Technical was first to say first in one of my recent videos and this one’s the shout out so congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a review of another neat drone. This is the sg108 pro from zl zlo rc products. Now, why do i like the sg 108? Why am i interested in reviewing it? Let’S put it that way, folks it’s, because it’s a low cost drone that gives you quite a bit for what this is capable of doing. I think this is just a little over 100. 125 26, something in that area. Currently, it probably will go up in the future because, like i said this, drone has a lot of features for what’s being offered at this price. Now other things about it, it’s a folding drone. You know it makes it easy to port easy for portability. Um, very small, also being small. It is unobtrusive okay, so you can probably fly this most places without being uh being hassled by the drone phobic out there and believe me believe me: there are drone public people out there, they see a drone and they think you’re. Trying to spy on them for some reason: well, let’s, forget about that topic, but again it’s floating for portability, and with that let me mention that it does come with a carrying case, a very nice carrying case for the drone and it’s accessory. So keep that in mind that you get a carrying case with this too now being small like this one thing, though it does weigh 273 grams.

That means it’s over 250 grams, which means it does require registration in most countries. Unfortunately, um in the future i’m sure that we’re going to be seeing uh drones coming out under that 250 grand mark. This one got close, but just a little bit more needed to shave off that weight to get it under 250 grams. Okay, but even so, this has gps system in it, which gives you return to home capability, automatic return to home and landing capability on command, on loss of signal and even on low voltage. So this will they’ll come home you, unless there’s a chance of you wearing uh, losing this drone unless you don’t have sufficient satellites to fly we’ll talk about that when we actually take it out into the field. With that in mind, it also has an optical flow sensor on the belly. Okay, this allows the drone to remain stable if it doesn’t have sufficient satellites to fly. Also, you can turn the gps system off and fly this indoors using that optical flow sensor. What that optical flow sensor does is the camera that looks directly below the drone and based upon what it’s, seeing directly built below the drone. It makes corrections to try to hold the drone, steady and horizontally. You know forward and right and left forward backward right and left tries to hold that position automatically based on the camera view, but the gps system does that also so keep that in mind um other things about the drone.

It does have brushless motors for improved motor durability, that’s great, and it also comes with a 7.4 volt, 2200 milliamp per hour battery. This is a pretty big battery for this little drum, and this battery supposedly gives this drone up to 25 minutes of flight time. Now that battery is charged using a micro, usb cable through this micro usb port here now, since this thing is a big battery, i would strongly recommend that you use a phone wall charger, a good two amp wall wall charger to charge. This particular battery use something like if you try to charge that, through your usb port on your computer, it will take days, okay, so don’t even try. It use a good phone wall charger to charge these big batteries. Now. Another thing about this drone that i like it, has a two axis: stabilized gimbal in this price range at 125 to 150 price range, that’s, pretty darn, good okay, and on top of that this is a 4k hd camera. It takes 4k stills. Let me be more clear on that, and still photos are 4096 by 3072 pixel. Additionally, it takes 2k video. Now what is 2k video 2k is resolution of 2048 by 1080 pixel resolution at 25 frames per second, so that’s that’s, not too bad, either. Okay, so um. Additionally, i forgot to mention it records this onto a micro sd card right here, so you can, you will be able to get uh.

You should be able to get nice smooth video, even if you lose fpv reception we’ll, be talking about that shortly. Uh 802.11 ac wi fi reception. If you lose that video or use that connection it’ll still be able to record a video directly to an sd card. Now i mentioned 802.11 ac. This requires a phone that is capable of receiving 802.11 ac wi fi. As i say it in all my videos, not all uh phones are capable of using 802.11 ac wi fi. So before purchasing this drone, i strongly recommend that you first verify that your phone is indeed capable of receiving and using 802.11 ac wi fi and the way to do that is simply google search, your phone’s name, along with the terms 802.11 and specifications and see if 802.11 ac shows up in the search results. Okay, now getting back to that fpv reception. This uses the h fund pro app available on google play and itunes to get that fpv reception. You could also use an alternate app. Let me mention it now: the zlrc app, which is also available for this drone. So, if you’re having problems with the h1 pro consider using the zlrc app now with those apps with both of those apps, we get the capability of fpv video reception and that’s being able to view the video on your smartphone directly onto your smartphone. While this is offline, you’ll be able to view real time. Video from the drone, along with those apps, give you advanced flight mode capabilities of.

Follow me circle me and waypoints and i’ll try to demonstrate each of those when we take this out into the field to fly it now i’m. Talking about ranges on this drone. This range is predicted. The wi fi fpv video range is predicted to be up to 800 meters and that is very phone dependent. Okay, some people are only going to get at about 100 meters, some to 200, some 300 and some people will get 800 meters and again it depends on your phone. You know your phone’s uh wi fi capability uh, particularly the type of antenna that’s installed inside your phone. You know um the better the antenna in your phone, the better the uh wi fi reception will be so those of us with cheap uh, cheap phones. Like me, we’re gon na probably see ranges out to about 200 to 300 meters instead, so but that’s more than enough range for this little drone, and actually you shouldn’t be flying this drone any further away that you can see it and keeping in mind that this Is a tiny drone? I doubt you’ll be able to see this back much farther than about 300 to 400 meters, although this orange color will help greatly in the sky. I, like orange colored drones, oh by the way i forgot to mention this is available both in orange and black. If you want, you know, you can pick between the two, but i i prefer the orange color for visibility.

Okay, i mentioned fpv range out to 800 meters. Let’S talk about the controller. This controller has a built in antenna on the right side, and this controller supposedly gives you range’s control range with the controller up to 1000 meters. So if you fly out of the fpv video range, you can still record onto that sd card and fly farther as long as you can see the drone using this controller out to 000 meters, and i really doubt that you will actually be able to see that Trailer to 1000 meters, so i don’t recommend trying to do that. But let’s talk about the controller again i mentioned it has an antenna on the right side, this one’s an antenna and this one’s a fake antenna. So, but you turn this one on this one by the way has a built in uh battery that you charge through this micro, usb port. You don’t have to supply your own batteries for the controller. In fact, you don’t have to supply your own batteries. For this drone, the whole kit is everything has its own rechargeable battery. That comes with it now turn on the controller you bring both of these phone holders down like so, and then you can install your phone into this and um. That turn also turns on the controller, as you see here now, let’s go over the buttons of the controller. This this button here is for adjusting the rates of the drone.

How fast the drone can fly if you’re two two beats and three beeps that’s the fastest, that the drum can fly, but most people, if you’re taking video, i would recommend you stay in rate number one for smooth video. You go to these higher rates and the drone becomes a lot more uh jerky. It moves around too fast and your videos probably will suffer at those higher rates. Additionally, this button here is for activating the compass calibration and you will need to do that before each and every flight i’ll demonstrate that in the field when we go do do the flight. These two buttons here are for raising and lowering the gimbal of the camera. So you can raise the lens up or down using these two buttons here. This button here is for turning off the gps. If you want to fly using the optical flow sensor, um, i don’t know if you can turn it back on most of these once you turn off the gps, it stays off until you reset the drone or re restart. The drone so be careful using that button. Automatic takeoff and automatic landing capabilities available through this button here and this button is for you for taking videos and photos. A long press will start. The video recording, along with a long press, will stop the video recording. You always want to remember to stop video recording before removing power on the drone or you’ll lose your video recording.

Additionally, you can take a photo by doing a quick press of this button and finally, this button here, if you press it is automatic, return to home and landing. So, if you’re out and flying this – and you lose sight of that drone and you start worrying how to where’s my drone in the sky just press this button here and that drone will fly back and land where it took off from or yeah once you get It once you get visual sight of the drone again, you can press it again, stop that return to home and then return to manual flying of the drone. If you wish so that’s the controller let’s go over. Finally, what you get in the package you get that block, or that case that i mentioned you get a full set of instruction manuals and they come in various languages in german, spanish, italian, french, japanese and english and they’re relatively well written manuals, except that the print Is very tiny, so for folks, like me, you are going to need a magnifying glass to be able to read those instructions. You get the drone of course, and also depending on which package you order um, which option you order. You get one two or three batteries. I would recommend, if you want more than one battery uh, getting them, bundled with the drone at the time of purchase, because uh trying to buy these batteries separately afterwards after the purchase of the drone could be difficult because of shipping or lipo shipping restrictions.

Chippo lipo shipping restrictions, international lipo shipping restrictions can be kind of hard. So if you want more than one battery get them when you’re purchasing the drone, or else you probably will not be able to get additional batteries after the drone arrives. Additionally, you get the controller as i mentioned, and you also get a tiny little screwdriver for maintenance of the drone, along with a micro, usb cable for charging the drone batteries through the micro usb port on the battery, along with also charging the controller through its micro. Usb port and finally, in this package here you get a spare set of propellers. In case you dig up some of those propellers. You got another set so that’s the sg108 pro from zll let’s. Take this out into the field folks and see our flight so hope you enjoy this flight good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a review of the sg108 pro out in a beautiful day here at pleasant ridge park. Okay, to start this up, we need to first hold down the controller or the on off button. Like so till we hear the chirps of the escs, then we place it on a flat level surface. Then we turn on the controller like so and it’s connected, because we heard it beep, then we’re going to press this out. We heard that beep too. That means we got enough satellites to fly, but we’re going to do a compass calibration, and we do that by pressing this button here and the front light should be flashing rapidly, but we rotate three times horizontally like so.

This is a compass calibration done for all gps drones. Until we hear a beep, we heard a beep and then we’re gon na do vertical turns like so until we hear a second beep there’s, our second beat so compass calibration is completed. We should be ready to fly here soon, putting this on the ground. Next thing i need to do is open up my phone and connect my phone’s wi fi, or connect the drone’s wi fi signal to my phone so hold on. While i do that folks, okay, this is the um h fund, pro app available on google play and itunes, and i also tried zlorc and also uh h. Fun fly app. H1 pro seem to work the best, although some features didn’t work. Uh such as um, waypoints and i’ll show that in here shortly, okay we’re gon na hit start play. We already did the compass, calibrations and we’re good there and we’re gon na hit, submit we’re gon na stay three meters away and uh. First thing we do is start the video recording by pressing that button there and then start the motors by both sticks down and up making sure our antenna is fully extended down and out starts the motors and then automatic takeoff and checking stability. Stability seems fine. I’M. Not seeing any toilet bowl getting in the camera in front of the camera and saying how do you like my shirt today, folks, okay, singing up the camera, okay and uh, we should be good to go so.

The first thing we’ll do is we’ll we’ll set it up on it up, see what the camera looks like. Let me lower the camera a bit too too much sky. Okay, heading up on your train off in the distance let’s see what type of reception we get going up this i want to go up to 30 meters, so we can see lake erie, 30 meters going up higher okay, we seem to lose reception there. How far out are we about 100 meters going up a bit higher okay, we’re 38 meters up, and we can clearly see lake erie? Okay from that position, there let’s rotate i’m going to rotate to the left and again we lost reception again. So from that position there let’s do a return to home check out. Okay, there we go, i got reception back again. Turning can i can it return. Okay, rotated some more there’s a bit of a delay i’m seeing in lag in reception, but let’s try the automatic return to home and landing so pressing that button there coming home Music. I see it overhead coming back from 40 meters, up Music and let’s, see how close it’s return to home and landing is i’m stepping back from the pad, because it’s right overhead pretty high up okay, when’s it going to do it. Descent: okay: it rotates first pointing in the direction it was pointed to take off and then it starts its descent and it comes down fast folks, it’s, coming down fast outdoor skelter coming down fast i’m, not gon na.

Let it touch the ground by the way. Um. The ground’s kind of wet but let’s see how close it gets to the pad and actually it’s relatively close. Let it come down further further further stopping that would have been right on the pad folks. So pretty accurate return to home yeah. We got 16 satellites that’s. Why, okay, going up higher let’s? Stop the video recording there, because the next thing i want to demonstrate is the camera or the photos photo. I think it took. It did going up a bit higher photo that took and one third photo, and that took two okay starting the video recording again next thing. We’Re going to try is follow me going up a little bit higher, so in the uh right side there, the second icon down it, looks like a radio, let’s click on that and then click the third one down. It also looks like a radio and this gps follow me it’s following the gps position on my phone let’s see what type of follow me we got here. Folks. Is it dji or hubsan style? It is dji like we’re pulling it on a string, so let’s let’s see. If follow me around the field, a bit we went into slow, jog old man jogging. Will it follow? Will he come with me over here i’m over here we go it’s going so follow me is working. How about if i head toward it would notice that i’m walking toward it and when will it notice that boy i’m, seeing a big delay on the lag on the h fund pro app that’s? Another thing i don’t like about h1 pro.

It causes a lot of lag okay. It is walking away from me how about, if i go over here, when’s it gon na turn toward me again there it does. It goes turn it back toward me. So follow me is working so we’re gon na come out of follow me and we’re gon na go let’s, bring it over toward me and bring it right close to me and at that point there let’s try circle position, which is the third one done. Let me get the camera again. Okay, let me stop the video recording there since we’re doing another object and then okay, starting video, recording again and hitting circle position. Third one down, and then we hit the upward arrow, which submit and it’s going to go up and it’s turning it’s going to go up on and i’m going to assume it’s going to rotate back toward me hold on waiting waiting. Okay, and is it going to start on its own or do i have to initiate it looks like i have to initiate it folks we’re going to do a left, counterclockwise so i’m going to move left on the stick? Oh no it’s still trying to do something. Let’S come out of circle position: okay, coming down lower let’s! Try it one more time circle position submit i’m, going over we’re, still recording and it’s, going to rotate back toward me, i’m assuming and then it’s coming back toward me, i’m, not sure what it’s doing folks.

This is just staying in the air okay i’m, trying to tell it to do something by moving left or right on my uh pitch stick, but circle position does not seem to work. Let’S. Try the other direction, submit it’s any data. Please wait. Okay circle position does not seem to work folks, it’s buggy, on this app, so we’re coming out of it. Instead let’s bring it back down again down to my height and we’ll, stop the video recording, again i’m, making sure i’m getting these videos and restarting it. Third. One we’ll try is waypoints folks, and that is the top one there in the upper right corner so clicking on that and i’m not seeing any waypoints coming up. We’Ve got a strange signal here: okay, so waypoints let’s try one more time clicking on do. I have to be in map mode, um, i’m, not sure but i’m clicking on waypoints and then clicking on that one and then hitting submit. I can’t even draw them there’s no waypoints showing there is no map showing so coming out of waypoints. So that’s that way points of circle position seem to be a problem, but what we’re going to do next folks is i’m, going to stop the video recording one more time and turn the drone this way, and what i’m going to do here is we’re going to Try it up and away okay yeah, look the lag on this is all really awful i’m seeing on here, but sticking up the cameras, one two three make sure i’m in the view, and the reason i do this folks is so i don’t look like a bad Foreign movie, with dubbed english, with my my lips flapping but uh, we are recording so what i’m gon na do is i’m going to do an up and away folks, and let me lower the camera a little bit more for this.

Okay, there we go and what i’m going to do is give it throttle and pull back on the stick. Doesn’T want to go any higher, slowly, okay, coming back down again let’s. Try that again, what was that about getting up close sick of the cameras? One more time, one two three pushing up on the throttle and pulling back on the stick: that’s it up and away there. We go now going up, okay and coming back in so we did it up and away. We did uh. Maybe we could do a manual circle position so coming back down. So the big thing about this is: it has a two axis: gimbal let’s. Stop that video recording again and one more time we’ll go around the field just to try out its camera and light raising the camera lens. By the way i want to go up higher on the lens one, more that’s good and then starting the video camera. One more time camera started, syncing up the cameras and this time we’re just going to fly around the field Music showing its camera again. This is a cheap, beginner’s, gps drone, but it does have brushless motors and a 2k camera which shouldn’t be too shabby. Let’S go up a bit higher too let’s fly around the area, turn it’s moving to the left so i’m. Turning to the left make sure i go over those trees, i’m going to go up a little bit higher.

You know it’s memorial day today and there’s. Nobody here at the park, i don’t understand what you know. You’D figure would be a lot of people here, but no, i got the park to myself today, so i shouldn’t be complaining. Turning to the left going up even higher and turning to the left – and you can see this orange drone up in the sky – real well there’s, a fireworks you’re hearing folks because, like i said it’s memorial day and fireworks, are legal here in pennsylvania. A lot of people got them for the holiday. Turning to the left, it’s flying nicely with the gps, we’ll go to the far end edge of the field here, let’s see if we can make it to the road and stay maintain reception on the wi fi, but i doubt that usually the wi fi reception is About 180 to 200 meters, right now i looks like i lost wi fi reception, but i’ll try to manually fly to the edge of the field by the way. How much battery do we have left 7.27, not we’re, doing well in battery okay? Turning to the right and then also coming down, we’re gon na fly low now coming down coming down. Turning to the left until it’s the movement stops or slows. That tells me it’s almost pointed at me, it’s pointed at me now it should be and yeah i’m looking at the screen. It is so by the way this uh app.

If you look in the lower bottom, there has a radar that shows where the drone is in relation to your position and whether it’s pointed toward you or away from me right now, it’s pulling it away from me and yeah. If i move my body toward the the drone, it shows where the drone is so this is a way to maintain orientation using that bottom radar screen there right now. It’S pointed to the left, and if i wanted to fly back to where me keep turning until that thing’s pointed back in my direction general direction like that so that’s another way, you know you can actually maintain orientation on this drone just using the app again that’s That lower center radar icon that you see there, so this is flying nicely. Okay, the only problem is, you know, the advanced features seem to be buggy as usual. Although follow me worked, okay, um let’s, bring it down and sync up the cameras, one more time and i’m, seeing a lot of lag there. Folks, a lot of lag but uh let’s get a summary um overall um it’s it’s a good flyer, a good beginner’s gps. Drone um the camera works. Well, it seems to work well, we’ll see a post production. Uh follow me worked well advanced features to circle me and uh waypoints, not so much. Let me get out of the way in case it’s heading back to the pad. Let me turn this direction, but other than that, the you know there it’s just sticking up now.

The h fun pro app as usual is very laggy and very buggy, but other than that you know. If you’re, you just want a camera drone that you can throw up in the air and get video with without using those if circle circle me and the waypoints isn’t important. This is a good, cheap drone to do that. Okay, so it’s, quadcopter, 101 let’s! Sync! It up one more time and i’m going to stop the video recording, stop the video recording there and take a picture one more time. Up close, i think that took yeah one more and now that we got we got low battery warning right now. I could hear it let’s start video recording one more time and just fly around the area. I’M. Pretty sure we got a geo fence, let’s see if it stops at 20 meters, yeah there’s, a geo fence, so we have to stay within 20 meters of the takeoff point and we’ll do that let’s just see how this flies as a sport drone now there’s a Sport drone flying into this thing, i hit the geofence again and what’s the door and i think, it’s doing a return to home folks. I think we’re full low battery now let’s see what it does goes up. It climbs it’s, probably climbing to 30 meters, or something like that, so it’ll do its return to home it’s way up there flying back to the pad. This time i will let it touch down we’ll see what its final return to home position is: okay, it’s over the pad, and it should be coming down rotating back north again.

The original position was pointed and what’s it gon na do now. Do i have to just make it descend? I think i got to manually bring it down so i’m going to do that. A little battery looks like you’ve got to manually descend it so lowering throttle where’s our voltage. Anyways 7.04 volts yeah it’s a 7.0. You want to stop and one more time sticking up the cameras. Finally, if they’re still recording, because the lag on the h fun pro app is bad, okay and lowering the drone and holding the throttle down until those motors stop there we go. So i am stopping video recording video recording has stopped so i’m turning off the drone drone is off so that’s the sg108 pro actually not a bad little drone for uh the price um. You know just keep in mind that all features don’t seem to work. Mainly the circle me and uh follow me or buggy, with the h fun pro app they’re, also buggy, with the zl rc app and also with the h1 fly app i’ve tried them all. None of them seemed to work well uh. I take that back. I think hfun fly circle position worked, but other than that the others didn’t. So this is quadcopter 101. I hope you enjoyed this flight quadcopter 101 signing out hi quadcopter 101. Here again, hey, if you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it’s real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that bell button right.

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