Today we have the xerox swift plus we got it for such a great bargain. Look at that 29, but we got it for just 64.. How good is that ill? Always love a bargain. Yeah all right lets. Look at all the details um so over here. Our drone has 100 meters of flight range and 50 meters of unbroken recording weve got high definition, cameras its made for beginners, so thats perfect for me, because this is my first drone uh, swift plus app. I need to download that um look at the other details here. Um specifications package includes xerox if one drone remote battery drone battery charging cables theres quite a few things in there and dont forget to follow all the rules. If you buy a drone, make sure to go to the website and follow all the rules and regulations accordingly, all right here goes im pretty excited to see. Whats inside ive just got all the tapes off swift plus wow, that is a beautiful box, captures the skies. Oh, this is the big part, and there we go. That is a beauty, so thats the main jarring. Well. This is the first time weve bought a drone. Its pretty nice looks like weve got quite a few accessories. Weve got the charger. Weve got some something in here as well. Lets see what that is spare blades, okay, so its a kit – and this is the remote control very exciting. Oh, it falls out so the antenna – oh, that is really nice, its very comfortable to use so its got four keys and the joysticks and weve got the instruction booklet here make sure to please always follow the rules.

Installation, okay: we need to have a good read through this before we take the drone out for a spin, but this is all very exciting were so looking forward to trying the drone. Oh well, so there we have it all the instructions on how to use the joystick. This is really good were absolutely looking forward to flying the drone.