So i folded it right now, thats one thing about it and it unfolds of courseand it has this type of controller, and i like took apart the whole entire box. So i cant show that, because yeah so and then come to the phone holder, yeah ill put it right now before you guys can see hello lets flip it on so here it is. It expands like that and yeah put the controller away for right now, and so i tried it and i actually use these its like something that like protects the propellers. I dont know what theyre called these and these im just gon na call these propellers because thats what i think they are and propeller guards these these thingamabobbies and so im gon na put them on, and i will be back when theyre all on wait a minute. I forgot to do my noise, so this is how it looks with those little thingies on these thingies. You know what im seeing so yeah and um theres like a little button right here that you turn it on you hold it right here. You take the battery out by putting pressure on these little tabs and you just slide it out and there you go and it comes with the charger, its like um android charger, 是啊, the android charger, but it actually comes with it and you like charge it like. In this little spot right here and you plug it in, i dont want to plug it in right now, because i want to mess it up, but yeah so im going to put the battery back in.

I was using it like a little bit before this video, and so when you turn on this little fema bulb, you hold it and when it turns on it will make that little. Beep noise and itll start blinking, because it doesnt connect to no drone. But once you hold this one too and then itll beep when it connects, and so what youre going to want to do, hold them down like that up down again, the thing is, you have to make sure theyre in the right place, or else it would do That that happened to me a couple times, like probably a lot of times, austin isnt outside i have like a space outside so yeah. It wouldnt hit into things but because, like im, a beginner with it im not like a pro and yeah and im just like Music, 呃, 音乐, so yeah to show you in the manual um how to start it and then how to like start. The little spinning things the propellers like it wont make it fly, but it will like start im. I dont want to see the engine the like the battery spinning just like start it for to like get it like ready to fly and then for you able to fly it. You like go like that and to start the thingy. You go like that and to stop it youre like that. Now you could do that and that thats what it will show in the menu and if you dont, have it youre.

Just you a video of a drone for fun, then lisa showed you, and this is its like a skill level like if you, if youre pro like at flying, 无人驾驶飞机, 嗯, oh and when you turn this off, you hold it and then it will like make a Beep beeping noise, and that means to stop holding it because it turned off this one. It wont make no noise ill, just shut off and its like right here, theres like two buttons, its like a stunt button theyre like face, i theyre not facing the other way. 好, im glad because its because the control has failed and it like messed up these buttons. Oh and i like, when you click it it like stays stuck like that, and then you would have to like hit it or something for the pat pop back up. You know theres, like a little screwdriver, 哦, like a little tiny screwdriver that you use or uh um, like you know how the normal screwdrivers, like theyre cant, fit in these holes or the little screwdriver that i that comes with it, and i used Music. You you can only use those because they can only fit into this, and i had to unscrew uh everything to like figure out the problem, and i figured out. I said it like a little bit ago, and then i like put these two back these two right here and then i like, just because it was like this right here like the gap, it was like it had a bigger gap in it.

These are like just natural gaps: theyre meant to be there because theres, two parts so yeah theres like this ones, the speed button its not like um, 它的, not uh like like it. You go fast, its just like what level youre on say. If youre like on level one, i dont know what that means like level one two, three and level four, so youre gon na click it four times and itll, go on training mode and it like senses, obstacles uh and it avoids it so yeah. These will be like mostly uh, most walmarts, oh and if theyre, not there, ive seen some drones uh target too, but i dont know if ive seen the wait, i didnt say average i didnt mean to say, add average. It was voltage yeah, 那是, the the brand and yeah these could be found in uh walmart and, if theyre, not there. 好的, i said it im saying this again because uhmaybe maybe youre too lazy, uh to put the video back thats how i am so yeah im just doing again, maybe some of you like me and too later, to put it back like put back the video. This could be found in your walmart local walmarts uh, and if you dont find them there, then it will definitely so some drones will definitely definitely be a target theres a lot of drones there. Every time you go there, theres drones, so yeah remember its the average volt.

This bobby thingy that right there, 哦, the v8 000 or you could literally just look up that way, not thats nonsense. I cant that right there you can put that and then put the 8 000 v8 000 and then yeah and its indoors enough its for indoors and outers and outdoors so yeah when it comes to the spare parts too. Just like with these little thingies, you dont need these its just like to protect the propellers these these just to protect them like if it bumps into something it wont, damage the propellers itll damage the this thingy, which is not bad if it bumped into like tree A tree and like a sign, oh and yeah, 那是, the only thing that i bumped into ohand i use it in my house too, like bumps into my chair and my table and my wall, my door and yeah. Oh and i forgot to tell youit has like this little camera right here, and it has this little this little usb that you connect to it lets see. If i have it right now, i actually dont have it right now. I dont know where it is, and i think thats where you connect it like to your laptop or something computer, pc, 呃, 是啊, 是啊. So and then you just have to look up really just look up that and then v8000 on the app store or what is it called again play store or play app or something something like that? 好, you could find it on the app store on your app store or play something its on android.

I believe yeah its on android. So if you have an android, then it would be that play thingy that play app, that you download apps on it. Apps on and youll find it. You just look up that right there, um v8000. So if you dont get me, then its that that right there with the v8 000, so yeah thats cool, so the only thing i ever got is one like. 实际上, i think i got like three likes on my old, not my old channel, but my other channel. I dont know what channel im gon na post it on, but yeah ill see. Uh ive got three chant, not three channels. Three likes thats, the most ive got and i even only got one subscriber. So if you subscribe to me ill be ill, be nice im, not begging for subscribers. I just like i just want to support like impress my cousins, because they have like 15 subscribers between 20 和 10 用户, and i want to like get that much. I know its not a lot compared to t series, but if you know what t series is then its the its the youtube channel that has the most subscribers Music so yeah? 好, i just wan na like its just milestone. This is my milestones. If you enjoyed this video, please like the video and a few and if youve ever pressed a button hit the like down below and if youre not lying, 现在, turn blue, but for some reason mine turns black.