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Walkera F210 3D Version is a quadcopter with an optimized F3 flight controller paired with reversible digital velocity controller (退出), permitting you to reverse

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  1. 大视频! Awesome flying! 爱它!! I'm taking a look at one of those this weekend and hope I can even do the inverted fly lol! I have done it with the XK100 brushed little 3D but this will be first of the 220 210 size 3D's! 祝我好运!! I've got a suggestion I myself would love to see you guys do a test onThe Thrust UAV Riot 250R Pro and see if it really qualifies in your opinion as a real FPV racer that you could go out and start racing and winning races with? I had one and did a review on it and it is a neat quad but I would like and I'm sure others would like to see your view and opinion and flights with it!! 谢谢你的视频!! L8r-Turbo.

  2. Until what battery capacity can I put in it?

  3. Until what battery capacity can I put in it? I'm buying one, but I'd like to use the DEVO F7 control, do I have to configure anything to use this control on it?

  4. so the 3d version is slower. is it just as fast as the 2d when not in 3d mode?

  5. 你好, 不错的视频, very useful.
    Could anybody say me how to reach 8 要么 9 minutes of flight? I have bought mine recently and after ten batteries I can't flight more than 5 分钟. Always flying in 2d modes.

  6. The F210 is soooo extreme and insane.
    It really scares me……

  7. Possibly the most informative video on the F210-3D I have seen and the main inspirtation behind me purchasing onethanks for making it such an easy descission!!!

  8. nice vid.. but I have to say , I see no reason or any use to be able to fly upside down.. and to be stuck buying their props .. all in allI say No thank you

  9. Just being able to fly inverted isn't exactly 3D. Let's see some real moves from the airplane playbook, like making it hover with the nose pointed straight up. (or down, whichever you prefer).

  10. Where you flying LOS most of the video or did you try FPVing it hahah I would assume it was very disorienting haha

  11. I don't fly FVP at the moment. Still learning on my F210(3d). Can I remove the camera and Antenna from the F210(3d) as to not damage these parts. Expecting numerous crashes. Will buy goggles eventually. Any recommendations of goggles? Thanks for your reply.

  12. 太神奇了! Abel is the man!

  13. 在大! 我有两个问题.
    1) So the 3D blades are less efficient than the regular blades. What is the flight time of the 3D F210 compared to regular?
    2) Can I mount regular F210 blades and fly it as 2D.

  14. Abel is a fantastic pilot and a really really nice guy!! last Thanksgiving Day we went out to a park by my house and flew .ended up just being me and him all day and had a great time!


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