This is the zl108 pro and it, as you can see, is a small mini drone, very much like the xiaomi mini or the dji mini, but there are definitely some things that set this thing. Apart aside from this bright orange color, which actually i kind of like because it’s easy to spot in the sky, that’s, not it – and i think the biggest and probably most important difference is the price this one you can find for about a hundred and twenty five Dollars well, the prices have been fluctuating pretty rapidly recently so it’s, not 125 bucks, then well. It’S, not 125, but i’ve. Seen anywhere from 125 to 150, with a singular battery comes with a bag, you can get a two or three battery package. But overall i do like this as a beginner drone, but you have to understand that it is very different from both the xiaomi fimi mini and the dji mini let’s get into it. So, as you can see, this is a foldable drone, uh arms fold out, and you can see right here on this front left arm. It says 249 grams and that’s pretty awesome, because we know that if a drone weighs less than 250 grams, at least in the us, there are different restrictions that you don’t have to worry about. The two most important ones are remote id and registration. So this thing says: it’s under 250 grams it’s exempt right nope. This drone actually weighs a little bit more than 250 grams 275, so it’s kind of odd that they put it on there.

You know, i guess they can write whatever the heck they want. I think maybe it’s 249 goodness units – i don’t, know anyway, it’s something you need to know that, even though it says that it isn’t uh sub 250.. Now this thing is also referred to as the yan 2. I don’t know what that means, but they call it either the sg108 pro or the yan 2. Pro all right, let’s talk about what you’re getting with this drone. As i said, it is small and foldable, even though it’s not under 250 grams, but it is a nice little beginner drone for about 125 to 150 bucks. You do have brushless motors, you have an optical flow sensor on the bottom. It is gps and it is pretty darn stable. You also have a two axis gimbal here now: it’ll shoot 2k or 4k. Actually, the pictures are 4k, which means they’re upscaled, which is kind of uh disappointing. It records everything on this sd card here now. You can also record things to your phone and it uses the hf fun app, which works well, the same as the beast pro lineup. But everything recorded to this sd card is going to be a little bit higher quality, so that’s what we suggest you go with. So you get a flight time of up to 25 minutes. Uh 20 minutes is probably a little bit more realistic in most flying conditions. Now the image coming back to your phone is only over what they call a 5g connection.

That means you need a newer ac protocol phone to view the the image now that image is good for up to 800 meters and the control link to this drone is good for up to a thousand meters, now i’m going to say you get about half that. So the video on your phone, you get about a quarter of a mile and the control distance is going to outlast that 500 600 meters a little bit more than a quarter of a mile. But with a drone like this, i don’t suggest you fly it out of your visual line of sight. This does have, of course, a return to home feature. You can fly it using waypoints. There are some circle and orbit modes and there are follow me modes now. It’Ll follow your phone. It also says it will follow you optically now a lot of these flight modes. They kind of work, sometimes sometimes they’re, really good. Sometimes you just got ta kind of start over and hope that it works and that’s kind of consistent with a lot of these zl drones. They work they fly well, but those intelligent flight modes they’re not going to be on par with something like this. The dji mini, or even this the xiaomi mini, but again those drones are 300, 400, 500, whereas this you know less than two. I did have a really strange issue with this. Sometimes, when i would go to take off this camera would tilt upwards and kind of get stuck in that position.

I would land it reset it, and sometimes that works. Sometimes it did not. I don’t know what that was all about because it happened whenever i decided to take off i’m going to guess that’s some sort of firmware glitch, maybe that’ll, get updated. Who knows the remote control here is actually pretty nice. It turns on as soon as you fold. These little handles down, and then your phone just goes in the bottom right here, which works really pretty darn. Well, you can, of course, control the gimbal up and down here on the remote now it is not smooth it kind of ratchets and it actually does quite slowly. The button you really want to know is this: one here return to home. You can also turn the gps on and off, take off switch from video to picture mode and high and low speed are on here as well. It all comes in this nice little convenient carrying case and it all fits in there pretty nicely you can see. I had the two battery package and then we got one in the drone and one right here, so i do like it as a beginner drone um, but it’s not going to give you the quality that either one of these mini drones will in terms of picture And video, okay, so let’s take a look at some of the video coming out of this drone. I think it’s actually pretty nice, especially when you consider the price right so you’re talking a sub 200 drone and it’s.

They call 2k video, so it’s, 2048 by 1080. Right so it’s just a little bit different aspect: ratio than 1080 right. So just kind of keep that in mind. You know the the issue i have is it’s just kind of difficult to get footage that isn’t shaky right uh, because this gimbal it’s not the best bread, it’s only two axes – uh, however it’s just kind of a small drone, it gets pushed around a lot in The wind and it it’s kind of herky jerky when you you know you try to turn and into yaw, and things like that again. It is an excellent beginner drone right, if you’re, just kind of looking for something to learn how to set up shots, how to kind of move the gimbal kind of how to learn to do some of these different modes yeah. This is a good, decent drone to kind of start and learn how to fly with, but you’re not going to get the same quality love that shot flying through the fountain chris you’re, not getting the same kind of quality coming out of the mini 2 or the Uh femi mini okay, so let’s take a look at some of the pictures coming out of this drone. I actually do like the pictures. You don’t worry about shaky video when you’re taking a still photo, and these first two are untouched. Now this one, you can see there’s kind of a little bit of distortion.

If you stretch it out, i added a little bit of color here. It looks better. I think you can see the distortion better in this picture. We see chris on the left and then, as i stretch it one to one, i think it looks a little bit better. It is a little bit stretched, but i still think it looks better all right, so i hope that was helpful if it was give us a thumbs up hit that subscribe button. If you’re, not a subscriber and don’t forget, we give away a drone at least once a month to a lucky, patreon subscriber plus. We have other giveaways like cool t shirts, on our live stream, which is typically sunday nights at 8pm central time.