You enjoy micro, brand watches you’re, drawn to the value proposition. You like a good diver, where you’re getting screw links, you’re getting a ceramic loom, bezel you’re, getting applied markers or an adjustable clasp you’re. Getting some nice things that you don’t generally find in one watch at the same price from a mainstream brand, and i know that i had i had. I guess you could say a phase where i was really into micro brands and i think a lot of watch enthusiasts kind of go into phases where they’re all about micro brands, where they’re all about seiko or they start going into mid level swiss or they get Into a german phase or a vintage phase or a luxury phase, and i don’t think there’s anything wrong with any of that. There’S no judgment from me, but let me tell you, where i’m at here, i’ve kind of passed, my micro brand phase and i’ve said no to probably 90 percent of the micro brands and kickstarter campaigns that reach out to me. To ask to ask me if i want to present and share their product and get it out there get the word out, and you know what i i haven’t said yes to a lot, because i don’t know i i might be different from the average watch fan It takes a lot from a micro brand to excite me and to get me interested in wanting to spend the time and effort to do the macro video to do the editing and the intro and all that’s involved in creating a video.

It takes a lot, and so over the years, i’ve really kind of only worked with a few micros, and i think in the coming years, that’s only going to continue to tighten up so to speak, and zelos is one of those brands that i’ve worked with for Years and that i will continue to work with because i really enjoy what they’re doing they’re coming out with watches that are original, that have nice elements. Nice colors great, loom, great fit and they’re coming out at very reasonable prices to where you know what you can live with the niggles. You can live with the minor drawbacks or nitpicks that you may have with a particular piece, and so today, in front of the camera. Is the zelos swordfish in emerald green, the last time that zelos released the swordfish it sold out in one day? So you know what i have a feeling that this swordfish is going to sell out in a very similar amount of time, unless zelos has really expanded the amount of each colorway that they will be producing, because this is a value proposition, and i know maybe i Overuse that phrase or that word, i try to feature value rich watches on this channel that i enjoy that i can recommend, but this one particularly is a good price 269 dollars at launch, and you get, i mean you get it, you get a bracelet, you get Screw links you get a mill clasp, you get a ceramic loomed, bezel insert you get a sandwich dial a fumey sunray colorway here in the emerald green there’s, an engraved case back there’s, a quick release, end links here of the bracelet.

You get an original design. You get a great size. This is not a monstrosity that’s, you know 45 millimeter and 14 thick. This is a 40.7 millimeter diameter diver, with the screw down crown 200 meters of water resistance, it’s, 12.4 and overall height 46 in overall lug to lug length 20 millimeter, lug width, small tape around the bracelet to 18 millimeter and so it’s a great size and, and It really pops in natural light. The color play is great. You look at the bracelet, the short links, the polished, chamfered edges, uh, the vertical satin finish here and it. The wrist rolls are exciting and it’s. These little details that that us as watch enthusiasts, really enjoy and we go yes. This is why i wear this watch. It makes me feel good. I have an emotional connection with this watch, this zelo swordfish. It has those elements, it has the value and it has it under 300. Now i will say: i’ve been mispronouncing this brand for years, i’ve called it zelos and it’s, not zelos. I found out recently thank you to random rob that it’s zelos, and that is straight from the mouth of the brand owner. The founder of this brand, so it’s zelos and i’m gon na try my best to always say zelos, but you might catch me from from time to time, slipping into old bad habits and calling it a zealous but uh just remember, it’s a zelos. Now it comes in a few different colors, a few different options there, which is always nice from the factory, and let me show you guys something cool.

This is serial number one out of 200 and so it’s always cool to see the first one off of the production line. I appreciate that i want to thank zelos for sending this one for me to review and i am authorized to do a giveaway within my discord group. So one of the one of the members of my discord – server, uh you’re gon na get this watch and i’m pumped for you. I i like being able to pass the kindness forward and thank you guys for the support and just you know, show a token of appreciation for the community that we have. I really enjoy that now. I’Ve talked about the good things you know. This is great value. Great size, great details, ceramics by bitone, loom and c3x1 and bgw9, we have a sapphire crystal. We have inner anti reflective treatment, we have a sandwich style screw down crown and grave case back right. We’Ve got some good stuff and i don’t want this video to come across as just a straight up hype advertisement for for zelos there’s, going to be some some negative elements too, and i think with any brand you’re going to have to live with something that might Not be ideal and it doesn’t matter if you’re spending, nine thousand dollars on a rolex or uh ten thousand dollars on a glasshooter original, or you know three, four thousand dollars on an omega or two thousand on a zin or an aorus or a seiko there’s, always Going to be something that you have to live with, so to speak, and i found generally with luxury watches those things that you have to live with.

They don’t seem to be as severe. They might come down to personal preference, right, they’re, subjective, they’re, minor and then generally with with more affordable watches. Sometimes those negative elements are more egregious, but we can justify it. We can live with it because we’re spending so much less and remember. This is a 216 dollar watch at launch, so i’m gon na point out the flaws i’m going to point out the negative elements and i’m going to say. I can easily live with this because i need to be consistent. As a watch fan, i can recommend a seiko. You know that has nicer case finishing, but it has terrible bezel action or it has misalignment or sometimes there’s dust and particulates in the dial. So i have to be consistent here guys. These are the negative elements. I will say the case finish work here on the swordfish for lack of a better word. It feels kind of cheap, the transition lines are kind of mushy and then, if you look at the side profile here, especially where the case meets the large teeth of the bezel, you guys can see some some pretty pretty big variants. In the finish, in fact, it again it kind of looks cheap, but remember it’s, a 300 or less watch and so uh. I can live with these minor things i’m, not trying to pass this off as as a glass utah or a longa, or anything like that. There will be differences at different prices and again that’s, coming back to being consistent as a watch fan now, the only other negative element in my eyes will be uh the bezel alignment.

It seems like zelos, and this is uncharacteristic for this brand. It seems like they they’ve made the same mistake as seiko and we have a misaligned bezel, so it’s not going to line up perfectly with this with the double 12 sandwich marker, which is a disappointment. Uh let’s go to the tactile elements. Let me show you the bezel and i will be quiet, so you guys can take a just a good, listen to what this sounds like it’s, pretty good. You know it takes a decent amount of torque to make the the position adjustment in between each one of the 120 indexes. I like the teeth. You know it’s got good travel, especially at the 12 and the six o’clock position. Uh there is no back play. I think overall it’s going to be nicer than what you would find from a mainstream brand, maybe not top of the market but i’m, not sure what top of the market would be at 300. To be honest, so i think the bezel action is really good. The loom is really satisfying again. The color play the visuals of the wrist roll let’s. Take a look at the clasp here now. This is not the clasp that we’ve kind of come to expect with the recent releases from zelos. That really look almost like a one. Two one of the christopher ward, tritons clasp, that has the adjustable uh. You know without a tool the adjustable travel. This one is going to be traditional like what you would find on most micro brands or a a strap code bracelet, where we have a milled center folding portion.

We have a flip lock and then on this one. We have six different micro adjustment holes, but you do need a tool to be able to make those micro adjustment uh position changes. We have a blasted logo here on the clasp and i think a lot of you would probably prefer the christopher ward style of clasp, but i think they’re trying to get to a price here with this swordfish and that that really is the biggest draw of this Watch, in my opinion, is the value you’re spending. You know you’re spending g shock money, you’re spending, uh eco drive money, you’re, not spending very much and you’re getting quite a bit here, and that is really the appeal or the large appeal in my eyes so guys. That concludes the presentation here on the zelos swordfish i’m gon na put a link in the description to zelos’s website. So as soon as they’re available, i would encourage you to pick up the one you’re interested in, because i have a feeling just given the price given the specs the size, even with the drawbacks, with the finishing the alignment on this particular version, i think it’s going To sell out quickly – and you might even be watching this at some future – point – click on the link and they’re they’re all going to be sold out, and i have a feeling that this is going to sell. Well, so guys links in the description if you’re interested in joining my discord, uh just it’s a perk of being a patreon of supporting me as i try to create content.

So a link will be in the description for this giveaway. We do regular giveaways from other watches and swag and different things it’s a really it’s a fun community.