na crank this battery down as tight as possible and then flip this up, and you Can see how it has these two CG there and CG their little extruding little tabs here. So when you do put your battery and kind of hard in the wind, but just put your fingers here and you can feel if it's fairly balanced or not if it was too far forward to be tilting this way to for a back alley.

Of course. So a good little test. I want to go ahead and plug this little micro USB in for the camera. So of course we can get our feet going and you can also solder in, like I was saying before so you don't have to plug in, like that. So the very top two tabs here this goes down has a magnet right. There hear that snap and then this one two tabs plug in that pushes down kind of overlaps where that magnet is and then just turns to just totally lock everything in on top, and then we have the bottom left open before we close this thing up. I want to turn our controller on 1810 controller and then all we're doing is plugging in the craft, so kind of got the power piggybacked there so power again here a couple of beeps and we should be ready to go. All we need to do is close. This thing up, you can see that transmitter has power and also there's. The mini split has the power to it's a blue light. There it's gon na be blinking when it's recording so let's put this bottom on here since we're, pretty much all set to go that's. It the craft is ready to fly and you can see how I'm using ailerons here everything looks. Good up and down looks good now. This thing has three modes or two modes: I'm, not sure if a 3 wood adds self leveling and acro.

As far as what I could see and there's one more mode I'm, not sure what it is, but we'll test that out so I'm gon na slap, these goggles on start recording on the split mini and let's get fly in in this awesome mountain side of Maui. Here – okay guys, so here we go so these goggles do have a camera in the front, but it's always a little tough for me to trust that camera it's kind of hard to see and orientate yourself, you got ta use to it so I'm, just gon na Launch her and then pull the goggles down, so here we go so launching into the wind. Hopefully it doesn't crash, then I'm, just gon na slide. The goggles down I've got the fpv recording for you. So here we go. Hopefully everything looks good. One last chat, oh shoot, so that's what happens when you're flicking at the plane and you try to pull down what I did was. I pulled this trigger this button down instead of the elevator, so it should be fine, though I know this thing can take some abuse, so yeah so see how the wings just gon na pop off let's try this again. That was actually a good thing that it crashed, because I totally forgot to start recording on the split mini. I totally forgot, so I want to press this button right here, one time it's, just the power button until we see the blink so now this 1080p is recording, so that was kind of a good thing.

It crashed alright let's. Try that again, alright let's go there. We go Music, okay, so let's get up so I'd kind of like to show you guys how it's flying. But you know what I'm just gon na do fpv session with you on this one. Okay, so here we go so I really don't know how far I'm flying but uh I do have everything on just checking my antennas, I'm gon na go a little higher. I try to go higher just in case. You know we start losing control so so far, so good, a little bit of waves in the screen I'm, just letting off the stick, and it looks pretty level I'm just cruising with half throttle choosing with the wind. Everything hopefully is recording, and here we go guys. This is it with the eighty ten to the Zod dart, with the run cam split, mini camera and here's. How it's looking awesome so I'm just giving it a little bit of right, aileron just to fight the wind a little bit, but this is complete controls off, and this is how it's flying directly into the wind. So, look at that just beautiful – and this is again this is complete, stabilized mode, so here's here's what happens in stabilized mode. So if I was to full elevators to the left, you see how it will not flip that's, just a circle full elevator to the left, letting off now and then here's full rudder to the right.

So it's got those little rudders member on the V tail. So you have extra control, so see how it's not really fighting the wind too good and then starting to go down using rudder. So you got to be careful. You want to mix in both controls anyway, I don't want to lose orientation. Let me see where I came from right there, so you see the you see that green patchy area that's, where I came from so a little bit of Scratchy when the antennas when the plane is facing me see that just a little bit, but it looks good. So I'm, just coming back a little, I want to see that's almost a mile. How far I just went. I would sure would be nice to have a little more OSD and stuff and I'll work on getting something like that involved. So let's do some other self leveling stuff. So if I was to like full pitch it up on the elevator up here we go so I'm. A medium throttle full stick up, that's full throttle up so y'all won't do a back flip and now let's do full throttle off. So my throat is completely off and I'm gon na just do full stick forward and there you go. You see how it won't really do any kind of acrobatic stuff, and it does give itself a little bit of elevator on the two tails on the rudders, the V tail so I'm off the stick right now.

If i push, you see how it gave us a little bit of a pitch up elevator up that's, because when you give it throttle it automatically, if you're in self leveling mode, it gives you a little bit of upward elevator it's, mainly for launching purposes, see that's Off let's throttle on so pretty cool, really enjoyable. This is pretty cool. So now what I'm gon na do is switch down. Hope that I lose range whoa well yeah, so I lost range there for a sec guys, so I want to get back up. So I cut out a range, so I'm gon na give it full throttle for a bit and get up here, whoa fu use cutting out. I turn my head to the right so that patch antenna is kind of pointing more towards it. I definitely want to get high because if this thing stalls and I lose control – I want it to be able to coast for a bit, so I can get control back so about a half throttle flying back up to where I am right up here. On this mountain and I didn't go into Accra, I think maybe what I'll do is I'll go into a crow. When I come back a little bit but I'll look I'll check the video and I'll have a pop up on the screen. How far I went in that range where it cut out, so you guys know what to expect with this 89 transmitter.

You can see how, if I orient the craft into certain ways like if I turn right this way, it's a little more scratchy in certain sections. Fpv video it's still not bad, so there's the lavender farm – I just cruise over the lavender farm here on our way back we're kind of coming with the wind. Now that picture got really clear. Now nice and clear picture real nice, so alright well doing good. So zod not bad. I don't normally fly a lot of fix wings, but I'm gon na be flying. You know, as they come every once in a while, so you guys can see how these things perform and how they are so I'm up there. So I'm gon na switch now I'm gon na get a little bit more altitude I'm full throttle forward full elevator up. You hear it over there in the distance. Actually, okay, now I'm gon na switch this down to acro mode. So this switch here. Hopefully, you can see on the camera switching to the middle, so there's no self leveling on this, so I'm gon na give it some throttle. Let'S try some flips and spins. I have not done a crow on this. Well, actually, I did try in the park and that's when the wind fell wing fell off so let's give it some throttle and do a right roll alright, so you can do some acrobatics let's, try see if we can do a flip full throttle.

Oh, not quite whoa, so I want to be careful because I'm, not the best, a crow flier with planes, especially it was getting a little bit squirrely there see if I've flipped the switch all the way down I'm, not sure what its gon na do. Then I go straight up yeah I can just about go like straight up, but then it wants to kind of stall. Let'S switch back into self leveling boom and you see how it just kind of blew and just leveled itself out. So if I panic and a crow, I can just do that. No problem, then I have a nice level flying and I can just do what I want to do. What is that third mode? Okay, real quick, let me gain some altitude. Okay, full throttle will stick up. Okay, let me switch all the way down to that bottom mode. I have no idea what this is. Is this, maybe a possibly like a horizon mode. I don't know see if I let off yeah, it does feel like it's stabilizing, yeah, okay, so horizon. Maybe I can do some rolls. Oh nice that's the way to go okay, so it does feel like kind of a horizon all the way down and that third part of the channel there we go there's a loop okay, so that kind of stuffs, possible, sort of a horizon and a crow and A full self leveling and a full self level.

Now all the way back looked like it got a little weird in the self level until it found its level but that's cool, having lots of fun so far, so good let's dive on this lavender farm, so I'm full pitch down full throttle off just soaring. So this is the stability and about five mile per hour, winds coming from the right back direction or the sun's at Oh, getting a little scratchy on the FPV time. Turning my head seems like when I do get that um patch antenna facing it gets a little better, which is cool cool full throttle, no idea how fast it's going it shouldn't be going pretty quick awesome. I think these guys up here having like a frisbee tournament. Frisbee golf see all those cars there, that's pretty cool let's, go check them out up. There do a pass so I'm flying kind of directly over my head now, I'm gon na turn around a little bit check these guys out Wow cool Wow. Those guys have a full set up their tents and everything that's pretty cool. So there I am see my car there I'm full throttle off Music and you can still hear the motor going, because the prop is not fold down doesn't fold down, so the motors still gon na spin, just freewheel and you're gon na hear some noise would be Cool, if you put like a collapsing prop on there alright, so here we go so still go on here's, full elevator to the left and full rudder boom Wow.

So you can kind of do a flip. Almost in self leveling let's. Try that again, let's get up a bit boom full elevator. Well, so you can do really tight spins. I want the wings to fall off the wings didn't feel like they clipped in super tight, so I don't want to we'll see how they are when we land anyway there I am there's my car. I hear another drone flying. I think somebody's drying off driving a phantom – maybe you guys can see it. I can't Music, okay, I feeling that wind hit it. I get scared when I get low and then that cross breeze hits it Music let's come in, do a little bit of a flyby here, I'm full throttle off, and you can hear that motor just spinning off a little let's turn into the wind here still coasting. Oh there's, that drone there's the other one all right here we go cool all right, that's where that guy's flying it. I think that was a drone let's circle around can't really see him anymore. I can see them when that was against the sky, though that was neat let's try to come in here and do a little flyby, hello, guys, nice. So a little bit of teetering, I don't know maybe it's the CG. I could adjust a little, but it might just be the way this thing flies since the wings are so short, it's kind of what I'm thinking I'm.

Looking for that drone, a hero, don't really see him, though awesome another flyby, Music that's. What it's all about that would have been sore right if I hit myself but pretty confident in the control of this thing now nice and easy fpv seems to be doing great and where's. This guy's drill, and i hear it must be kind of low. I don't want to go too low because I want the fpv to cut out and the he'll block it we'll check that out. Okay, so just perfectly all the way off the sticks and about half throttle and let's turn into the wind and get that again. This will give you a great idea of how stable this thing is. If we're just off the sticks, half throttle on the side of the mountain going into the wind that's it just a little bit of flutter back and forth, but very good according to what I have reviewed so far hope you guys are enjoying this. I know this is gon na be kind of a long one, because this one, I don't, even hear any beeping on the controller yet and has that telemetry and it's keeping track of the battery's voltage on the controller. None of my goggles you can see my goggles are perfectly clear. All I can see is that red recording light up on the screen as the airfield there, a club this below just cruising back to my homestead home base here awesome another flyby, oh nice.

It was really easy to just glide it in like that. Just let me just give it a little bit of throttle. So I came in and you know this thing is foam and the propellers in the back. So you're, really not if even if you do have an accident, unless the battery like blows up or something well, I thought that was my motor, but that was the horn for that event. Up there everybody's going on anyway. What I was seeing was this thing's all foam the pillars in the back, so the Front's completely soft you're, not gon na. If you do have a crazy accident, you're, not gon na damage anything or heard anything. Unless the battery blows up, it flies into a plane. Engine or something there's no planes around here so I'm gon na worry about that that's for sure let's get back over these guys, I'm gon na turn in my head, so my fpv is over there. Someone check these guys out again: I'm gon na go up the hill a bit seen a little bit of wavy lines and the fpv. When I do give it quite a bit of throttle, I think that's, just a frequency thing. Do you have a a B EC filter on this I put in line between the yeah let's turn. I got a little bit of a click there on that few V, we're gon na turn, we're gon na full, throttle off and just Coast over these folks.

Here, anyway, what I was seeing was I put in a filter in line where it powers the run. Cam split mini check that out I'm full off that's kind of cool I'll have that high def fpv and the recording of the card up on the screen. So you guys could see all that me flying directly overhead let's see what happens with the video see that so a couple of little scratches and that's it it turned in my head now again towards it turn it around Wow, so I'm liking. This thing I think, when I, when I hear that beep I'll come in on the low voltage I'm gon na get some altitude here and then I'm just gon na peek at it actually full throttle a little up a bit throttle off and lift on my fpv Goggles and just give it a glance: yeah we're still at fifteen volts nice there's a four s battery in there. So I just looked at the controller I have it set to beep at 14 volts. So, if I'm far away there'll be plenty of time to come back, whoa, whoa, okay, we just completely crashed what wow did we lose? We like lost signal man. That was weird. I started to do like a complete whirlwind into the ground. Shucks. I better go find that thing anyway. Let'S see what the damage is. I'M gon na go, find that we'll see what the damage is and see.

You know what we can do with a pros and cons Music. Okay, guys here it is just retrieved it, and some gentleman I think he's name is Martin – was able to grab it for me kind of crash near him, but here's the after effect of that kamikaze straight down crash. I don't know what happened. It'S, almost like a wing came off or something partially, because it was just like doing some kind of weird downward spiral. I thought maybe it lost control, but I don't know why I would spiral like that if it lost control, I just have the rudder and the ailerons just tilted a little bit and then, when it was spiraling down, I was able to give it like full throttle. Temporarily, well, I tried to pull up so I really don't know what the problem was. You know those kind of malfunctions happen so here's the damage. So if we take the front off here, this guy here is fine. This whole top area is fine everything in top flight controller servos all of fine, the wings look actually fine too, and maybe that's. One thing that they can work on is maybe have these wings clipping a little tighter I'm hoping a wing didn't fall off, but you can see Wow yeah that shouldn't that shouldn't have been a wing that fell out. I really don't know what it is. Maybe some kind of interference or something or failure on board, but anyway, this parts, fine wings, are fine.

So this is the major damage here, see that so the whole front just basically broke apart. I mean it literally. Just came down yeah like spinning and just boom. So I don't know what the deal is so strange to me really strange anyway, it's definitely salvageable. It looks like if I kind of pull this. Let me try to pull this battery out and assess the damage. A little more, the runtown split was actually mini was actually still recording when I got it from the guy gentleman in the black and white plaid shirt, it's kind enough to come running up the road with it, but everything looks fine. Hopefully the minis okay looks like you got a little tug on the wire here from breaking apart, but look at that. The whole nose just broke off and that's kind of a heavy battery. I mean that's a 4 s, 1.5 1500 milliamp power. So there is some weight there in the front, but if I was to fix this thing really all I need to do is slide this back in the notch. It looks like the balsa wood here, cracked, just a little bit got bent up a little, so I can just bend that back and check that out just glue. Everything shook right back together, we're back in business, everything's, fine motors, all the control surfaces are fine. Wings are fine. Everything else is a okay looks like the VIX is even flying a little dirt on the antenna probably went boom, and then I think it lad.

He said it landed in some dirt mud or something but cool guys. Well, that's. The Zod, including range test and crash test and totally repairable – I got some of that water activated Gorilla, Glue, that's, perfect for this stuff. You know just put it in there and then shoot and look at that when it's together, you can't even tell there was a crack. So I'll get this thing back up and running in no time and that's what's, so cool about these foam planes. Is you crash hard and something like this happens minimal, usually especially if there's no engine or prop in the front, if it's a pusher like this pretty minimal damage? Of course, unless you crash into like a shredding metal of a fence, but anyway guys we'll, have the video up on the fpv recording my goggles, without seeing while I was talking to you and also the run cam, the new run, cam split mini, probably mostly made For mini quads, but it works great for aircraft like this. I may just leave it in here and maybe put it in something else, not sure that's kind of my dual review actually triple the radio a t10 and the run cam split mini. I hope you enjoy that review and I will see you guys in the next one. Don'T forget all the stuff that I'm using today all this these things here: the sky, zone's, the controller and the craft, and some of the parts I'm using oh yeah, the red, can't split, mini all down in the description down below so check that out check out The pricing, but I hope you enjoy their review and I'll, see you guys the next one great crash test yeah – and this is a fun plane.

Don'T get me wrong, super fun. It did well. I just don't know what happened. I mean literally lost control and it just went kamikaze spiral down to have no idea what that was from until the repairable see you guys in the next video. I just really want to see if this thing still works perfectly fine.