com check out their site for more cool quadcopters. Just like this one. Now this foldable brushless gps drone has a 4k camera. It has a 3 axis gimbal for smooth video. It has an optical flow positioning sensor underneath the drone, and it also has plenty of automated features such as waypoints follow me circle me, return to home, gesture control, auto, take off auto land and plenty of others, so lets check it out now the drone comes in This white rectangular box and this side is actually showing a more advanced model that has the obstacle avoidance accessory at the top of the drone and thats. Not this particular version. But you can see that there and it says on the top its for ages, 14 plus and shows the qr code, and this is from zl and here at the top you could see the folded compact view of the drone with the transmitter. Once again here you can see the folded compact view, and here at the bottom, you could see all the features such as foldable hd, video, electronic image. Stabilization 3 axis gimbal circle me all sorts of features there and here are the different options you can order. This in such as the max model that has the obstacle avoidance at the top or the eis model, but here is the under view of the drone you can see. It has the three axis gimbal and its from zl and its the sg908, and so now lets look inside and take a look at the packaging here.

It has a nice case, as we can see here, and it has the zl triangular logo there at the top, and it has a front pocket with a zipper. So very nice spacious pocket there for some of the accessories good material, good sturdy fabric. It has a handle here at the top and it has a strap that you can put on and a nice fabric overall, so good, build quality and now lets unzip here the main zipper and take a look inside. We have some protective padding here and well just set that aside here and we have some inner pockets, and here you could see the drone and transmitter there all nicely placed, and here you can see the instruction manuals and booklets and different accessories there. In a small white cardboard box, so basically everything comes packed in this box here. So lets open it up and take a look here. We have the charge cable here, the usb charge cable and then we have a screwdriver for certain installations. And then, if we look inside here, we have the spare propellers. There are four folding spare propellers, so thats, pretty good, so well just put them away here in the bag and set them off here to the side, just close that up and put it here and now also we have the instruction booklets and we have them in Several languages such as english, spanish, german, french, italian, japanese, so on and so forth, so many languages there international support and now taking a closer look here at the drone.

Here it is in its compact folded state, and here it says, k, u n, and here you could see the three axis gimbal with its gimbal guard and on this side it says sg908, and here we have the battery bay with the smart battery and down below You could see the optical flow camera or sensor underneath and the rubberized legs or landing legs. And, of course this is a folding drone that highly resembles the dji mavic and, as you could see, its all folded out now and looks pretty uh elegant, very sleek. So a sharp, looking well built drone here and now taking a closer look here at the controller or the transmitter. It is a very comfortable, ergonomic, well rounded controller, and it has an led display there in the front. Uh very nice, comfortable, uh, grips and controls there and these arms fold out, and they also extend quite a bit so that you can put a large mobile device on top of the transmitter for viewing fpv and controlling the drone and in the back it takes a Few batteries, so a very nice comfortable and intuitive controller, with a very informative display, and so now lets take a closer look at the drone. Now, taking a closer look at the drone, this is a very sharp looking drone that highly resembles a dji mavic and, as you can see here in the front, its called the k, u n and its the sg908, and here in the front, you could see its 4K, camera that has a 3 axis gimbal, so the video is stabilized on each of the axises up and down left and right and then side to side.

So good image, stabilization there for the 4k camera and then here on the side of the drone. There is the sd card slot, so it does save all the footage locally to an sd card, which is great, so you have on board footage stored there down below you have the optical flow camera or sensor. So this has optical flow stabilization and it has these rubbery legs here at the bottom, for a good, smooth, precise landing, and here in the back, it has a pretty big battery. You just pull down the latch and has a big battery bay there and, as you can see, it takes a 7.6 volt 3400 milliamp lipo battery and this battery provides a quadcopter with around a 26 minute flight time and it charges right here through a micro, usb Port, so you just plug in the provided micro, usb, cable right here and then just charge. The other end through a usb connector, and it usually takes about two and a half three hours to fully charge the battery and, as you could see its a somewhat of a smart battery, it shows you the level of charge there when you press it. So pretty neat feature there and so well insert that back into the drone and as you can see, it has a pretty spacious battery bay for it. And so we snap that back in there and then you activate the drone by double pressing the battery button there and it will activate the drone and, as you can see, theres pretty bright led lights around the drone, pretty colorful, and here you could see the three Axis gimbal there stabilizing the camera through all the accesses and so uh, pretty good uh mechanisms there at play and as previously mentioned, this is a foldable drone.

So all you have to do is fold the propellers and then you can fold in each arm. As you can see here, and everything just folds in and compacts all nice and neat, as you can see here and right here – is in its compact folded state. As you could see very sleek very portable. You can just put that in the case and go and then unfolding. It is very simple as well you just snap out or fold out each of the arms, so highly compact, very durable design. As you can see, it has bright leds there. That makes this a good night flyer and it also has very powerful brushless motors, so definitely good wind resistance there with the powerful brushless motors. Unfortunately, didnt come with any propeller guards, but uh. It is definitely a good smooth flyer. So now lets take a closer look at the transmitter now taking a closer look at the transmitter. This is a very comfortable and ergonomic controller, and it is smoothly, rounded and well shaped and looking here in the back, it does take four double a batteries and theyre held in place with this lid, which snaps into place and also takes in a screw right here And then, here in the center at the front, we have the power button, which you keep pressed and it will activate the transmitter and you can see the level of charge and you can see the bright lcd display, which has a lot of telemetry, such as distance Height the charge on the controller and the drone, the speed, etc, and here we have our rates of speed button which, if you long press, you can do a gyro calibration here we have our return to home button.

Here we have our video button, and here we have our photo button which, if you long press itll, perform a gps compass calibration, then we have our left throttle, stick followed by our right rudder stick and then we have buttons here at the top and these buttons Here are either for auto takeoff and land or to fly in headless mode, and these buttons are to tilt the camera upwards or downwards 90 degrees. And it has these fold out arms here at the top which you can fold out and in, and it has these extendable parts here and you can put a pretty large cell phone on it or mobile device, but not quite a tablet. And then you can fold out these arms as well, so that you can use them as a stand. So a pretty nice well rounded controller with plenty of features and now lets take a closer look at setting this up for a first time flight. Now, setting this drone up for a first time, flight is very straightforward. Once you have a fully charged battery inserted into the drone along with an sd card and have a fresh set of batteries inserted into the transmitter, along with a mounted mobile device, youd proceed to activate the drone by pushing its on off button. At the back of the drone where the battery is located once the drone is on with the led lights flashing, you turn on the transmitter by pushing its center on off button, and it should bind automatically with the drone out of the factory and once theyre connected And the drone is steady and stable on a flat surface youd proceed to do a gps compass calibration by keeping the photo button pressed and it should start flashing.

The led lights at this point, youd wan na rotate the drone about three or four spins clockwise on its flat horizontal axis. Until you hear beep or get a notification and once thats done, you would turn the drone over to its vertical axis and rotate it another. Three or four spins clockwise until you hear a beep or get a notification, and once thats done, you would have fully calibrated the drones gps, compass and once thats complete. Also, you want to make sure that the drone is at a flat ground level and still and not moving. So that way, you can calibrate its gyros and you do that by keeping the speed button pressed and you should see the led lights rapidly, blink and that should level off and calibrate the drone and make sure that thats done on the flat ground level. With the drone, steady and not moving so once thats complete, all the accesses are calibrated on the drone and its ready for takeoff. You can move both sticks down into the center or you can push the auto take off button. Theres several options to take off, but right now were going to take a look at the app and connecting to the drone through wi fi. So once in your mobile devices, wi fi settings, you want to look for an entry that says xl pro 5g and a serial number and youd want to connect to that and initially there is no default wi fi password or anything.

So you could freely connect to that wi, fi entry and once connected, you want to look for an app in either the ios or android app stores called xil pro, and once you download that you would go ahead and launch it, and you would be greeted with This screen right here, which is the xl pro main screen, and there are some menu options on the right, but theres, also an icon for some settings on the upper left. So well, first start out with that. So if you go to that, icon youll be greeted with this screen right here, where you can adjust the drones flight, radius and maximum height, and then you can save those settings for the drone now going back to the main screen. If you try the first menu option on the right which is operation youll enter this screen right here, which has several pages of instruction manuals, indicating what all the icons mean and the different screens within the app now going back to the main screen again using the Second option, which is record uh within that screen: youll, have your recorded flight logs or records which have the durations max height, distance and speed for all your flights. Now, back at the main screen again, youll have your third settings option there for settings and then once you enter in that you can adjust some basic settings such as language. You can update the app you can turn on electronic image, stabilization and so on and so forth.

So a lot of basic settings are set within this screen now within the main menu again, if you go to the fourth option, which is ready that will bring you to this screen right here, where you can adjust some of the calibrations on the drone, such as Gps compass, calibration or gyro calibration and then the main option, which is the last one there for start. That will take you into the main app so thatll take you to this screen right here and here you should have your live. Fpv feed with the drone and the fpv range on this drone is around 800 meters, so you should have a pretty clear reception at that range. Looking at the top, you have a lot of telemetry such as distance height, vertical and horizontal velocities. Your coordinates, youve got uh your signal, strength and your battery charge on both the drone and controller um. On the left side, youve got some icons with various functions such as taking photos, video using the virtual controls on the app you can adjust the rate of speed, whether you take off and land, whether you lock the motors. You also have a music video and a 50 x digital zoom option there as well, and then you have various options on the right hand, side of the screen. Now, looking at some of the options here, we have the virtual controls, as previously mentioned right here. So you can actually fly the drone using the app, so you can actually fly without using the controller or transmitter and you will have the full range of options when using the app and then on the top.

You have your vr mode, so you can place your mobile device in vr goggles, so essentially youll be flying it in fpv mode and itll split the screen, and you can fly it like that. Next, you have your 50x digital zoom, its, not an optical zoom, but it will allow you to get closer to your image, even though its a little pixelated, then next to that you have your mv or music video mode, and in this mode you have access to A wide selection of soundtracks and editing options and filters so that you can apply it to your video or film and make a very creative, stylish music, video type film and then also looking at the right hand. Side of the screen. You have your advanced flight modes. Um such as waypoints and um draw pattern flight, and you also have your follow me circle me: gesture, control, mode, return to home and some options at the top to access the gallery and so forth. So, looking at the first icon, you have your draw pattern: flight and your waypoints, where you can use the map to assign waypoints and have the drone fly. That or you can just do a local pattern draw where itll turn the screen into this, and then your left control stick. Is there available virtually and the right hand side? You can simply draw a pattern and the aircraft will fly that you know whether its a pattern that goes up and down left and right so on and so forth, and then you have your other advanced modes here such as your follow me, your gesture control mode And then below that you have your circle me and then you have your return to home button and then, of course, at the top, you can switch between sd or hd mode and access the photo gallery.

So plenty of neat features there within the app and a very cool drone. Overall, that has plenty of features. Uh 3 axis gimbal. It has optical flow positioning, stabilized video plenty of features, so a very good drone for the price and um very well recommended so lets.