A Great 1080p Beginner Camera Drone that flys for 21 MinutesSHRC SH2HG Review & 演示

This can be a new drone for the yr 2018. It has many options packed into it, all for a low worth. That is my overview and demo.

Listed here are the hyperlinks and coupons:

优惠券代码: A10200 ($7 离)

RC Second:
优惠券代码: A3748 ( get any order 10% off with this coupon code)

相机: GoPro Hero 6: 埃克斯://amzn.to/2H01Mvk
GoPro 帽子: 埃克斯://amzn.to/2H2lHJY
AUDIO: Tascam DR-10L: 埃克斯://amzn.to/2HCl1wh

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  1. Thank you for always showcasing worthwhile lower price point drones while doing everything else here. I always love your videos. My favorite channel 👍

  2. Looks like the Hubsan H502 or H216a. Really good drone but about $40 overpriced (without GPS). If it had GPS it would be the $100 range CDN.

  3. Really nice little Drone👍🏼with a nice little Price😀
    不错的视频, Captain Drone like ever 👍🏼👍🏼

  4. I will be having major back surgery next month and was looking for a drone that I could fly in the house because U will be chair bound ( if lucky for months this maybe what I. Have been looking for thanks for the video

  5. Slap a Xiaomi WIFI Repeater 2 on it and it should get at least 200 米. My H216A got even more. I got it for 90.00 and it is better as it has some better options. to expensive for this drone in my opinion.

  6. 另一个伟大的评论, short and to the point.

  7. 4:21That's the only thing that turns me off on those low cost drones. Prices have dropped enough that Brushless Motors should be the norm. I see some of the low costs drones using now them.

  8. I notice your boxes arrive just like mine, corners mashed in LOL 21 我. is inpressive

  9. Yes I agree, looks much like my old Hubsan X502E. Only that had also GPS, 最大 11 sattelites, and a bad camera. That Hubsan, now I fly a DJI Spark and ordered a Mavic Air too. But how good DJI products are, that Hubsan, for €60 was really amazing. It ended in a huge tree. Tears. But it brought me a fantastic new love: 无人驾驶飞机!!

  10. Way over priced should be around 36-46 us dollars, IMHO.

  11. Very nice beginner drone. I would recommend that to any newbie getting started.

  12. You sir have just earned a subscriber I love your spark videos 👍👍👍.

  13. Hubsan clone? Cheaper than a Hubsan.

  14. This is for a boy jocking. Why to buy a lerning drone where the easiest to use are definitive drones with gps, 万向节, proximity sensors etc? I do not like Mavic Air, but if someone asks for me to buy something to learn, the best is Mavic Air, because it's very easy to fly and has a lot of options

  15. Pretty steady drone .Great Video captain!! 👨✈️


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