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This Brushed GPS drone from RC Second is just not a foul flyer.Slightly below 9 飞行时间分钟. I flew over a pair hundred toes With not an issue. All of the

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  1. Another wonderful review! Very thorough and informative! 打开 #73/#178 🙂

  2. Can he climb to what height? Does it stop in the air? Without moving? I control it up to how many meters?

  3. 你好.

    Recently I purchased a drone of its brand model H55, in the Banggood store.

    The product came in intact and in good condition.
    Unfortunately when trying to make the first flight I did not succeed.

    I could not perform the calibration completely.

    I started the calibration according to the user manual, the drone is finding 13 全球定位系统卫星. The horizontal calibration was successful, but the vertical calibration does not work. I positioned the drone upright with the camera pointed up and turned counterclockwise for more than 30 时. To my surprise nothing happened and he remained with the red lights flashing. That's why I could not even take off with him.

    I would like some help from you.

    Do I need to send for warranty?

    Is there any way to fix this?

  4. 你好, i don't see drone's wifi, 你可以帮我吗? How Can i connect my smartphone?

  5. 漂亮的小鸟. I’m looking for an entry level GPS for a friend. He wants the spark and Mavic but he’s lost two toy drones already….大声笑…he ain’t getting his hands on mine!

  6. After such a long time I realize this one is like the JXD 518 🙂 niiice

  7. Nice review bud…. Thumbs up 👍

  8. Not so good drone
    Lot of broblems from fist use.
    1. NOT CONNECTING VIA WIFI (changed 4 different smartphones android and Ios)
    2. After first flight the drone after 5-10 sec felt down all aloneI tried to see whats happent i change the propelas but its like 1 要么 2 propelas stop turn after those sec……

    Better buy something else….

  9. What is the range of the drone?

  10. Not sure but I guess that the issue with the app is due to the 5ghz wifi for long range fpv: most phones support only 2.4 千兆赫 (you should check if your phone has 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac protocol for wifi, if "ac"is missing that might be the explanation) but I like that you can calibrate the compass have gps lock and film on the sd card (no frame drop) even if there's no fpv or telemetry and in case of low voltage it's supposed to return by itself; personally i'm not a fan of wifi fpv but having telemetry would have been a plus (Hubsan 502e has a simple but reliable telemetry on a lcd display on the transmitter even if no fpv),
    good product anyway and nice review!

  11. I didn't know about this mini GPS model, 感谢分享.

  12. 好的评论! App thing sucksit looks like it flies nice though and a nice looking quad. 感谢您的审查

  13. 非常好的视频… 🙂 Why still they put 720 cameras onboardcome on guys,the video is awful !

  14. Very .very good review Donnie .i realy like your jobyou and soul forcethank you very much 😊

  15. He has ufo quad copter.he has Long cancer

  16. GOOD REVIEW to bad it has a short battery life seems not to bad of a unit

  17. nice channel! subbed @wackys

  18. A nice review, 唐尼. And the drone seems to be nice. I was expecting a slightly bigger size.

  19. He wasn't horrible because he was diagnosed with cancer

  20. sorry i hadint wach for a wiel i ben in the hospiul iv bean dinos with lung cansur

  21. looks to be very good drone do you think it can it carry a action cam ?

  22. 不错的一个唐尼, i wish they would label all the TX's.

  23. 漂亮的无人机 ,very good review 👍😎👍

  24. I like that one .. great video Santa LOLwell done "_"

  25. Interesting to get your take on what is a rehashed H502. Did it fly any different and is the camera better?

  26. Awesome not 100% sure but i think it only works on 5G phones….and were is my landing pad lol

  27. Love the intros you're making for each video. Are you doing that in Blender? Also the the shout out to True Drone Reviews was great. Love Bryan's brutally honest reviews. 顺便 说 一 句, I do have your channel linked from mine. The video quality was decent with very little jello which is all you can ask for at this price. Just wish it didn't have so much fisheye.

  28. I got the JJRC Tracker coming from Hobbywow. Excited to try it out.

  29. Maybe its using 5G wifi?`Some phone don't handle that version?


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