ATTOP WOLVY 模型 W GPS 无人机 – 很好!

This can be a overview of the Attop Mannequin W (WOLVY) gps 无人机. WATCH THIS INDOOR TEST: 埃克斯:// You should purchase and discover out extra

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    Nice looking unit . A thought about sub Zero flying . I have taken to letting my drones warm up in the open air in a warm room once I come inside , my reason ? I have noticed condensation on the body of the drone once the drone is brought back into a warm house . I will wipe the surface down and let and condensation dissipate in the motors before I put it back in its case , or simply store them in the open .. Cheers Fellow Canuck keep them coming

  2. Very nice drone for what it is. Besides the no gimble that seemed to do everything else right. 😁

  3. Why they didn't put 4k as the camera

  4. hello captain drone just want to ask you if MI 4K drone is good enough for event coverage like wedding?

  5. I’d buy this just for the fun of flying. 看起来很有趣.

  6. For the same price you can get a 2nd hand parrot bebop 2 here in Spain, and I would definitely go with the bebop if I didn't have more money.
    Really enjoyed your video.

  7. 嗨, 舰长 , thanks for the review on model W , its very enjoyable to watch your videos!

    But i need your advise!
    The design and the looks of this drone is fantastic, but i did not like the fact that i need to calibrate the drone with the controller on every start up, especially swinging the drone in the air to adjust the compass calibration.

    I am now considering to get the portable and foldable F11 QUCO-COPTER. I am new to drones , Does F11 need to do the anything like the compass clibration just like the model W ?

  8. This is an easy drone to mod and replaced the camera with an 3x gimbals. And you will have amazing jello free footages

  9. Why you dont include price?yo should include and what its price is?

  10. Calling All AWESOME people from around the WORLD Can you please help a fellow Drone pilot Jim Crinan who is going through a hard time with Cancer and lost his Job, a Go Fund me campaign has been set up Please help here:

  11. G'day my friend can you help by letting everyone know about a fellow drone pilot "Jim Crinan" who is dealing with his cancer and recently lost his Job, there is a Go Fund me page that I have added in another comment (probably held in your spam comments) Cheers iSpike

  12. With better anti jello dampers it wil do fine , or was the cold responsible ( hardening the rubbers ) ? 不错的评论 , 像往常一样 , regards from Holland +8C 🙂

  13. Awesome videos!
    Could you please order the FIMI X8 SE and do a camera comparison between the; the Autel evo, mavic air and perhaps the Mavic pro 2 as well despite the major price difference compared the first three I mentioned. Keep up great work. 🙂

  14. Here's a video for you I found Captain on a home made drone that's completely different. 请享用!

  15. I really like the drone. I wish the price was just a little bit lower, or for the same money come standard with 2 电池.


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