We got three winners for the notification squad and those are Andy, two three two, eight four and curb and finally fizzy art. All three of those were first to say. First of one of my recent videos with us wins the shatta, so congratulations come already quite chapter 101 with a review of a neat new drone. Actually, this is a new drone. This is the SG 906 beast now. Last year there was a release of the original SG 906, which I've got right here, which is almost the same airframe on it, but there's a lot of differences in regards to the camera folks on between this and what was it released or between this and what Was released last year last year we had a camera that was a fixed camera. Actually, I think he could tilt that up or down, but it did not have SD recording capability, it recorded via Wi Fi to your phone. Only there was some electronic image stabilization. That was done through your phone. It was kind of sketchy how it worked, but otherwise the drone itself, the original SG 906 drone itself. The airframe was great long flyer, 20 minutes with its 7.4 428 mil on 28000 or twenty eight hundred milli ampere hour battery good flying drone. In other words, what Zorc has done since then is gone back to the drawing board and approved that camera? Okay, that was the big thing that they needed to do and indeed they did and what we got now.

Folks is a camera with a 4k camera. Now they say: 4k it's, actually, 2 2.5 k, video and 4k photos that this takes, but with a gimbal. Let me remove its cover here's one important thing about the cover for the gimbal make sure you remove this before flight and the way you remove it is you have to pinch both of these in from the side and you have to push down. At the same time, in the back and then it slides off pops off so don't lose this cover you're going to need that to protect the gimbal, but there we go. We have now a two axis gimbal on this with the camera to provide stable, video that's. The big biggie thing that this drone can now do we hey now I have stable video for air in flight video, okay, other things about this again it's a folding quadcopter, which means we can fold fold it down into compact size for traveling, your backpack or with There is the option of a camera or a drum case, for this particular drum actually a very nice case for this drum. So I recommend getting that it's offered as an option. I don't remember if it if it's standard or not. I have to look at the listing, but the carrying case is nice, it's also available with two or three batteries, one two or three batteries. I recommend getting at least a two battery version. This is a great flower along flyer from the original flew for 20 minutes.

With this battery so I'm expecting this to do the same, so you know each battery gives you another 20 minutes of flight time. So if you're interested in this drone get that other things about it, I mentioned a 4k camera as Steve Urquhart it's recorded to an SD card again, the original did not have SD card recording capability. Now we do folks and I recommend getting a good SD card, since this is high risk very high resolution, video you're going to need something that gets good write, speed well above class 10 I'd recommend u1 u2 u3 cards. No greater than 32 gigabyte it'll come as I believe, these there's still limitation and max 32 gigabyte for the card that you put into this SD card reader, see ya pop ups in pops out. Okay, other things we got on it. We do have optical flow and I'm gon na talk about that here shortly with the transmitter, but the optical flow holds the drone steady when you don't have sufficient satellites for GPS and once you do have sufficient and satellites for GPS. The optical flow is turned off and it switches to GPS mode and I'll talk about that again. You'Ll get a little beep on the controller, an indication on your controller, whether you're in mode one, which is called optical flow mode and mode two, which is called GPS mode for this particular for this particular drone other things about it. It supposedly has you know, an improvement in range.

Okay, saying this has 1200 meter control range with a controller and 600 to 800 meters. Fpv range on your phone that you could view fpv, video from via Wi Fi to your phone from 600 to 800 meters. I find that hard to believe okay that's pretty darn far for fpv, especially since this end control range. This controller does not have any visible. You know, you've got these antennas, but they appear to be fake. I don't see any wires running up in them. So I'm, not sure if that is true or not, we will find out when we take it out into the desert reader and fly it. Whether that does have extended range. It'S also has advanced flight features of follow me circle me and waypoints, and, along with the fpv video that you view on your phone, and you view this using the h, fun, plus app, okay or actually i'm correction h1 plus was the original they're. Using now the h fun pro app so look for h, fun, pro app on Google Play or iTunes to use with this particular phone and now I've got to give you that caveat. This is a five gigahertz 802.11 AC Wi Fi fpv drone. You need a phone with 802.11 AC Wi Fi, not all phones have 802.11 AC, Wi Fi, especially older phones. So before purchasing this drone, I strongly recommend that you first verify that your phone indeed has 802.11 AC Wi Fi or you will be very disappointed.

Okay, just giving you that caveat there, okay let's talk about what you get in the Box in the Box. You get the drone, you get a the original battery for the drone which goes in here. Let me talk about the battery real quick. It is a 2800 milliamp per hour battery seven point four volts, as you see there on the front of it or on the side of it. We have a little micro, USB port that you charge this using a micro, USB cable through a phone wall charger. I recommend at least a 2 amp wall charger, because this is a big battery. Folks, you try to charge this through your computer port it's, going to take a day or two using a 2 amp or better it'll cut it down 2 hours instead of a day. That'S, so it has indicator lights on the front shown you if it's charged fully charges for lights – and it has this snap for seating. The battery into the drone let's talk about that when you slide this in don't slam it in just slide it in. As far as it'll go there now, this clip don't try to force this clip past it stop there instead pull down on the button slide it in and then push up to make sure it's, seated, okay. Otherwise, you will break this if you just slam it and that's you're gon na break that tab so pulled I'd push the battery in and then push the tab back up.

Okay, that's, the battery other things you get in this. You get a a series of instruction manuals in different languages and they include German, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish and English, no Chinese manual surprisingly, but they are, they are pretty good manuals. The problem with them are is, though, if you've got old eyes like mine, you are going to need a magnifying glass to read these things, but follow along in my video, and it should help you get your drone into the air, because I'll go over the steps For calibration, along with compass calibration, which is very important, you also get this warning card telling you about the the clip the retainer clip that goes protection clip that goes over your gimbal, remove it before flight very important, and it shows you how to remove it. Pay attention read that and do it you get a micro, USB cable for what is this for charging the battery cuz again, you have to use micro USB cables to charge your battery. You get a screwdriver and the screwdriver is for this full spare setup propeller. So if you thing up to tars, you've got a full set, a spares along with little screws for installing that propeller and, of course, you get the controller now let's go over the controller again it has fake antennas. It looks like I don't really believe these are real antennas, but this is also a phone holder here slide your phone in to view the video let's go over the controls again this this is only available in MOTU, so that means this is throttle.

This is yah. This is pitch and this is roll on the sticks and on the back, we have four buttons on the back these ones on the right side. This is for up and down of the gimbal, so you can remotely point the gimbal up or down. I press up and down by pressing these buttons here. These buttons on the right is for headless mode. You press the button here in the center the center button for a headless mode to activate it, and this button here is for automatic takeoff and automatic landing. Once you have the motors started and to start the motors to start the motors bring but bring in hold, both sticks either down and out or down, and in and the motors will start and then you could take off by either applying throttle or pressing. This automatic takeoff button here other buttons on this. You have a control button or a power button right here for turning it on and off. Now again, you see down in the lower right. It says mode 0. I wanted to connect it to the drone. It initially says mode 1, which means the drone is an optical flow mode and once that has sufficient satellites, which it would be 11, which show up here this number 0 once that reaches 11, then this will automatically switch to mode 2, which means GPS mode and The drone is flying in GPS, so if you want to fly an altitude hold, you have to take off immediately after connecting it.

If you want to fly in GPS, you have to wait until you have sufficient satellites to fly and it says mode 2, and then you can fly in GPS once you're in GPS mode, you can't what you can't switch back to altitude hold mode in the air. You have to restart the drone if you want to fly in altitude hold mode other things on here. We have telemetry for height and distance of the drone again mode 1 and mode 2 means mode. 1 is optical. Flow mode, 2 is GPS. We have battery power with a controller and also telemetry battery power of the drone we're not connected right now, so it's showing the drone battery is empty. Other buttons on this we have this button here is for changing the rates. The speed of the drone you wan na fly faster. You press it once and here are the two beeps. If you want to fly slower, you press on once and hear that one beep, if you hold the button down for three seconds it enters the drone into GPS, Cal or not GPS, gyroscope calibration. You want to do that at home or on a flat level. Surface. Put the drone on a flat level surface and then press that button and that will calibrate the gyro. So you hold that button down. It does have automatic to return to home and landing on loss of signal, on low voltage and on command and to do it on command.

You just press this button here and the drone will fly back and land where it took off from other buttons. On this. This button here is for starting or stopping video, and you do a quick press to the button to activate the video camera and you'll see it show up on your app and also down here. You'Ll see a little indicator showing the video camera is started. And finally, this button here is for taking those 4k resolution photos by a quick press of that button and you can enter the drone into compass calibration mode by holding down the photo button for five seconds, and then these lights will start to bleep or blink rapidly. Three times a blink blink, blink, blink, blink blink like that, and you do three counterclockwise turns horizont with the drone held horizontally and then point the nose down of the drone and do another three counterclockwise turns to complete the calibration. Each time you do complete the horizontal you'll hear a beep o when you complete the vertical nose down. You'Ll hear another beep on the controller telling you the calibration is complete and your lights will light up solid, no rapidly break when blink, when compass, calibration mode and then we'll go rapidly saw it once your compass calibration is completed and I'll demonstrate that in the field And again, it's important that I said counterclockwise because I tried this clockwise. It did not want to calibrate. I had to go counterclockwise and then everything was fine.

So well, that is my table. Top on this let's take the Beast Pro zr z, LRC, nano 6 pro out into the field and see our flies so hope you enjoy this flight good morning, qui copter 101, here on a beautiful spring day out here in the desert a little bit hazy, though, With the SG 906 Pro from Z, LRC let's see how it goes here. Ok to start this up, all we need to do is put it on the pad and then open up its propellers folks, don't don't. Let them open up by centrifugal or centripetal acceleration only as they may be unbalanced. Excuse me, but there we go that's good enough. That should do it now. One thing important is to make sure you know. I took off that cover. Ok make sure you remove that color from that gimbal. I got it in my pocket before energizing it and also make sure that the the gimbal is clear of any obstructions. I was because it's going to go through it's leveling calibration, as we turn on the drum. So now to turn on the drone, you press and hold just back button on the battery. Do you hear beep, then let go and like to rapidly flashing telling me that the gimbal isn't went through its calibration right now and we're going to wait until that's done and also Matan the transmitter and the transmitter should be connected, and it is, and I can Tell because I can see the receiver battery power now.

I know that we're connected again, we are in mode one right now with five satellites. That means we're in altitude hold mode and it's searching for satellites right now. But what I want to do is go and do a compass calibration and to do such you hold down the photo key right here for three seconds until you hear a beep, okay and we're, not in compass calibration. We actually have satellites to fly, but I want to do a compass calibration, so let's do that again again. Right now, we've got 10 satellites. I guess you need nine satellites to to fly, because we are right now in GPS mode mode. Two but again let's do that compass calibration hold it down until we were beep okay. Now we should be in compass, calibration mode and the lights are rapidly flashing here and here I don't know if you can see that or not okay again, counterclockwise returns. Until we hear beep well, we heard the beep then nose down counterclockwise did we hear another beep and there we go and that should have done it. Let'S put it down on the ground, although it's still flashing, let's, try that again cuz this life should not be flashing right now, so we're there and then downward. Ok, I got song lights now. It'S happy! Wait until you see solid lights, keep rotating either vertically or horizontally until those lights turn solid. That tells you the compass calibration is complete and again I got 10 satellites right now mode 2, now I'm going to connect my phone to the drones, Wi Fi signal and then open up the H fun which that pro app so hold on folks.

Okay, this is the H fun Pro app available on Google Play right, end iTunes, it has instructions. If you want to read the instructions they are available in there, you can scroll through in this app. It keeps records of flights that you made I'm. You can't calibrate the gyros and compass using the app by pressing that calibrate button, since we did it I'm not going to do it again, you can adjust settings of the drone let's open that up and it set the language to English if it shows up in Chinese, you can do that in the Settings button record off Iran, we want to record so record is no awesome. I don't know what I think I'm, not sure what record button does folks let's just skip that one here firmware upgrade. I pressed that and it's whatever you downloaded if you download it from Google Play or iTunes you've got the latest version of this app stabilization turn that off, because this has gimbal stabilization that's. If you turn that on it, stabilizes through your phone using your fluent processor, but that can take that creates a lot of lag just keep that off along with 4k correction. Since this is already a high resolution, camera drone that's 4 well that's interpolation – that turns 14 interpolation on net also creates lag so keep that off. So we hit setup complete and to get into the view. Fbv. You got a hit start play so let's press that button, and we should see fbv here shortly and there we go got FPS.

It bv signal video and keep distance more than 3 meters and we're gon na hit submit. So we are ready to fly right now. Okay, to start up, we got 17 satellites, so this should be a good flight. So to start up the motors down or actually let me start recording video recording first tube before I forget click press of the video button starts the video recording and start the motors. Most sticks down and out and then give it a little throttle to take off. You can also use the auto takeoff button I like to give it a little throttle myself. First off let's check the stability. You see an area, bull FET know so the cup this calibration is complete, come down a little lower to get in the picture. I guess got to come down a little lower, even more lower. Oh yeah that's right. I can lower that gibble using this right button. Let'S, go up a little bit higher let's. Try that down that's up. So this is B down. No, I guess that's the wrong button. Jenna I'm, putting it up there we go now. I should be put it down there, we go. I am seeing some lag and the fpv said go between what I'm seeing on the drone and in the air, but in the meantime, like my shirt today, folks yeah I'm, seeing a lot of lag in the fpv video signal, i I hope it's not recording that Way but we'll see okay, raising the camera back up.

Yes, just show you that look at the get Bowl and as I hit down, see it go down and going back up, you actually can point up to can point all the way down. Yes, it can okay, but with that mine, let's leave it like that we're up lag and down let's get that set let's go up a bit higher and we're gon na check its range. Let me put my glasses back on, while it's still here, glasses on and we're gon na push forward and actually climb up higher to improve the signal, and even though these are fake antennas, I think there are fake antennas I'm gon na try to keep them pointed Just to give it a benefit of the dot now let's go forward and upward in a way climbing two. At the same time as we go out cause, I want to keep that above the mountains we'll see what type of fpv signal we get and fpv range and control range turn to the left, a bit. Okay, we are only 50 meters away and I'm gon na be flying slow folks, we're gon na keep the rates low for this first flight. Just to see again, my video signal is real choppy what I'm seeing going up higher and just keep going on until that video signal freezes, I'm gon na keep them flat into my pen or back into my phone point. It toward the drone went up a bit higher.

More 150 meters away. 6170 still have some fpv said: no went up a bit higher we're at a height of 23 meters, still going up on 226 meters away. Let'S do have fpv signal and still have left PVA signal at 274 and coming up on 300 meters. Let'S do a signal. I know it's choppy it's flyable with this I got a say, but I can still see that big black drone up in the sky, so don't worry about that. Also folks, that's. What I'd like to fly on cloudless days out here in the desert. I keep the drone above the mountains in a distance, and I can still see that thing at this distance ad come up on 400 meters. Still there or 20 meters still going up, Bunn that's, my fpv signal is it froze, I think my fpv might have froze so we know keeps coming back: okay, coming up on 500 meters, so this is pretty good. I still have a still MF TV it's choppy, but I still haven't put up iris to keep my eye on that drone. 500. I'M gon na take it to 600 meters, or so my battery's still good. I can still see that drone even coming up on 570 meters, big black drone up in the sky. Let me go up a bit higher too, so I can see it a little better. I think my fpv is frozen in there. Remote control is reaching its limit to at 575 meters.

I can still see it. Don'T want to go any further. Phil 575 meters seems to be the range of the controller folks, oh no, a 589 I'll be pushing forward again. We'Ll. Take it further, still see it. 593 meters and again, I think I lost it again. Okay, I am going to hit return to home. Okay automatic return home from that the radio 678. I got you've gone out a little further, so let's go a little further, so control distances around 600 meters I'm. Going to stop it right there that's about it folks, I don't think I can go any further with the controller so return to home button pressing it turn to home, has been activated we'll see if it starts coming back and that's in the control range decrease, I'm Walking toward it a bit here, wait: 611. Okay: I got signal back 580 it's coming back now and we'll see how accurate the return the Hoban landing is. So we took it out to them max range. Woods controller seems to be about 600 meters folks. This is what I got out here: I'm, not sure about the fpv range we'll. Look at that in post, editing, it's kind of bright out here, I'm, having a hard time seeing on my phone, my particular phone out here in the desert, seeing if it froze, but I was trying to keep my eye on the drone, the whole flight. So I don't like to lose sight of my drones.

Okay, I'm moving back from the pad, so we can see how accurate it's returned to home and landing is and also I'm, probably going to stop its descent, because I don't want to land the grass or the weeds here. Look: okay, it's slow down there now it's coming finalizing its approach head up point it up high, so you can see it. I hope and we'll see how accurate that landing is. As it comes down yeah, it should be descending here. Certainly, how high are we 28 meters, so it comes back at about 28 30 meters. Up, I guess, is the setting first return to home coming down coming down. Yeah looks like we're gon na be off by a few meters couple meters um, I don't know about a meter and a half grass cutter. Okay and let's. Stop the video recording, no okay. I hope that recorded properly, especially when we went out of range we'll, find out again at post production so and I'm seeing lag on. My video next thing: we've got to do is start the camera again and this one is the camera. Recording camera stopped, recording. Okay, so I'm, not sure why the camera's not recording let's, see it's, try it on the phone or using the app okay. So for some reason the camera's not recording what I am going to do is restart the drum okay, see if I can get that camera. Recording – and this is either a bug in the software firmware or the app, but I repeated pressing in the camera recording is not starting.

Recording, so let's start restart the drum and reconnect and see if we can get that camera recording again. This might be a issue because I flew I've range of the controller, so I'm, not sure so. Let'S turn this off and start over again. Okay, I restarted the drone. We started to controller. We start at the app not going to do the compass calibration again. It should be still happy with it, because we're still at the same site that it was flying with before let's get back in the air and do such like so give it a little throttle up. And what I wanted to do is demonstrate the photos of this let's put the camera down. So you see be a little closer in the picture. See my shirt today. Folks, okay, that's enough that's that's the photos it takes one more just to make sure I've got a couple: okay, those are its photos. Okay, let's put that camera let's leave that Cameron no let's put it up a bit, so we can see a little bit of rising now, keep in mind. If you see the props, you can lower that camera down I'm, not sure whether I'm, seeing the props or not in my video you're in this sunny day. But if you can't, if they are showing up, you can lower that gimbal down to eliminate that. So first thing I want to do is we're going to demonstrate circle me such a position so on the app I'm clicking on it.

Also, let me make sure that Bob is in his recording. Okay mob is in this recording. I was just checking that that would be bad if I did. If I you can't see the screenshots of this let's, try that circle position and so on the app clicking circumcision and then hitting that we're gon na do either counter clockwise, but there we go. I hit it okay. This assumes that this is where, but you want a circle around and it goes on and seems to be about setting its position Sue's be. It starts at about five meters we'll see if we can adjust that circle, but and should start circling here shortly. I guess you got to tell which direction they go: no it's flying directly overhead and I'm trying to give it pitch and roll, but nothing going on there. How about lowering okay, we're gon na try that again Circle position see what's going on here. Let'S try! The first one and submit setting data – please wait so what's, going on with you Circle position and I'll start. The video recording circle position seems to be an issue what's the app okay started, video recording it's, not doing anything. Folks, some are going to break out a circle position, so let's try the follow, maze turning it toward me. Okay pointed toward B yeah. There should be in view – and I am and then a significant lag is what I'm seeing on the screen, but we are going to use GPS follow me, which means it's going to follow my phone.

So selecting that lets see what it does. Pops itself there and let's start walking around the desert and see if it follows yeah it is, and with a gimbal, the video should be somewhat stable. Okay, let's go walk away from it and I'm. Looking on my screen seekers nest behind me, let's try right in a bit okay, I'm running on a warm day in the desert. Is it following me? Why yeah? It is let's see how close it gets before it stops right about there. Okay let's go toward it! Now old man walking toward it once you're gon na figure out that I'm falling or I'm chasing it and what's it gon na do it's gon na slide off to that direction. So this is a DJI Stowell. Follow me, like being pull run a string yeah there. We go so if you're wondering it's a DJI style, follow me and follow me works. I wish the circle may work, but it didn't seem to work so we'll call it quits with the follow meet by going in there now there's. Another type of follow me to Scott and that's optical let's. Try that and to do that we got to lower the gimbal a bit till you see me and you got to get closer. The optical follow me right about there. I don't think this is gon na work. Well because of the lag folks, I will find out let's go up a bit and hit follow me again and we're gon na select optical, which is the first one on the selection list hit submit.

Mainly. I think this is four into her flying for follow me, but I would not recommend flying this drone indoors, adapting to mobile phone performance. Okay, you do that adaption apparently doesn't like my mobile phone, which is the x5 tray, probably meant for higher grade phones, so that failed, okay, so we're gon na skip the optical. Follow me. It doesn't work with older phones, obviously, maybe that's. Why I got so much lag so let's come out of that. Follow me and we did Circle me how about waypoints let's raise the drone this camera up. Of course, I always push the rubber button up there. We go and see the significant lag folks. Let me start and stop that video to make sure we've got that video videos. Recording okay, wait points selectively, point and I'm gon na do that type of Waypoint. Flying now I want maps, but I tried to download maps for this last night and it doesn't seem to like that. But okay, waypoints put one here, a type of Waypoint, okay white points probably points to so the weight points of this app a bit buggy. To probably microphone again, so I apologize if it is my phone and if it's not it's, might be the drone itself so coming out of that, if I can and it's not you're trying to break out of that yeah, I won't. Let me come out of waypoints. So let's put it on the chart underground again folks boy.

This drone is should be great, but this is buggy. Ok, let's see if I get it going again, start play a bit. Okay, we do that video again. Okay, we played follow me. You circle me, they don't work. Finally, what else do I want to do? I know what I want to do. I want to lower that camera all the way down and get under the drone like. I am right now and start video recording with the video camera and then do it, and the ceiling seems to be set right now. The 21 meters I'm not sure because I'm, giving it more throttle to go up higher and don't want to go up higher. So let's come back down. You know they try to figure out why okay in the settings I'm, not sure if I saw a geofence, so we're gon na bring it in and land it, laying it on its pad and I'm gon na look at the settings. Well, actually, it's just leave it right there lower that camera too, and let me go into settings of this and see if there is a geofence setting settings. No, I do not see a geofence setting there so I'm, not sure why I did not go up higher than 21 meters there, but let's go back to start play submit on this bright sunny day. One more thing: we're gon na try slower that camera gimbal. Oh, I know why it's probably not going on fire, because our battery is getting low I'm, seeing flashing lights here, see the flashing lights there, so that means that's.

Why I couldn't go up higher in 21 meters, 20 meters is we're getting low on battery power. So for the remainder of the flight let's, I want to see how long this will fly. I got another battery will plot that in to do these other things again here shortly, but let's just fly around the area. I bet you there's, probably a geofence it's, probably not gon na. Let me go there than 30 meters. If don't, let me go higher than 20 it's, probably not gon na. Let me go higher or more distant than 30, with low battery we'll see. Yep geofence is on little battery. Geofences a comes with this drone, so I did not know that now. I knew let me demonstrate what that is. It does not allow me to fly further than 20 meters away from its takeoff or 30 meters away from this takeoff point actually 20. Looking on my screen here, okay there's the takeoff point over there, we stuck the video recording again and we'll go over to the takeoff point. So if I was our low battery and further than you know, 20 meters, it would come back into that circle. Okay, there. We go right now, it's, going on a low battery return to home. I have no control over it right now: it's it's, climbing it's, going up to 30 meters I'm guessing you're 20 and that it's gon na descend there should descend doing this return to home.

Let me get out of the way, so you can see it so climbs of 20 meters and then it's going to descend. It was always right over its takeoff point and the low battery returned to home and landing. Okay again, I want to do that rocket and there's. Another thing I wanted to try after it lands we'll pop another battery in and do that so that's its total flight time with the battery I'll put that up here, post edit. What that flight time is so keep that in mind folks, so stop video or video recording has stopped okay. Let me pop another battery into this and we'll get right back to it. So for our folks, okay pop to do battery in there it's real quick to do that startup. Once you have completed that compass calibration, I didn't need to do it again. We are set to go. We are good to go here, I'm, going to start video recording and for these flights here, I'm going to focus on the camera instead of the g wiz portions of this app, because this app seems to be a bit buggy. So let's start the motors put it in the air I'm recording video and notice the diction I got to have it pointed okay cameras pointed that way. We are going to turn on gon na get bit higher. We are going to turn on headless boat folks, and this much should be operated and it beeps when it does and I'm pointing the drone toward me, and I want to point that camera down a bit just a bit downward.

So you a little bit more up a bit higher, so you can see me: okay, that's, good and we're gon na do up and away manually by pushing out it's gon na fly. That way. I bet it's gon na fly backwards. It affect folks. When I push it on the stick so in a way – and we go try to keep myself in the picture here – so you can do crane shots with this that's. What the headless boat is for pick up higher and plop it right there so pretty cool. Let me let me raise the camera up. Of course, I always press the wrong button. This button is up awkward button is up so try to remember that I'm. Trying to remember that I want to go to. I cuz they'll see the problems. Now again, I there's a lag significant lag with what you're seeing on the screen and what actually is happening in the air. Okay, I'm, going to leave it like that cuz I don't fit off. You see in props we're gon na come back down now. Okay, coming in Reverse, actually might turn off headless mode because I could fly this forward and this push forward now. Headless mode is off and descending at the same time, coming back so yeah we're gon na focus on the camera for the remainder of the flight, pushing forward coming in bond, I hope, it's stable. It looks stable on the screen coming in and plumbing it there.

Okay, no, what do I want to do before? I see here a gun this would be down. I wanted to get under it no now this time it should go above 20 meters. I want to take it up too, but we'll see but 50 meters up 6070 and we'll plop it ere about 85 meters and raise the camera up let's see here as it goes up one okay, I think that's about it. One down I don't want to see too much sky, so that should be good and pushing forward, and then we're gon na descend, we're gon na descend and go out bond and also I'm good to increase the rates on this, make it go faster. Let'S go faster. Now we're higher rate, so descending, so we're gon na go high, speed down and we're gon na explore the desert coming down coming down. So we can explore the desert and make sure I am recording at the same time and they put my glasses on cuz it's. Getting hard to see my little drunk or that and it's not little that drone. Now I can see it going out buying again and turning it now. You can fly without line of sight, folks it's not hard to do or army without fpv you just if the drone is moving. If you push forward on the stick, the drones moving forward and if it's moving to the left – and you want to bring it back to you, all you got to do – is turn left and I'll demonstrate that right now, I'm.

Turning left turning left until the movement stops keep turning left until that movement stops turning turning turning slow, turning we're we're turning left, okay, that was a harder turn now it's coming back to Warby, and I could tell because the movement to the left stopped and it's Starting to look like it's flying higher in the air so now pushing forward should be coming back to me now back now. If the movement i'ma turn continue turning left turning left now, the drone is moving off if I'm, looking at the drone right now, I'm still flying forward as Turner it's moving to the right off in a distance and to bring it back to my position since it's Moving right, it's simply turned right and you do that slow it's, a slow turn. Well, the only was a fast turn cuz. I am a high rate right now now I got to go a left turn to come back to word by position because it's moving left and it just that's how you bring it back folks, visually off in the distance, if it's moving left, turn left if it's Moving right turn right, while you're pushing forward, and that will bring it back toward you, and I want to come down lower or 2i4. What I want to do, I want to go, explore the desert find see if we could find the trash pile off at about 300 meters from my position how much battery we got, we got half half battery again, I should come back if we go below battery.

Went back the low rate by the way, because I keep overshooting my position there, but let's go out about 300 meters. I know it's there's a trash pile out in this direction out in the desert here about 300 meters away let's see if we go find it we're, 190 meters and let's lower that camera down a little bit find the trash pile. We should be right by it. Yeah there it is find it and down a little bit more so that's yeah there. Let me come down a little lower to so I can see that and raise the camera up. That was too low. Okay, there's the trash pile people throw the garbage out here. Just annoys the heck out of me, but it's it's, an area that I can search for, so just so that this could be a fpv. What do you call an explorer drone that's? What I call these you can use your your drone to go off into the distance and go looking for things, but let's continue on from there listen forward desert more trash out there there's another road that goes over here and turning around and pushing forward and from From off in the distance there, let's do another return to home, folks so pressing the return to home button. Actually they see that building off in a distance there that's our garbage dump that's, where the people should be taking that garbage, but they don't know it that's.

The garbage dump they go over there and they find out the garbage is 25 bucks or something dump and they never mind that okay, let's come back home automatic return to home from 500 meters away 1454 yeah it's coming back 328. What if I could adjust the altitude as it's coming back pulling down on the stick, yeah go to the back of 30 meters high. I guess that's preset into it back here, kids. So you know my initial thoughts here. Drone is great. We'Ll see you in post production. I want to look at that. Video drones flying great yeah, buggy, okay, especially waypoints and circle me didn't, seem to work well, they follow me GPS. Follow me of your phone seemed to work work, okay, but the optical follow me now and again: it's, probably because of my phone, my phone's, not the best phone in the world, but even with that, the the circle position should have worked, but it didn't so they're Gon na have to update that. Ah it's, not the drugs fault, that's, the app happens a little bit buggy Gavin done coming down coming down. You know we still recorded we're, still recording blah and let's. Stop that video recording and we're done there. We did dad. So there later we're gon na do some more exploring this time low level exploring around the area yeah this time, I'm going to point the drone in that direction. Let'S start the video recording starting the motors going back to the earth and a low level flying.

Let me make sure the cameras point it right or correctly, but what I want to make a little bit higher sound hit the bushes there we go so let's go out by ride the area go out here. There'S a gully over here and we'll go up the Gauley the reason I want to do this because once we hit low battery I'm curious, is it going to come back right away yeah? I need to go up a bit higher too, though, but there we go. We'Ll go up the gully up higher I'm flying this line of sight. Folks, not fpv! Excuse me again: my allergies are acting up this time of year, so I can see it out there easily and again I'm flying if it's moving left turn left to bring it back to where me and moving right turn right. We'Ll just go up the gully here at low level explore the area I got to go up higher over there, because the the elevation of the land comes up higher over there that's. Why? I keep climbing a bit turning left, pushing forward again so it's working well eyes a flier, and I hope the camera is working well. Circle me and follow baby need need some work or circle me and waypoints needs work, but those aren't important for important features. For me, important for me is is range and camera stability. Those are the biggies. You have to have a kit, stable camera, a good control range, and this one seems to have it.

Okay, we're 357 meters seems to be climb it's going up and down over there, I'm not sure what's going on here, not doing that up and dying movement, but it's coming back now. I think it hit a thermal over there because the land is ground is warming up here, so that was, it ran through a thermal over there flying overhead coming back down lower again and pushing forward again wait descends slowly. Oh you know what just a little better. You return to home what's the altitude 20 meters, yeah that's tour to return to home folks let's see if I can go, it brought it back within 20 meters and now I think I've got to fly within 20 meters now that's what happened folks! I was over there greater than 20 meters and you hit that low battery and then it brings you brings it in bound to your position. Let me stop and start the video real, quick let's make sure I've got video recording, but now I got a fly within 20 meters for the last part of this battery, so we're gon na do that that's interesting that's? What happens on low battery folks? It brings it home or brings it back within a 20 meter circle, and then you can fly the remainder of the battery here within 20 meters and I don't stick up I'm going to do that. We already know what the battery power limit is on this. So let's bring it in sync up and give you my final thoughts pop it right there.

Can you see me should be able to see me right now, a bit higher and boy. Is the Lagon extremely it's a lot of lag folks, but sticking up the main camera, making sure that it is recording it's recording? Okay, so you got the main camera one more time. So my final thoughts, good airframe fly as well. I hope that gimbal and camera is good issues with the app the app is still a bit buggy, especially if you got an older phone like mine, too old it's about three years old, but higher end phones like Samsung and iPhone should probably have no problem at All with this, this app, but if you've got an older phone, you're, probably going to run into some issues with particularly with fpv lag and the other issues of using advanced features like optical. Follow me it's. Just then going to work with these over phones, so so that's, the SG, nine or six hope you enjoyed this flight. You show overtime, get a little closer. Quadcopter 101. Sign me up: hi, quadcopter 101, here again hey! If you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it's real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that Bell button right.