This is the beast pro 3 or the zl906 max and uh zl or zlrc, as they used to be known. They’Ve been churned out beasts at a pretty decent rate. This is actually the fourth iteration of this thing i know, beats pro three but there’s. Actually, four and uh, as you can see, this thing has obstacle avoidance. Does it work yeah? It does uh. So we’ve got obstacle. Avoidance we’ve got a 4k camera. We have a follow me mode. These are things that the dji mini 2 doesn’t have so this thing at 200 is a better buy. I i can’t. No, i can’t say that, with straight face find out why that’s not true in a second, if you’re looking for a review that just tells you the great things about drones. This is not going to be it chris and i we try to keep it real and kind of go over the pros and the cons of drones so that you can make an informed decision that’s what we do here at half chrome. So, if you’re looking for that, click that subscribe button, alright let’s get to it. Okay, so, first of all i’m, not saying this is a bad drone, it’s, not uh, but it just isn’t going to compete with something like the dji mavic mini or mini 2. um. You know other products like the xiaomi or a hubsan. You know it’s still going to fall short of things like that.

It is very much in competition with the other beasts, the the rooko f11, the bugs 12 and 20 right. It is in that class or category of drones, they’re, good beginner drones, but they’re, not something you’re, going to be able to use to capture quality or high quality footage. Now, if you’re, just looking for something fun to fly, this is a good beginner drone for that. But in terms of image, quality refined polish, this isn’t going to be the drone now they’ve made some really nice differences upgrades. If you will to this model – and i do think in the future – zl they’re on the right path, so they could put out something perhaps that could compete they’re, just not there yet let’s start by talking about this obstacle avoidance. This thing pans around and is looking for obstacles, and it does really work the problem with it. Is it it’s not really obstacle avoidance it’s? I sense an obstacle i’m going to stop it i’m not going to go anywhere and if that obstacle is kind of off to the side, a little bit it isn’t going to fly forward. In fact, if it senses an obstacle, you can’t fly forward left or right. Your only option is backwards, all right, so i’m gon na get this thing up in the air and right away. The obstacle avoidance is gon na go crazy. It sees that tree to the left of me and no it’s not in front of me, but i still can’t fly forward, it’s kind of obnoxious um.

You know i just kind of wish. I could turn it off right. I just ended up turn taking the you know, the avoidance sensor off this drone entirely so that i can fly it still, not high enough that uh that it works. But you know hey if you want something that’s, a neat, little gimmick, yeah it’s. Definitely that um and it does work right, it’s gon na keep you from flying into things for sure, but it’s also going to limit your flying too and i’m, not really a big fan of that, and actually that did in fact cause a crash. I got this thing up in the air, it sensed a tree, it was super windy, it blew it into the tree. All i could do was pull it back to avoid the tree and i had been spinning and crashing because of obstacle avoidance. So what i would recommend actually is not to use it. You can pop this thing off and then it flies basically like the beast pro 2.. Now i do think there are some upgrades um. You know this is supposed to have a longer flight time and electronic image stabilization to go with the 3 axis gimbal. So it is a moderately better drone anyway, and if you like this, it looks super cool shooting, lasers, um yeah sure so for 200 bucks that’s. What you’re getting now let’s talk about the camera itself? Now it says 4k, but that’s kind of a misnomer, it’s, actually, 4k photos 2k video, basically you’re getting hd quality.

Now there are two modes make sure you shoot in hd, otherwise, you’re getting a really really low. Bitrate um, you know, as it is the best bit rate you’re getting out of this thing is like 11 or 12 um. I give its per second and that’s, not super great, but it’s, not terrible. It has a small sensor, i believe it’s one over 3.2 inches. So you know it’s not going to do great in low light situations, but i did take it out at night and i was able to get some usable footage a little bit of color grading a little bit of a horizon tilt and you get some quality pictures And video it does, i think, a better job of taking pictures, because you can kind of edit them a little bit easier. I think in post and videos, but you know again, you’re getting 200 ish quality out of this drone that costs a little bit less than 200 it’s, definitely on par with some of those other drones and not a bad option if you’re just looking for something to Fly and have fun with all right, so let’s get this thing in the air and take a look at some of the footage. Now this is footage on a semi cloudy day, you’ll notice. The aspect ratio is off just a tiny bit, it’s actually 2048 by 1080. So you’ll see tiny black bars at the top and the bottom all right.

So this is me kind of adjusting it full screen. You will also notice that kind of, as i fly from time to time as i turn you will get some propeller shots um in the video and that’s. You know that’s, not great um, but the gimbal does do a nice job of stabilizing footage. Nice little flare there, some propellers upper left corner. Now this is daytime, and this is where it’s going to shine. This is where it’s best. I also flew it out at night. You know kind of a sunset, you’ll notice. The horizon is tilted uh that just kind of happened. I also have the odd 20 48 by 1080 aspect ratio, and i hear i kind of uh i kind of play with the colors a little bit adjusted a little bit in post, and you know you get some cool stuff for sure. Even even with this smaller sensor, i do think that this video looks looks okay, maybe maybe it’s a tiny bit over saturated um. You know that that’s one of the issues you know. One of the other issues i had um is actually the gimbal now here it is it’s following me and you can see i’m not in the frame. It doesn’t do visual tracking so i’m, going to gimble down here in just a second and just watch the ratcheting right it’s. Just not there. It is clunk it clunks down uh clunking down again it’s, just not smooth so it’s really hard to work with the gimbal.

As you fly now, i do like the pictures coming off. This thing, like i said, they’re 4k pictures so here’s just a you know, pretty standard picture here, uh daytime some trees, here’s a you know an almost sunset picture. Then here is a picture that i kind of doctored a little bit, because i wanted to look pretty so that’s what you’re getting out of this camera. Now the flight time is rated at 23 to 25 minutes. I was getting about 20 minutes or so when i was flying now, i don’t have the beast pro 2, but it’s. Definitely a larger battery uh from the original beast pro so that’s, nice um. But the problem with this battery is that it takes forever to charge six full hours, so you got ta plan ahead. Uh there are two and three battery packages: uh that’s, going to bump the price to 225 or 250.. The remote controller is different, upgraded uh from the beast pro or the beast. Pro 2. it’s got this kind of neat little texture lcd screen. Here phone goes up top and the battery charges internally, so that’s kind of nice. You don’t worry about double a batteries. The app works well it’s, the zl pro app uh, pretty much the same as the hf fun app or whatever that was before, but it’s kind of buggy uh. You know i would tell it to follow me. Sometimes it’d be like nah, i’m good i’m, just gon na i’m, just gon na stay out here i would say: okay, nah change my mind, or sometimes it would follow me.

You know, there’s follow me. There’S orbit return to home did work pretty much. Every time i used it, which is a bonus, but again i just want something that works every time i fly when i take out my mini or my mini 2 or my mavic air, or even my xiaomi products, they do what they’re supposed to do. A hundred percent of the time, if you ask me that’s kind of a big deal now again, i know i’m paying 200 for this drone, so i can’t expect the world, but i do expect it to work when i ask it to do something again. This isn’t a bad drone and it’s on par with all of those other drones same sort of thing. You know the polish just isn’t there right on this, the roku, the bugs. Actually, i would say they kind of figured out mjx – does a nice job bugs 12. The bugs 20. – i do really like both of those, but they don’t – have gimbals right, they’re electronic image stabilization only and i think that’s kind of a little bit of a drawback. I do prefer the actual gimbal for better footage. Now zl has always included a nice bag, which is you know, not to be understated, but it is nice to have a carrying case to go with your drone. At the end of the day, what i recommend the beast pro 3 or the beast pro 2 it’s kind of hard for me to recommend this one, because really the big difference is the obstacle avoidance which i’m just not using.

I just take this thing off and fly it and then it’s, basically the beast pro 2. So you know if you’re looking to save some money. The beast pro 2 is about 160 right now on sale. I suppose this camera probably is a little bit better um. So maybe there’s that but again it’s not going to be that notch up in quality that i really want for professional or semi professional videos and photos. You know it says that i can zoom in 50 times, but it’s a hundred percent digital and once you get just a little bit zoomed in that image goes to pot and it’s, just not usable or workable. So you know don’t be swayed by some of these big claims like obstacle: avoidance, 4k, camera 50 times zoom. You know 26 minute flight time. It sounds really good on paper, but when it comes down to it, no this is a toy or maybe a hobby crate. Drone, if you will, it is a good learner tool. It is stable, it is fun to fly, but this obstacle avoidance is just more a gimmick than anything else plus in order to have it on it flies incredibly slow, so it’s just just not worth it. If you ask me, i if you want this drone sure but know that you just take this obstacle avoidance off and fly it and it’s a better drone without the obstacle avoidance than with last minute. Specs that i forgot to throw in there.

It’S got a top speed of 45 kilometers an hour that’s about 28 miles an hour. I believe, if my math is right, plus it’s got a wi fi uh distance of about 800 meters that’s about half a mile that you can fly this thing away. I do not recommend getting this thing out of line of sight, plus you need a 5g or ac compatible phone in order to operate it with the picture. If you’re sold on lasers pick this thing up otherwise i’d suggest taking a look at the discounted beast pro 2 or the mjx bugs 12 or 20.. If you haven’t already click that subscribe button, you’re going to want to do that, so you don’t miss more content. Coming your way and don’t forget, we give away a drone once a month, our patreon subscribers i’m, giving this thing away to a patreon um. If you want more details on how to do that description down below make sure you check us out on halfchrome.