Electric motorcycle lets check it out. The xero srs is the fully fared cousin of the zero srf. They both share the same major components, but the big differences are the ride and the aesthetics, the srs doesnt just support a sleek or fully fared body. Its got a number of comfort enhancements as well. The bars are higher, the pegs are lower and the suspension is softer tuned more for a comfortable cruise than laying down the fastest lap times and to me that makes all the difference. Dont get me wrong. I definitely enjoy any chance to ride the srf, but i never claimed that extreme comfort was in its pros list. The srs, on the other hand, still gives you a sporty ride, but makes those longer rides feel a lot more fun. By putting you in a more relaxed position, sporty is absolutely still in its wheelhouse, though you dont, wrap your legs around an 82 kilowatt or 110 horsepower motor and not get great acceleration. This thing flies right off the line and gets you a zero to 60 mile per hour experience in a hair over three seconds, but its also a bike that you can commute on without needing to stand up on the pegs and stretch your legs with a 14.4 Kilowatt hour, battery pack or more realistically 12.6 kilowatt hours of actual usable capacity, you get more than enough range for commuter use too. The city range is 260 kilometers or about 160 miles, while the highway range is between 130 to 160 kilometers or around 80 to 100 miles, depending how fast youre going as with any electric motorcycle.

The range just isnt there yet for true touring action, though dedicated riders have achieved their iron butts by laying down a thousand miles in a day on a zero, so its not out of the question for me, i was happy to do a couple hours of leisurely Riding in the morning charge up during lunch to get a half charge, or so in a bit over an hour from a level 2 public charging station then be back on my way for some afternoon riding if youre commuting less than 80 to 100 miles a day. You can even get away with an overnight charge on a wall. Outlet and youll probably never need a public charging station, or if you want to go nuts and outfit the bike. With the largest 12 kilowatt charger option, you can get a recharge in just over an hour dc fast charging would have been a great addition for a half hour recharge, but i think most riders can get away with waiting an hour or two. I just dont. Do several hundred miles a day, often enough for that to be an issue for me if it is for you, thats fine get a different bike. What is a bigger issue for me, though, and the reason i dont have an srs in my garage. Yet is the price the bike starts at 19, 995 bucks and you can go even higher, adding premium options, higher power chargers etc. Now this is xeros flagship bike and it costs a flagship price.

The company has other models that are around half the price, but are super fun in their own right. So there are more affordable options, but if you want the best that xero has to offer its an srf or an srs and between the two im, definitely an srs guy. When you combine the comfort power and handling its just one of the best options, ive found. Yet for the price and the experience its second to none Music, if youve never tried an electric motorcycle, please do yourself a favor and take a test. Ride fly through the forest hearing, nothing, but the wind on your helmet blow past literally everyone else. When the light turns green sit at a stoplight without your whole body, vibrating like a vegas motel bed, its just a better experience, in my opinion, its not a cheap experience, but its better thanks for watching everyone. I hope you enjoyed that review of the xero srs electric motorcycle. If you did why dont you give this video a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe, so you wont miss any of our future electric vehicle. Videos well see you here next time, Music.