Yellow leaves and red leaves everywhere. The sky is blue, perfect autumn day, and you guys might want to get your smartphone out and do some cinematic vlogging and today i have a perfect tool for cinematic smartphone vlogging and it is zuyun smooth, five zoom smid5, the ultimate professional smartphone gimbal. It all comes in this nice package, very professional looking there is zip here and also a little pocket here, but the most exciting part comes in this bag very, very safely stored with the strap smooth, five and while were at the back. There are many little pockets for you to put in, as well as the mini tripod, which is super sturdy and it can go in here to be stood on any surface. So there are seven really important points that i want to share with you guys today. So the first thing is the payload, so zoom smooth 5 and it is holding a rather big phone s10 plus here in my case, but it does have the largest payload officially at 300 grams, but it can surprisingly hold up to 380 grams iphone 13 pro max Plus a telephoto lens without a problem so smooth 5, it has been a massive upgrade from smooth 4, which was out in 2018. So over the years of course, zuyu made a lot of different gimbals, but its professional smartphone gimbal range. It is a massive four year upgrade so compared to smooth 4, the new smooth 5.

It has all the dials all the professional controls, but now it is smaller, lighter but stronger. So this smartphone gimbal, it is designed for every single phones out there, including iphone 13 pro max and xiaomi mi mix full and the next special feature. There is the light module it can be smoothly brightened up with just my thumb, moving and also dimmed as well. Super professional and also the special filter – i must say one thing: super special about zoom, smooth 5 led light compared to any other led lights out there and i have come across many of them is that it is super flexible. So this one, oh, it is very strongly attached, so very, very safe. It can be turned this way around as you can see here, but it can also go to the bottom as well so here and here so quickly on the designers im gon na pack quickly and then go around shoot and show you guys different features. But the packing design, it is super safe, so ive just turned it off. All i need to do is lift off the lever and it should be balanced because i balanced it thats how you do it with the lever and then push the arm right in and also take off the mobile phone as well and put it into the vertical Orientation so everything locks, it actually clicks. So its very sturdy, once you have this lock button switched on then at this correct angle, it will stop moving and also the top part can be pushed right in so everything is, you know nothing is shaking, so it can be placed right into a backpack wherever You want to put it in, however, im gon na put it, of course, into the designated bag, and then it can be safely packed away and off i go Music, so why can i recommend the zuyan smooth 5 for professional use? It all comes down to this centerpiece, the all in one control panel, all the parameter adjustments can be made by one hand.

This is the joystick and allows movement in all directions, up down, left right and the trigger button. At the back conveniently placed one click. It will start tracking me, Music, two clicks, the gimbal will adjust back to the center and three clicks: the selfie mode Music. So if i press the menu, then it will go straight into menu. Okay. That was one of the shoot that i did all. I need to do is press the dial up and down so i can go smart, ai live photo video panorama dolly zoom time lapse, hyperlapse and if i go side menu, then of course i can do all the different mode, pf mode, l mode, lock mode, pov Mode pov, girl mode, vortex mode Music, like a light lighting up in the dark you make it right. I forgot Music Applause, its been a while, since i forgot the most sinful words, Music, stop recording so to get out of the menu. All i need to do is to press menu button and if i actually scroll this, then i can change into different menu. Video. Yes, the highlight is the multifunctional control wheel. It can zoom in all the way up to eight times and also by pressing the button. One more time and moving around the wheel, it can control the focal length giving it a very cinematic movement, Music Applause inside the app you can find. There are a lot of creative features, such as panorama, Music and also time lapse, as well as hyperlapse Music.

Let there be light yes, so now we have the led light on and it is rather bright and i think im about two meters away from zuyu and smooth 5, and you guys, i believe, can see me pretty clear and bright. But this light it can be smoothly brightened up. It can all be brightened up with just the movement of the thumb and right now it is way too bright. So it can actually also be dimmed downwards as well, and it is yeah much better to my eyes, and i think you can still see me all right here. I want to show you how effective 580 lumens light is. It is so bright, it seems like day and night at the maximum brightness. You can see that the flowers in the distance are also brightened up showing off its orange color Music in the last test of the night. Here are the use of the filters which can give out different moods, okay, so ill start recording yep. I heard the noise and im gon na press the trigger button once so that it will start active track. Yep got it right so here the conclusion, so i showed you guys so many features of zuyun smooth, five, the ultimate professional smartphone gimbal and one of my favorite features, as you guys have guessed. It is the active track and it does work so well and it looks like as if i have a cameraman designated cameraman in young 360 crew, but thats not the case.

So if you guys want to take the smartphone videography to the next level, then i highly recommend zuyun, smooth 5 for consideration definitely do check out the link down below all the information, including the price plan, the package it does give you a huge discount. If you get the total package – and i also would like to thank zuyun team for bringing us a great product as well as sponsoring this video, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to try this professional smartphone, gimbal and ill come back with other interesting Review on the gadgets, so please dont forget to subscribe.