Collab s. Collab was first to say first of one of my recent videos and thus wins this shoutout. So congratulations good morning, quadcopter water, one here with a review of the SG 107 from Z. Lrc. Now CEO Marcia has been making a lot of drums like the anthem, quite a few reviews of theirs lately and most recent was their HG HG Dino 6 Pro, which is a actually pretty good drum for the price for 150 to get a four axis gimbal. I remember a save 4 X 2 axis gimbal on it actually quite a nice drone. This is their SG 107 version SG 107 morrow. Now this one is intended for beginners folks. Ok, this is a beginners learn to fly drones. Ok, don't expect cinematic photography from this drone in the under 50 price range. Actually, I believe this one is 45. I think there's, a 35 version and I'll explain the differences in here shortly, but don't expect you know cinematic photography. This is to get you out there to get you into the air, get you a feel of how the controls of a drone work and also give you a little bit taste of photography from the air aerial, video aerial, photography, fpv video in particular, for this particular Drum ok, ok, don't expect this thing to go out miles. It'S not! This is only gon na go out to about 60 80 meters or something like that. Yes, something to keep close, take to your local park and learn to fly with.

Ok. That is what I want you to take out of this review. The stroke. Ok, now let's talk about the drone. What is special about the drum well, this is the follow on astu one was 6, which i reviewed last year. Yes, gee 106 did not have folding arms. This does ok. This is a folding arm drum something to compete with, say like the eachine e it's, also in the same price range as the eachine 50, but again a food and drone that you could actually fold up. Very portable, but what else is nice with it? It comes with a nice carrying case, so you can. You know you don't have to throw this in your backpack like this. You can put it in the carrying case and then throw it back back to wherever you gon na go fly. This particular drum so yeah nice foliage room. Now what other thing is special about this? This comes in several versions, but the version I got has optical flow sensor in the belly. Okay, I believe Zorc is providing this with 1080p optical flow version, a 4k optical flow version and then their cheapest version are calling 4k without optical flow. I don't recommend that one folks – okay, unless you want to learn to fly manually, because that one's going to drift what's important about optical flow and to get the ones with the optical flow sensor, is that this little sensor is a camera that looks at the ground.

While the drone is flying and by looking at the ground, it is able to maintain its position in hummer automatically without you preventing it from drifting, it shouldn't drift I'm sure it will drift in occasions when a big gust of wind comes along or it's not properly Calibrated gyros aren't properly calibrated, but if you calibrate the gyros properly, you should hold its position, steady above the ground without you maneuvering the controls. Other things about it again, I mentioned 4k camera. I sincerely doubt this is a true 4k camera. Okay, they are advertising this one, this particular one, as was the ability of producing video at 2048 by 1080 pixels at 20 frames per second and producing photos, and now this is why they call it 4k, a 4096 by 3072 pixels I'm, almost certain that is interpolated From a lower image sensor, which is probably there's – probably really a 1080p sensor inside this thing, and then they use the app to enlarge still images I'm, not certain about that we'll find out when we go fly to his largest still images to that bigger size. That larger 4096 by 37, 830, 72 pixels. So if you're wanting to save money, a little bit of money, it's only four dollars cheaper there's, the 1080p version with I believe it has optical flow. Also, you have to check on the site but I'm pretty sure that it also has optical flow. They also have a 4k version with add optical flow and that's about ten to twelve dollars cheaper than this version.

Here I think it's, 35 or 34, or something like that but again, and that I don't you know that's, not true, 4k or what's, then you're not gon na get a 4k drone for 35. Trust me folks that you're, not okay, but it does not have the optical flow sensor and again, that would be almost like getting the eachine e20. This is the competitor to it. So, but this I don't, I don't think I don't remember above a certain e58. Does not have an optical flow sensor, so this is a jump above that particular drone. Okay, other things about this drum I mentioned carrying case optical flow I'm gon na go over the controller. This has a feature that I haven't seen in drones for years. Okay, it was a fun feature. It also is known for burning up motors, just huh well cool. It is to have it installed in this latest drug, but we'll talk about here's, certainly when I go over the controller, but other things about the drum its lens could be swiveled up or down 90 degrees. So you can actually point this all the way down. At the ground like so, you got to manually do this with your figures before flight, so you know you can adjust it for a view angle that pleases you. I like the looking at the ground, one I like to do rocket takeoffs. I put it put the drum right over my head and go up into this guy, that comes in cool yeah that's.

A cool thing to have um let's see 90 degrees. It has a three point: seven volt 1200 milli ampere hour battery. This is its battery folks. Let me give you a little close up of the battery. It is charged via a micro, USB port right there and you get the little micro USB cable for charging it right here. You recommend using a wall charger for faster charges, but this is size that you can actually charge in your computer, to, I believe, through your computer's USB port, but that wouldn't provide you as much power as using an actual dedicated wall charger for such version. You know this type of wall charger use with your phone, but again now this particular 1200. No after our battery is predicted to give 15 minutes of flight time. We'Ll see if that's true, believe the sg 1 owes 7 Hennis or 106 had a 1600 million per hour battery. They give me, I believe, 15 minutes flight time, so we'll see yeah. Maybe maybe you know this might is lighter than the SG 106 and let's talk about the weight. This thing is well under 250 grams. You do not have to worry about registering this particular drone. Okay, so you know it most countries. This does not require registration. I think Canada does because it's got a camera, a candidate, a some weird laws as compared to the rest of the world, but the drone police they're a little bit more restrictive, Oh we'll, see and finally, this uses the CL toys at 0.

2, zap they'll bow and Google Play and iTunes, but what's special about the Wi Fi of this particular drone is its 2.4 gigahertz Wi Fi. Okay. That means that all phones can use this. You don't need a special phone or a newer phone with 802.11 AC Wi Fi don't worry about that. With this drum, this drone should work with all phones. Ok, it should. I can't say it will, because I'm sure there are going to be instances where there is going to be a difference for a problem. But again most phones should not have a problem using this. Now, with that app, we get fpv video. We also get gesture controls for starting and stopping photos and does have an optical. Follow me supposedly that's good for within 1 to 3 meters of the drone, and usually that is just the drone, will turn and point itself toward you if you stay within 1 to 3 meters of it, and so this it's just the g wiz function and usually Those don't work very well, so i don't expect this one to work very well either. Those optical flow on these cheaper toy drones now let's go over the controller. This is its controller it's. Actually a nice controller. It has these hands that swivel downward, and that turns on the controller when you bring them all the way down like that, it's run by two triple A batteries yeah triple a batteries in the back, so that's what powers this particular drone again.

The range on this is only about control range got only going to be about sixty to eighty meters, something like that, since this is 2.4 gigahertz Wi Fi flyer. Why is that it's? Because Wi Fi is 2.4 gigahertz, and so is this controller operating at 2.4 gigahertz? So this will create some interference between the Wi Fi and the control of the drone. So again, don't expect ranges greater than about 60 to 80 meters. You get out past that and you're going to start to lose control of the drone and the drone should, if you do lose control the drone we're gon na find out today. It should be able to land itself after flying out of range of this controller. Also as you're flying this further distance, using the controller with the drone and also running Wi Fi, expect to see Wi Fi lag, Wi, Fi frame, dropping skipping. You know video skipping as because of the interference okay, and in that case, you might want to consider also being able to fly the drone with your phone. Okay, your if you don't use the controller, you should see less interference in the Wi Fi and maybe get a little more range, maybe maybe not okay. I can't guarantee that, though let's talk about the buttons on the controller, every one of them is nicely labeled folks. This is your speed button for adjusting the rates of the drone. What I mean is the maximum pitch angle, which adjusts the maximum speed of the drone.

It does have what Kira turned. This is odd. This is not returned to home and landing. This is what this does. When you hit this return button, the drone will fly the opposite direction. It was pointed when it took off okay, so it was pointed away from you and you you stay flying in that direction where, where it was pointed, it will generally fly back in your general direction. But if you fly anywhere else, it may actually fly away from you, so I don't recommend wonky return. I recommend avoiding when Kira turning. It does also have headless mode which you activate by pressing this button here, and that enables the drone to point in any direction and you – and this would always be for dust of always back. This will always be left or right and man. The smoke comes into play when you're doing panning or or flyaway panning shots what's that called crane shots. You can do that using headless mode, and this button here is the one I was talking about folks. This has this feature I haven't seen in years, and that is flipping 3d roll. You can actually flip this drone. Well, I might do one or two just to demonstrate it. I don't recommend doing a lot of flips, though, because flips are notorious for burning out motors and this is a brush motor drone. So you would want to preserve your motor, so I'd do one or two say just to do a g wiz, oh yeah! It does work and then stop at that point.

Okay, it does have automatic takeoff automatic landing. Would you activate by pressing that button here? It does have emergency. Stop so be very careful folks, don't press this button. Unless your drone ends up in a tree or or it crashes, then press that button to pervert preserve its motors. If those motors are still trying to turn that's what it's for that's emergency stop, but if you're flying and you accidentally bump this – it might actually drop from the sky. So don't be careful with that button there and we could start and stop video and take a photo using these buttons here and they did work last night when I was flying this around in my house and you can't flies fly this indoors it's small enough and You also get prop guards I'll explain that here shortly, so that is the controller and that's finally, you've finished with what else do we get in the box? Oh by the way, these are fake antennas. Don'T expect these to be real. Tethers are just for decoration on this particular controller, but we get the charger. Also. We get two spare propellers and a screw for installing this propellers and we get prop guards and if you fly indoors, I recommend putting these on if you're flying indoors. These will protect your props indoors, but if you're going outdoors take these off okay and the reason you want to take these off – is these these act like sails in the wind.

They will do great flight performance, especially if there's any wind it's going to reduce flight time, also by putting these on them and also. Finally, if you crash in a high up in a tree, he's act like Christmas tree ornaments and your drone will become a permanent ornament in that tree if these are attached, so outdoors take them off so that's the Zorc as G 107 let's, take it out into The field folks and see how it flies so hope you enjoyed this flight good morning quite copter 101 here and we are at at one of my favorite flying fields and we're ready to fly the SG 107. Okay to start up the drone. We need to first turn it on and we press this onoff button and notice the lights come on and they flash now these lights flash when the drone is not recording and when the drone is recording video there, you go solid folks, believe it or not. I think it would be the other way around, but that's how it is now to turn on the controller you bring both of the phone holder handles down and that automatically turns it on and to bind it to the drone up down on the throttle. So we are almost ready to fly next thing I need to do is connect the Wi Fi of my phone to the drone and then turn on the app so hold on folks. While I do that, okay folks, this is the CL toys app available on Google Play and iTunes, and next thing we do is hit start, and we should see fpv video here shortly and we do okay, now right now, it's saying it dap ting to my phone And it's finished so I'm gon na hit submit, so we should be ready to go now before we take off.

I am going to hit the photo recording button andor, the video recording button and watch the lights. I don't know if you can see in the moon or not, but they start to flash so that we know it is recording, and all I need to do now is hit automatic takeoff. So let's do that let's see how it holds its position. Well, that optical flow does not seem to be working properly. Oh wait a bit there. You go Dallas didn't, like the grass for some reason: ok it's working properly now so drifted a bit let's see. If I hold this position, there let's go up a bit higher. Oh yeah it's holding right. I wouldn't give this thing. You know. I wouldn't expect this to hold very well on a breezy day but it's on a day like today, it's holding its position very little wind today, but first off let's get off with the these. My famous, how do you like my shirt today, folks so that's all the way and I'm going to stop the video recorded real, quick because I'm gon na demonstrate the photos so videos recorded now when you press the photo button, you have to wait about a few About 10 seconds, or so until it takes the photo, and the reason being is that it's again interpolating that photo to it there, it just finished interpolating the photo and storing it to your phone, so give it about 15 20 seconds between photos.

Let'S take another one and the lights on the drone go out and come back on as it takes the photo. But again you got to wait 20 seconds in there. My photo just take took and one more ok. The photo has been taken not, but you got to wait 20 seconds before it records it and let's see it record there. We go it's done. Ok. Next thing I want to do is dot in the lower right corner of the window, see it says, flight mode, let's, turn off flight mode and hit submit and we are in master mode now, it's. Looking at me now, I'm gon na press that blue box, it turns to red and let's, see what happens. Let'S see if it can't follow me as I move I'm gon na move over here. First what's it gon na do nothing no it's slowly slowly. Turning toward me, ok, I'd be getting a little closer. Let me bring it down a bit. Is that box still red, it's, still red I'm getting closer toward it? Box is still red, but will it follow me I don't know that's. Now I remember I got to stay with him: 1. 2. 3 metres. The Bucks still red I'm 1 metre about 2 meters away so I'm going over here over follow me. No, the father may feature seems to be if he maybe I need to apply this with the phone only to be able to activate that feature, but I've never seen those work properly.

With these particular drones, let's see what type of altitude we get let's turn in. A bit Oh notice, how it drifts a lot when you turn and let's push forward. No I'm gon na go up. Give me a throttle and it's all in its position. Actually Solon's position better than it did when it was that low. Although it's wobbling a bit let's go up a bit higher, is it holding its position? Err? I am a good. I don't know 20 feet in the air and it seems to be doing it one higher still in position. Okay, now I'm gon na rotate and it's going to move these always do. I want to rotate to the left, put it that way, rotate it toward me and coming back guys. So we can go about 20 feet in the air 30 feet in here and bring it back down now. There'S another feature: I want to show that this has coming down lower in the upper right corner. Okay, am i recording video? No, not okay. Let'S hit the record button on the video recording is started. Is it following me? Don'T know, okay, record button is start in the upper right corner. Those three lines let's hit that and let's hit alternate reality and actually before we do that let's come go back to the master mode. I want to go master mode hit submit then go back to this upper right corner. Oh, that doesn't activate you got to be in flight mode to do this, so upper right corner alternate reality and I'm going to show you something we can have.

Let me get back in the video let's hit the dancing girls that's, a girl, animation, doesn't work. It was working yesterday, try that one, you know. Oh there we go it's a girls. I don't know why they put that in there, but it slows it down. Folks, I don't know there goes the other dancing girl all right Laughter. Why did I put that in there? So that is a feature it has. I just wanted to demonstrate that so coming out of that other things let's try the weight points now I'm gon na draw a line forward and see if it flies that again, that might be another feature that has to be activated while flying it with the drones. So unfortunately, we're gon na turn that off I hit split screen. I don't want split screen. Waypoints is off so you know what folks I've done. I haven't done the 3d roll yet let's do that. Okay, I'm still recording. Let me stop that recording real quick back to where me let's go over here and video recording is stopped. I want to get over here, so I had the Sun in my face, starting the video recording one more time now. Let'S do a flip so hitting the roll button, and then I tell which direction to flip that seemed easy in a drone in years folks, but there it is another flip let's go for a flip again limit doing these, because these are known for burning up motors.

How about a back flip back flip do flips that's all gon na do again remember limit doing those, because those really stress motors okay, now the video that I'm seeing is not really 4k I'm, not sure it's, actually 1080p, either again keep abide. This is a toy drone meant to learn to fly, that's just fly around and also it's meant to learn the flyer in the distances I'm flying right. Now you go out any further. The Wi Fi gets even worse than what you're seeing right now. Okay, and that again, is because of the interference of the phone with the controller. Let me go back to master mode let's see if I can. Let me see if I can get it to recognize, or maybe I need to go up here. Let'S turn that off upper right corner yeah there it is hand, gestures and submit let's, see if I can get it to start start or stop video coming down lower. Oh, I lost Wi Fi. Oh there we go I'm, seeing a lot of lag right now, yeah, so coming closer yeah it's, not gon na see it so we're going to turn that feature off it's also creating lag. It seems so we'll fly it around. Let'S. Try! The controller now getting to learn to fly, hit, submit and let me turn off the video video off and then come back in there's a lag increasing. What I'm going to do is I want to land it on the pad and adjust its camera and we're gon na point it downward and I'm going to do a actually panning video and just land it no and it right there and let's go over here and Point this camera about thirty degrees down or forty degrees down like that, and the reason I want to do that is we're gon na do headless mode and do a pan, so that should be it and we're gon na go in that direction.

So I want to point the drone in that direction for takeoff and starting the video camera as the video camera started yes automatic takeoff and turning the drone around bring it back to where me, you know, we're, not in head this about yeah there we go. Oh, I guess this is the direction who wants to go and head the smoke back right forward back. Well, I have this motor in this woods Aloha fee, which is, if that's the direction we're pointing forward or okay up and away, and the video is not recording. Yeah I appeared to have lost connection with the Wi Fi, so we're gon na turn off at this mode and come back Don's and stop the video recording and bring it back over and reconnect to the Wi Fi, the Wi Fi we have lost actually before we Do that I'm going to turn off the controller? Let me bring it down lower. I want to see what happens when you lose connection with the controller so controller coming off. Oh actually, that was the emergency stop. I'M. Sorry that was not a controller coming off. Let me connect the drone bit my tongue there with the app and we'll continue flying so hold on folks, okay, I've connected with the app. Let me hit start on the app see if we cut video and we do and it's pointed downward yeah, I want to turn off that master mode. That master mode is really creating a lot of lag.

So I don't recommend using that. If you don't really need it: okay, starting the video camera again and the video recording, no it's, not okay, how about you, try it again hold on we'll, take off. Okay, let's! Take it off, so we still got power and it's recording to my screen. But oh that's, why it's not recording that was our flight time folks, it don't want to fly no more that's, why it was not recording again see the rapid flashing. Now, okay, recording it that's the flight time you get with this. So my thoughts, you know, it's a good beginners drone meant for a beginner. So let me get the Sun this way meant for beginners. Let me raise the camera back up again, so you could see bees under recording and by Mama's in activating the follow me features. Let me see my face, sir. Activating the follow me features creates a significant lag: okay, it's doing too much product it's, doing a lot of processing power for my older phone, but again keep in mind. People that are interested in this drone probably also have older phones. So don't be ya: pooh poohing it because he's using an old phone. My other people that have would buy a 30 40 50 drum also have old phones. So keep that remember that other than that, though, it is a good beginners drone easy to fly relatively easy to fly. It gives you a taste of in flight video, fpv video.

I would not recommend trying to fly at fpv because there's always going to be some Wi Fi lag, but you can see what your what the drone is seeing, while it's in the air and recording and stop take some short videos Watts up there too. So good beginners drone overall, so that's, the SD 107 hope you enjoyed this flight. This is quite copter, 101 signing up hi, quite captain 101, here again hey. If you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it's real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click the build button right next to the Subscribe button that way you get notified when I release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first shot at so give it a try.