All right, okay, we’re connected let’s go to the app all right, guys all right, that’s, this one it’s fun for fun, pro all right, calibrate it electronically! You hear the sleeping, sound it’s done. First result: horizontal calibration, see that dipping sound vertical it doesn’t, really matter that the front go down or up it’s, not gon. Na really matter. You will hear the sound see that one it’s been reconnected here is the app you can see guys on the camera. See that see the camera of the drone here. Music, see we’re connected, see let’s up in the sky. All right, we’re connected go all right, guys, move a little bit let’s arm it press this button. You can do it on this to stick here. You will pull it down like that, see and also you can do it electronically here in the up, see like that. Once again, okay, here in the stick, you pull it two times. I mean one time together right there or you use this one to up this left, stick all right, but to use electronically here see i’m gon na put up and slide this down Music Music. All right guys, let’s put this up very look at stable Music right there did it move it’s, it’s on the optical floor sensor and also it’s a gp all right, guys see how stable is this drone it’s, floating Music Applause there’s a button here that you can Switch it to speed here on the back on the top.

You can speed up the door once you switch the bottom button on the drone. This one could speed up very, very fast guys all right, let’s take some pictures.