Hands On 3D Robotics Solo Drone

3D Robotics Solo droneEvaluate Arms On 3D Robotics Solo Drone Video By Newsshooter.com dji phantom Four footage, dji phantom Four unboxing, DJI幻影 4 …

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  1. The DJI is great, but so is the Solo. To bad it's not continuing.

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  3. and we never got the optical flow sensors

  4. it was all fun and games until go pro decided it was going to compete with 3DR, and made it so the Hero 5 could no longer connect to solo

  5. What if it rains and the drone gets wet

  6. I purchased a solo and it crashed to the ground because of software malfunction (It was confirmed by 3DR) They replaced it with a very bet up refurbished unit. NOT HAPPY

  7. 你好, I purchased this Drone last weekend but I seems that it's not compatible with my GoPro 5 黑色. Can you telle me if there's any sofware upgrade to make it work with my camera? if there's nothing I will return it. Hope to hear from you soon. 非常感谢提前.

  8. this works only with go pro or with Nikon KeyMission 360 以及?

  9. OK SO IM NEW AT THIS AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE my solo. I'm still flying it in gps mode take off landing etc BUT can you go to manual mode from gps mode while in flight? I don't know like I said I'm new and trying to learn these things. ive flown it 8x and NOT ONE CRASH thanks to the gps but when I'm up I would like to turn on the after burners with out any problems, 谢谢

  10. This is one of the worst Drone $ 1500.00 with a gimbal and and it takes forever to get a GPS signal with clear Sky, solo le me ask you one simple question " will you give me my money back ? I bought it from Best Buy 5 months ago and now this pice of Shi*+~# don't want to pick up a GPS signal….. Great job 3DR

  11. 大视频 & 竖起大拇指. Cheers from Sint Maarten

  12. Buy 3dr if you into close quater racing and upgrade to cannon camera and youll be smiling

  13. My choice will be 3dr solo for sure, its more fast for FPV, lightwieght, precision and very easy to controll at high speed

  14. 嗯, the Phantom Pro and advanced streams live feed to your tabley or phone up to 2000 米开外. 3DR is not the only one that does thisIt is called lightbridge ..

  15. Too much Gopro you need a sony action cam option.

  16. DJI's new cameras for P3 and inspire 1 are way better than gopro. so I don't think this 3DR can compare with phantom 3

  17. I pre ordered this piece of crap. It was way, way over hyped. They were late on the gimbals, and without a gimbal The Solo is about as good as the old DJI Phantom 1, which you can buy on Ebay for $200. 3DR Robotics has the single worst customer service I have ever experienced. I wouldn't buy a toothpick from this company. 3DR chose DSLR Pros to do the Pre Order, and they promptly went out of business. I never received my extra battery or my gimbal. 3DR Robotics says call them. Guess what. DSLR Pros has no phone number. This is a terrible company. Lie after Lie after Lie. You would think these clowns would try to take care of their customers. They are no help at all. 事实上, they hurt the process.

  18. lie after lielol this video compared to what REALLY released = BIG SCAM

  19. does this mean you can't take manual control if everything on this drone is automated?

  20. bought one todaycant wait til i use it tomorrow

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  22. Well the solo turned out to be cap. P3 is way better in every aspect.

  23. What's the point of selling this WITHOUT a gimbal ???

  24. Interesting video, however it would be a more valuable product if the gimbal was included. That's another $399.95 that you have to add to the cost along with GoPro HERO4 Black that brings us to the generous price of $1,899.93 not including tax.

    一个问题… 它是防水的吗??

  25. OH-MY! Blackmagic Micro on 3DR's Solo, sounds like a match made in heaven!

  26. Why is the footage from the copter jerky??

  27. Do i have to be in 4g or cell reception to use this or will it work anywhere. i want it for work and im never in cell service

  28. If DJI is also coming up with Autonomous orbit, and other flight modes(they already did for P3S) what would be the reason someone want to buy Solo ?(except for the customer service comparison)


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