6 Track Drive, 6 Track Steeringthis Semi Vehicle differs any various other I have actually ever seen. and currently, we are reviewingyet still UPGRADING this memorable and amazing version from years past. Team Raffee has made this feasible by developing a Silver & Blue set of tracks! Who right here bears in mind when HD OVERKILL got on MUDDY TRACKSseveral years ago?! This is the same truck. yet progressed.

Today I am installing the Group Raffee Tracks I accessed ATees.com
The conversion set I am utilizing is for an Axial SCX10 (original axle), however they have lots of conversion packages for numerous designs of trail spiders.

Right here is a shortened web link to the Tracks and also items you may require, on Atees

For snow, sand. primarily ALL Terrainthese tracks can do a lot of fantastic points. They do have their limitations, much like completely sizeyet I believe that's component fo the enjoyable, and component of the experience of tracks. you never understand what type of trouble you are going to get into!

Im eagerly anticipating "wheeling" in the approaching snow and back woods routes with these tracks. the 2nd set of rubber on them are really insane! Deep Lugs and lots of traction. I am thrilled to see these at work!

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