DRONE QUICK TIP #1 – Additional Backpack StorageTyphoon H and Phantom

The highest portion of your case or backpack has extra storage space. You may make use of it with elastic bands. This video reveals you ways.

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  1. 尼斯, I will get going on modifying my TH adv lid to store props just like this, thanks 🙂

  2. Sumptuously! All brilliant – 容易!

  3. Sumptuously! All brilliant – 容易!

  4. Simple but brilliant . thanks David

  5. One thing I dislike about the foam box is how I have to store my props and lanyard on top of the landing gear.
    Kind of a drag when you have to clear the H before taking it out of the box. This will help out with that👍
    Well done sir and thank you for sharing


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