I have no experience with flying drones or using them at all so i’m going to talk about the price of this drone. What it’s like to fly it for someone who has never used a drone before and i’m just going to talk about some specs of it like the weight and the camera on it? 好的, so when it comes to buying the drone, 首先, you’ll obviously have to pay the price of the drone. You need a micro sd card, so you can take pictures or record videos. You’Ll also need probably a spare battery or two and more than likely, 如果你是, a beginner drones i’d probably buy the insurance for the drone as well. So i paid in total for the drone 462 欧元. Then i bought an additional battery which cost me 55 欧元. A micro sd card, 这是关于 20 or the on the dji website. You can buy the sd card, but it’s pretty cheaper. If you buy it on amazon and then i also got some insurance, 这是 45 欧元, so in total i think i paid around 582 euro and now you can also buy the drone as a combo deal which costs 600 欧元. And if i was probably going back to buy it again, i’d probably recommend to get the combo deal as you get three batteries with it, which is very handy because each battery lasts about 31 分钟. You’Ll get about an hour and a half of flying.

If you get the combo deal, but if you’re buying the combo it’ll probably cost you 600 for the drone and the batteries with it plus a charger and other stuff, then you need to also buy the microsd more than likely i’d recommend getting the insurance. So if you’re getting combo deal, probably the total for that is going to be something like 665 euro compared to 582 euro it’s a little bit less than 100 不同. So i definitely recommend getting the combo deal for the quality of a drone. You are getting right. 那是, an excellent price. 好的, so now let’s talk about the drone itself and how big it is, so it weighs 249 克, which is actually a very important thing when it comes to drones, because it means this drone is exempt from some drone rules that other drones have. But you still have to look at where you can fly it and stuff, but it is exempt from a good few rules. Now when it comes to the size of it, it is a mini and it is actually tiny here. I have an iphone 8 plus here’s. 迷你, you can see they’re pretty much the same size. So if you have a similar phone to the iphone 8 加, you can kind of see what size this drone actually is when it comes to weight. I said this was 249 grams and this weighs around 202 克, so you can also get a good comparison of how much this thing weighs it’s super light and super small, so if it’s in any bag, even if you have a big pocket, you can put this In because, obviously you’ll be fitting your phone into your pocket, it says the max distance on this thing is about 10 公里, but i definitely would not recommend flying that far.

One thing is the battery wouldn’t. Last that long, i saw a video and the max someone flew was about five kilometers and they also returned from five kilometers. They did flight 10 kilometers in total. They didn’t fly 10 kilometers away from themselves, so the first i have flown with this was about a kilometer, and the signal was perfectly: there was no interruptions or anything so yeah. The box does say 10 公里, but i would not recommend flying it that far, especially as a beginner, you just don’t want to lose it. 哦,是的, when it comes to flying this drone it’s super easy. You can customize the controls to whatever way you like it. If you do get this drone, you can just go for your first flight with it test out the controls, and if you don’t like them, you can just adjust whatever you’d like after adjusting the controls. I find it super easy to fly it. So this is the mini 2 调节器, 它, a new controller it’s, a lot bigger and it’s actually the same controller. The more expensive drones have so basically compared to the mini one. You put your phone in at the top. 相反, the mini one had a smaller controller. Where you just put it in at the bottom, i’ve never tried the smaller controller, the mini one had but i’d say this is a lot more comfortable since just fits nicely in your hand, so you can use it like that.

You can unscrew these little things. If you’re putting it inside a bag or something, but i just keep it on because i leave it in my roomi haven’t been putting it in any bag at the moment. 所以, on the controller you’ve got this thing at the back, which you can use to zoom in or you can use it to adjust the gimbal to look up or down. Then you got your two sticks to control if you’re flying up down, 离开, right or just rotate or whatever you’ve got a button to stash and stop video and also the same button takes pictures rotate button which you can rotate between video or pictures. Whatever you’d, like you’ve, also got a return to home button which you hold and the drone flies back to where it took off from. You also have a pause button which pauses it so it hovers in there above the area it’s at and then obviously you’ve got the power button. Turn your controller on and off you’ve also got three modes: cine normal and sport. Sydney is basically slow, normal is normal and sport is fast, so it basically changes the speed of your drone when you’re flying it also at the bottom. Here you can hide the little sticks if you want to put them away, and obviously your usbc charger. One thing about this drone: if you’re trying to get something for color grading, there are no color profiles on this, so there’s, 没有, like c log or anything like that.

No flat color profiles, it just is the way it is when it comes to color grading it’s, not that flexible, but definitely if you’re a beginner. Looking for a drone, you wouldn’t even probably be looking for that as i’m, not really looking for that in the drone. 不管怎么说, you also have to keep in mind when you’re flying this drone and you’re watching the video on your phone as you’re flying the video that’s showing up on your screen is 720p at 30 每秒帧数, so it’s not actually showing what quality you’re recording at Once you’ve recorded the video and saved your phone, then you’ll actually see it in 4k or 1080p in whatever you recorded it. The transmission on this is also ocusync 2.0, where the previous mavic mini was on wi, 菲, so you’re getting a very secure connection and when it’s in the air you won’t feel like you’re about to lose connection, i’ve flown it for a few days nowand i Have no problems with connections, 我已经, never lost connection, 或类似的东西? 好的, so now, when it comes to the camera, the best quality you can record at is 4k at 30fps and for such a cheap price on such a small drone it’s amazing that you can actually record at 4k. You can also record at 2.7k and 1080p, and at 4k and 2.7 k you can record from 24 frames per second all the way up to 30 每秒帧数.

When it comes to 1080, then you can record the 24 frames per second all the way up to 60 frames per second another big benefit of this compared to the mini one is that you can take raw photos. The mini one only took jpeg photos, 现在, if you don’t know what raw folders are, 他们是, basically images that capture a lot more detail and they also take up a lot more memory because they’re holding a lot more detail in them. So when it comes to editing your pictures, there’s a lot more flexibility in what you can actually do with them, so these are some of the basics of this drone and for my first drone ever, i definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to get a drone Or just get started with flying drones, i feel like there’s, no need of going for a more expensive drone. If it’s going to be your first one, 因为, 正如我说的, this can do raw photos and 4k video, you don’t really need much more than that and it’s perfectly small to fit anywhere. You go and it’s also a very good cheap price.