I have another drone for you today: uh from zl the uh zl, uh, sg908, uh, kun or kun i’m, not sure how they want you to pronounce that. But it’s k, u n and in fact, i’ll show you the little uh manual that comes with it here, which, by the way, is very little. If you can read the fi the print on this you’re better than me even with cheaters. I struggle to read these little manuals but in any case, let’s move on to the drone, so i always appreciate how zl always puts their drones in a nice carrying case for you that’s just so handy, and you know you get it on these bargain price drones. I don’t know why you know when you buy a higher price drone, why they don’t do that, but often you you know you have to figure out how to keep everything together and that’s what it does for you. It allows you to keep the whole kit together, but let’s take a look at this thing, so it’s pretty simple: you can see the drone there and then the remote controller and underneath the rc is where all the accessories live so uh. So let me pull this thing out and, and we can take a look at it, so here’s the drone itself uh. As you can see, it still has the plastic on there. So uh i will. I will pull that off and we’ll get to get a good look at the drone for the first time together here.

If i can get a hold of it, that is, i knew i could do it there. We go boy. Those arms were were kind of uh tight, but anyway so there’s, the drone let’s unfold it all here. The uh these arms are are fairly tight to uh to pull out, but okay, there we go so that is the uh sg908 uh very similar to the sg906. I see it left a little bit of glue there on the bottom we’ll get that cleaned off uh, but you know it’s an attractive drone uh. It is about the same size as the sg906. Maybe a little bit smaller, very uh, similar gimbal cover here, let’s, see. If we can get that off, okay, i got the gimbal cover off. There took just a second. The best way to do it was to press down. I was trying to pull out. You need to press that down, but anyway it does have a 3 axis gimbal. On here, which is what you want similar to the sg906 pro and the sg906 max, and in fact, uh, the camera specifications uh seem to be fairly uh, similar. In fact, let me uh. Let me read them off here: find them here, so the camera they’re calling it 4k and i’m reading it off. My notes here, uh, but video resolution is 2048 by 1080, so i think most people will either call that 1080 or 2k, one of the other. Whatever you want to call it and uh it does have uh uh, it says: sd mode is 1208 by 720.

Hd mode is 2048 by 1080. Oh there you go uh and it shoots in 25 frames per second uh and the the bottom camera which it does have down here, very tiny, little camera. You can see there for optical flow and you can access that bottom camera through the app which is kind of interesting. Although you know the resolution is kind of so so. A little pinhole camera like that uh but uh photo resolution that’s where they get their 4k it’s 4096 by 3072, so and that’s on the sd card and the sd card slot very similar to the sg906 is right there and i haven’t put a card in it. Yet, but i certainly will uh let’s see what else can we look at on this guy? So you know the bottom. We already talked about the optical flow sensor. There there there’s no sonic sensor or anything like that. I think it’s an attractive, uh drone. I, like the styling of it, i think, even a little better than the sg906. I kind of like this grill that they put at the top here. Uh looks pretty good and you know they’ve got the the name of the drone uh right here: the k? U? N uh and i’d like to know the meaning of that i assume there’s, probably some meaning to that word – i’m, not sure what it is, though uh and then uh let’s see. I guess the other thing we could look at is the battery battery is exactly the same as the sg906 7.

6 volts, thirty, four hundred milliamp and uh. This is the identical battery that fits in the sg 906. So if you already have an sg906, you i’m sure you could use the battery in this drone and vice versa, and in fact it goes in the back. Just the same way. Uh so it’ll be interesting to see what this guy brings to the table. As far as any kind of improvement over the sg906, like i said it, it feels roughly about the same size, maybe a little bit smaller uh. Let me read the rest of the specifications for it here charge time. It says two hours, trust me it’s, all that they’re saying flying time of 28 minutes. Well, we all know how that works. If we get uh, if, if we get 16 17 18 minutes up, we’ll be happy. Of course it is brushless motors, uh, 1700 kv motors, uh let’s see, and it is talking about the three axis stabilized gimbal, which we already knew. It is 5g wi, fi, max transmission distance, it says, is 800 meters, and you know my experience is: is that in in a semi urban environment, if you get 200 meters you’re doing pretty good now i don’t doubt that if you were out in the middle of Nowhere someplace where there was no wi fi interference. You could probably get that 800 meters, but don’t expect that if you’re like in a city park or something like that, i wouldn’t count on that.

Uh, the rc, the remote controller says frequency is 2.4 g and control distance. It says and no occlusion, which it means nothing in the way – is 1200 meters again i’m, going to tell you to be happy with a couple hundred meters and a drone like this that’s all you really need anyway, it’s you’re not buying a drone like this, because You expect to fly at long distance uh now the downside of this remote control we’ll talk about that in a second, is that it does use four uh double a batteries, as opposed to having an internal battery that you charge lithium battery that you can charge externally. I think that’s about it. We can talk about what’s, included in the package and i’m, not going to pull out all the accessories, because you guys have seen all that kind of stuff. Before uh comes with its storage case, they call it a storage bag. Whatever you want to call it the drone, the remote control, a this packing list says three times body battery, but i don’t know what that means, because it really mine only came with one battery, but it comes with a charging cable, a screwdriver screws for the the Props that you, you have to assemble the props individually. It has a couple of spare propellers in the manual okay, so anybody that has flown a an sg906 is familiar with this controller. This is the same controller that it was with the sg906 pro and pro 2.

I think even the original sg906, the pro max, came with a more advanced controller, which was better uh. The one thing that i want to show you about this guy is you don’t need to bother folding out these antenna because there’s nothing in them they’re not doing anything. You don’t see any wires going into those antennas, so they’re just there for looks so you might as well leave them folded down uh, you know other than that it works pretty good. I guess i should show you. This is the battery compartment here that you put the four triple a’s in the one. The biggest problem that i have with this controller is the gimbal sticks or the control sticks, whatever you want to call them, they’re, literally a force fit and i’m going to see. If i can show you here, you really, i don’t even know, if i’m going to be able to get them in and be able to show you, but you really have to push hard and i’m always afraid that i’m going to damage the uh the controller. When i’m putting them in there, so i i i don’t – think i’m gon na be able to do it on camera. Let me see if i can get uh the gimbal sticks in there. Okay, so you know i’m gon na i’m, just gon na show you. I was pushing really hard and you can see this guy is in there, crooked and and they’re just tough to get in here.

You can see on the other side here this one. I was able to get it in and you can see it’s pushed clear down, but what’s happened to me in the past before with the and the thing is how hard you want to push, because you know i’m, always afraid i’m going to damage uh the controller By pushing so hard – and you know you you twist and push them in and uh there again – this guy is kind of crooked in there i’m just telling you i’m afraid to push any harder than i was pushing to get that guy in there, and it is Not all the way in and the problem with that is, is then you’re flying the drone, and it comes out on you. I’Ve had that happen before so that’s, just a bummer about this controller there’s a better way to do that either make them so that they screw in or or even just leave them in there permanently. I don’t know the thing: is you cannot fit this controller in the case with with these left in there now i think you could, if you, if you left the box of accessories out, i i think you could just drop this thing in and and leave the Control sticks on and i think that’s what i would recommend is once you get. These control sticks in there tight and you can see that one is is fairly tight on the in the bottom.

There uh just leave them there because uh, you know anybody that’s flown. The sg906 can tell you uh that it’s it’s just kind of a pain but anyway enough of that okay let’s take a look at the controls on the controller uh. This button right here is for changing the speed on the controller and then also when you’re first booting up the drone. You hold it down to engage a gyro calibration this uh this next button here on the uh. If you’re, if you’re facing the controller, it would be, on the left hand, side as the one touch return and, of course the big button in the middle here is the power button. Then uh this button right here, the next one over is going to be on the right hand, side as you’re looking at it is the button that you push to record, and this button is the button that you push to take a picture. Also, this button does double duty when you hold it down, it’s the one that will start the gyro calibration on the drone we’ll fold out the uh, the antenna just for the fun of it. So right here these two buttons and it’s going to be on the right hand, side of the drone as it’s facing you, is the up and down on the gimbal uh and then on the other side. Here the same buttons. This first one is the one touch takeoff so once the motors are armed hit that button to take off and uh this one next to it is uh uh head to put the drone into headless mode and then to arm the motors on this guy uh.

Both sticks in and i do want to point out that i did uh. I i spent some time doing it. I have both of those gimbal sticks pushed in there and i am just going to leave them in there and figure out some other way to to store the accessories at the bag, because uh yeah, i just think once you get them in there, you’re going to Want to leave them in because you don’t want them coming out on you, while you’re flying the drone. I won’t demonstrate it, but you can see these pull up high enough that you’re going to get i i’ve i’ve got use an iphone max 11 pro max and it fits in this controller. Just fine so so you’ve got plenty of room to get your mobile device in there. Okay, there it is the sg908 uh k, u n or kun or kun or, however that’s pronounced, and this was my solution for uh getting the rc in there without taking those gimbal sticks off. I just put all the accessories in that top part of the of the case and it folds and zips up just fine, so uh that’s, probably the way to do that and then you never have to take. Those gimbal sticks off again uh, but anyway, uh let’s quit messing around let’s. Get this drone out in the field. Let’S take it for a flight. Okay, i’ve got everything fired up here. Uh i’ve got the uh xl pro app going on my phone, but first what i did is i fired up the drone, then the controller i did a gyro calibration by holding down the speed button for five seconds soon, as we got a beep uh, we we Know that that’s calibrated, then the photography button to do the compass calibration hold that down for five seconds got a beep turned the drone flat horizontal until we heard another beep and then held the drone up turned it again until we heard another beep and we knew It’S good to go.

We also we have 17 satellites it’s showing here on the uh the little display the lcd display on the bottom of the controller here and now this app i’m looking at it. I did connect to the app via wi fi on my phone, but everything is in chinese as you’ll see so i’m, not sure we’re just going to punch buttons and see what happens. No that’s, not it uh. Oh now, it’s in english, hey, good, okay, that’s good! So yeah at the very bottom uh start, i believe, is what we’re going to want to yeah and we we’ve got fpv here. So that looks good uh, so yeah let’s, uh let’s, see if we can get the motors started here. Gon na do that right now. Look at that and the motor started up and we should be able to push this uh this button right here for takeoff and look at that uh not too bad. It it’s doing a pretty good sink under the ground, it’s, not sure if it wants to be in the air or not, you guys are watching it bounce around so much for optical flow. Okay, i don’t know why that is there we go. It seems to want to stay in the air. Now i i get to manually, give it some throttle. Let’S uh turn it around here and we’ll see if we can bring it in uh i’m. Looking at the camera, the camera looks, like it’s, pointed a little bit to the drone’s right uh, but uh let’s see if we can bring it in for a closer look.

I’Ll be very careful here. Controls seem to be working: okay, so that’s, not bad, but and there you can see that gimbal in action, but again the drone sunk as soon as i did that so we’ll give it some more throttle. Okay, let me uh see if we can start recording and uh. You know what i’m going to try it on the app here. First uh and yeah, so we’re gon na allow it okay. So i do have a counter on the app. So we should be good. Let’S uh let’s see if we can do our uh, our usual dronie here so uh. Let me go reversing up now, reverse and up, and we we’re pointed really too high. So let me see if i can drop that uh, that camera down a little bit, not sure which one of these yeah that one, oh we’re, going the wrong way. Okay, there we go okay, let’s uh, let’s, go reverse it up and that the the uh the camera tilt is uh on the right hand, side on the on the back of the controller here: okay, let’s let’s continue our uh our droney here so reverse, and up And i’m seeing a lot of wiggle on the screen here. So that is never a good thing and as soon as i let off the throttle, you see it bounced there so uh. Unfortunately, that doesn’t say a lot for that. Gimbal let’s uh i’ll tell you what i’m gon na do just in case uh.

You know we we had a problem when we were firing it up and the gimbal shut down for some reason: i’m gon na bring it in do let’s, try let’s, try return to home. You should do that anyway, and let’s see it says, rtl, which i guess stands for return to landing says on the screen and i’m watching the drone, and it rose a little bit and now it’s uh it’s returning kind of in fits and spurts it’s. Coming back to us, let me uh see how far we can drop the camera down. Yeah i don’t seem to be able to bring the camera down much. Oh there we go. I was going the wrong way so that’s, as far down as the camera goes and it’s reorienting itself and it’s starting to come down we’re just going to let it land it’s off to the my my left, but not too bad fairly. You know reasonable, probably three or four feet off the pad and there it’s down so i’ll tell you what i’m going to do. I am going to uh, shut it down and fire it up again and let’s see if that helps us get a little better. Control of that gimbal, okay, uh – and you know what i didn’t do is. I did not stop recording. So no doubt i will have lost that. Uh well, i’ll have a corrupted file there. So it looks to me like we’ve started, recording again and the we do have fpv so let’s go ahead and arm the motors and the motors will not arm yeah.

We may have to go through the whole rigmarole again. Let’S. Try it one more time. Okay, we may have to calibrate again. Let me try that okay, we did this all on the app this time and it seems to be yeah, looks like we’re good to go. Okay, so let’s try and arm the motors again negative, not gon na. Let us do it: okay, let’s uh, let’s turn this controller off and on and see if that helps us yeah it’s it’s, also yeah it’s, not it’s, not connecting here so okay, i’m, just gon na shut everything down and we’re gon na start over. I probably should have just kept flying. Okay, give me just a second okay, so i’ve i shut everything down, fired it all back up and started the app again so let’s see what we got and looks like we have fpv. So we should be good to go. Let’S see if we can arm the motors, hey look at that. That did the trick so uh let’s hit that take off button on the back of the controller here right here and see if it does a better job. This time, uh it’s still sinking that’s better than last time, though, when it was when it was hitting the ground. Okay, let’s uh let’s turn it around here. Let’S start recording again, so we are recording and let’s see that gimbal looks okay and i’m, not seeing a bunch of jiggling around this time.

So let me uh, i always forget, which button to point up and down on that gimbal controller. Well, it doesn’t seem to be doing anything now there and i just saw that gimbal jump around okay let’s try this one more time there we go, looks like we got it so we’re going to drop it down a little bit and we’re going to try to Do another dronie so reverse and up now reverse and up and we’re, seeing that same jumbly video on the screen so that’s too bad uh. You know i’d hope that this would be a little bit smoother when i can see it on the fpv screen. That tells me that what we’re going to see on the sd card is not going to be great and then, as i let off the the pitch there, you can see it. You can see the drone uh. You know that gimbal is is moving around. So i guess what i’m going to tell you is on this. Drone do not have an expectation of a very smooth video because it’s just it’s just not going to do it, but let’s uh let’s just fly it around a little bit and i’m trying yeah yeah right now and so i’m going to take you back out to That corner of the park, where i fly often fly out and we’ll kind of get that look at uh, where i point out to the costco let’s see how far out there we’re out there over 100 meters – and i am not going to take the drone any Further than that, because i have enough experience with these drones to know that that can be problematic, so they’re picking up the gimbal a little bit.

So you can get a look, so you can compare that to what we’ve seen in the past now. What i will say is we do have a fairly flat horizon, which is always a good thing and what’s funny about this is. I was actually trying to yaw the drone the other way and that we saw that gimbal jerk. I saw that earlier when it, when the drone was right in front of me so clearly that gimbal needs some work. It’S it’s, certainly not as smooth as what we see on the sg906 let’s grab some altitude here and, like i said, one of the things that you’re going to see on this particular drone is that you we won’t, have a lot of range because there’s really the Antenna in here are just really there for looks we’re about about 140 meters now and i’m, like i said, i’m a little bit reticent to get much further than that and it’s already showing our battery at uh half empty, so uh. That again is another problem. So uh yeah we just need to. We just need to keep an eye on that and, and potentially it could go into return to home or limited distance for us here so we’re out according to the app here uh 265 meters, i don’t – i don’t think it’s that far out really so i’m kind Of questioning that distance uh but let’s uh see if we can bring it back over the top of us here and i’m telling you uh the yaw control yeah, so so yeah we kind of lost lost control of the drone there.

For a second yeah. Let me hit full forward here: yeah we’re, not getting any velocity so yeah, i don’t think we have. We don’t, have control of the drone, so uh, and i was afraid of that. I was afraid that i would get out kind of beyond the drones range at 268 meters and, of course, they claim an 800 meter range. Let’S, try let’s see if we can get it to take a return to home and it doesn’t seem to be yeah. It’S still just sitting there: oh there, it took it okay, we finally got it to take that return to home, so i’m gon na see. If i can cancel that – and it did okay, that’s good, okay, so we’re back in control range here, yeah and the distance shows better that that’s about right. That distance was really that was way way off. So we’ve got an rc aircraft here. So i want to make sure i’m well above him, and i am going to come forward and come to our other side, so kind of get the drone is uh. It’S moving i’ve got eyes on it and it is moving and fits and starts. I’Ll tell you uh, i’m, almost afraid to mess with speed control here. Uh i’ll tell you what guys i uh it is. It is it’s responding to controls, but not terribly precisely and we’re, just in 50 speed, i’m gon na i’m, not gon na put it in in high speed mode, and you can see the battery is getting down to that.

Last quarter. I’M gon na hit uh return to home. We sure didn’t get the advertised flight time and i had i had a full battery so i’m going to try return to home and let’s see what this guy does let’s see how close it will get to us here. Music it’s coming down it’s going to be oh just a couple feet off of the pad. I believe it’s, reorienting itself so uh yeah this one uh, i i’m gon na i’m, just gon na tell you. The controls are best described as vague yeah it’s, going to be just a few feet off of the pad, so that’s, not bad Music and yeah. It looks like we caught that on camera it’s bouncing a little bit. It shut down i’m going to remember to shut off recording this time. Let me get everything shut down and we’ll do we’ll. Do a quick conclusion: hey, okay, the sg908 uh k? U n, uh interesting product! It looks a lot like the sg906 uh, but it doesn’t fly like it and uh listen. I’M. Just going to be honest with you it i was the the controls were very, very imprecise. You know you you really! I felt like i was hurting it uh more than i was flying it to be honest with you uh the gps on. It was good uh. We can’t complain about that, and you saw that landed. It landed within uh, just a few feet of the landing pad.

Where it took off so that’s, always good, that gives you some confidence uh. The other thing is, i noticed on fpv that the the video quality was not what it should be. It was shaking around you know. Your hope is, with a three axis gimbal that you don’t, get that shaky video this clearly was was pretty shaky, at least on fpv we’ll. Look at the sd card. What comes off the sd card when i get home, but i don’t know why it would be any different, so the video is it just is what it is, and if you’re, okay with that kind of video, then then you’d be okay. With this drone uh the battery it’s weird, i brought it in and did a return to home because it showed it was in that last quarter of the battery on the app. When i looked at the back of the the the four lights on the back of the battery, it still had three lights lit now, which one is correct, the app or the battery. I i couldn’t tell you, i don’t know, but i wasn’t going to take that chance, so we just brought it back and put it into return to home and landed it uh. Also stability, wise. You saw my first takeoff. It was bouncing up and down it. Wasn’T toilet bowling, so it wasn’t a compass issue, the optical flow, it just didn’t, quite know where it was at in space.

We kind of overcame that we tried that first return to home. It did okay again, i thought well i’ll cycle it again, and maybe that will cure that issue with the gimbal. It didn’t so clearly that’s something that’s endemic to to the setup on this gimbal. But that said, this is available on tomtop. The folks at tomtop sent me this and i will put a link, i think, it’s about 140 bucks or 130 bucks – something like that. But it is a gps drone with a 3 axis gimbal, so i’ll. Let you guys draw your conclusions from what you saw and yeah. Thank you. This is marcus crawford with the idaho quadcopter channel out and if you like this kind of content, please consider subscribing to my channel. Most of all, i really do appreciate you taking the time to look at this video and we’ll see on the next one.