The Drone That Changed My Life (ZeroTech DOBBY Unboxing & 评论) – Includes RAW Drone Footage!

嘿,伙计们, I bought this little drone just a few days in the past and I wished to make this unboxing and assessment video. I wished to purchase a drone however one thing extra

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  1. Nice for you! We always wanna get a drone to try it. You did it before us, 哈哈. Hope you enojoy it. Looking forward to see more of your test of it. 顺便 说 一 句, if you wanna pick a camera, perhaps our experience can help you, we plan to do a video about about our experience of picking our camera, 万向节, recorder etc. There are many nice camera at very low price in China actually~ Anyway, Have fun with your drone~ Love your way of introduction of the product, you are very honest and it is quite detailed.


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