We have nelson, my brother in law, nelson he’s out here with a typhoon h, a unique typhoon, h and i have the power vision, egg, the power egg, and these are really old drones that well they’re not really made anymore. I don’t think they sell the typhoon. H, the original anymore: do they no there’s, an h plus and an h3 and h pro yeah. They all look like this yeah. They all look the same anyway. So nelson has an older one that oh he’s got two. Actually, he has an older one that i used to have in fly and i sold it to nelson nelson loves the typhoon, h matter of fact, that’s why he has two of them and he can repair them. He knows how to repair them now, so he puts them all back together, yeah. This actually was a parts bird that i bought. Oh well. There we go and then was able to make it wasn’t that badly damaged, so the one you’re flying today. Is it the one that i sold you or no this this is the parts bird will be flying today. Okay, so one you put together from different pieces, so let’s see how long it takes to put them together and bring them to the point of they are ready to take off so on your mark set go so many of you will recognize the egg and many Of you will recognize, oh, that does look parts together, colored, weird stuff frankensteinish.

Just the colors remind me to remove that thing. That’S weird you’ll see it over on there’s a gopro over beside nelson, so it will pick up the colors of his drone. I can’t even get the bottom of this egg off. I forgot how to crack an egg hang on a sec there. We go all right, let’s get these arms out. Arms are out. Everything comes in a case on mine. Nelson has to put the props on mine. Are already on, but you see, i have no legs so if i put this down now, it’s just going to destroy itself, so i got a little top portion up here. Put a battery in that get that in nice and tight covers off camera’s free all right. Let’S power this one on, so i can get the legs down. Oh there we go we’re not far off and then i have to put the legs down legs down there. We go let’s, see that’s the i think, that’s the front i’m. Not sure do you have a screen cloth there at all steve. I do not, but i have a i have a foam. That’Ll do. Okay positions off angle mode gear is up. Modes are clear, so with mine, uh after i get the egg sitting there. I have to turn on the controller. I have to assemble this whole controller system and uh it’s, all wi fi sort of like nelson’s, but his is all in an st16 yeah and my screen is integral yeah.

I have no screen. I have to put a phone on mine so that’s it so basically on mine, it’s, a pretty simple design: it’s, you have a cell phone that connects to the wi fi of this unit up here and it’s. Basically, acts like a wi fi repeater for the remote to this here. Device range is not that great on the power vision, power yeah. I get about one point. Well, i know i’ve been to 1.3 kilometers, so you know less than a mile um, not intentionally um. A bit of a fly away issue, but uh flyway, a flyway on the typhoon h. Whatever are you talking about nelson and in fact it was the one i bought from you that flew away on you, but we were able to eventually it came to its senses and we were able to get her back, but it was uh 1.3 kilometers, and i Was starting to cry in my beer, 1.3 is pretty good that’s, pretty good this one here, we’re going to have a race uh with these drones too, when we get them up, we’re only going to go to there’s a little sectional stream of water over there, and I bet you, this thing will run out of range and you know i can see the stream from here, but sometimes it’s, it’s finicky, like that so i’m, seeing uh 14 locked now, all right so i’ve got to it should be the wi fi should be on This automatically since there’s nothing else out here it is so i should be able to start up the app if i can find it so when mine starts up, i built to tell you if it is ready to go, so i don’t think so.

It’S got a lot of flashing going on here. I don’t have any solid lights. Oh devices connected was that you, nelson, are your pads too tight let’s, see i don’t know how many satellites do i have um? Oh there, it is right there. I have zero satellites. So i would say this is not ready to go gps signal of the remote controller, is weak and unable to switch to easy control mode release. Wait until gps signal turns strong or move the aircraft to a spacious area. I think we are in a spacious area. I don’t think we can get more spacious, all right, so a slight problem. My egg is not getting any gps signal uh, but it doesn’t matter i’ll flight without gps anyways. If it flies away back to china, well that’s what it does, but uh. So nelson are you all set. I am good to go i’m just going to put on a hat cam here. Do you have a record on yours, camera, uh yep? The record will be on the minute i take off. Okay, so nelson’s been having problems with his uh camera and if the recording looks all messed up or anything like that, it’s he’s been having problems. Is this the one you have the problem? That’S, the other one, the other one that’s got a something’s going on in the recording process. Ah, okay, so nelson it’s, not the camera it’s nelson. Every time he gives me video, it’s, all messed up, so anyways we’ll see all right we’re going to stand up here and uh fire these things up.

Here we go all right, so i’m, going to fire mine up, okay, yeah, my video’s running. Look at this it’s going to get noisy it’s going to get loud. Nelson is yours on well here, i’ll uh, so i may not have any gps here, so i have to keep both hands on this. You want me to go first and get out of the way uh yeah go on up. Let’S go on up nelson i’ll. Follow you safer yeah, see that’s got gps that’s like solid, going up and then turn around and uh. Take a look at us. If this egg comes towards us run, she’s going up, legs are going up, it says no satellites but that’s pretty stable, it’s pretty stable. So i don’t know. Maybe my app is all screwed up all right, so i’m going to spin my camera around. So there we go, we can see nelson now so nelson on the type. Oh, he put his legs down, yeah just showing you some movement here. I’Ll come closer to you, just stay where you are don’t worry. I won’t hit you yeah. I don’t want to make another parts drone, so there there’s a typhoon h if this is recording, should have nelson putting his legs up there we go, and do you see me in your image yep, i got your square in the middle, perfect, that’s, good, so i’m, Gon na go just walk under them, because i’ve never seen two drones like this in the air at the same time does look pretty sweet that’s for sure.

Now the good thing with your drone is, you have orientation to what is front and what is back yeah. I do not, so i think if i spin it this way, i think that is the front. So if i head over here towards the school that’s where the water is so, what the plan is nelson is that we’re going to go down to the river over there so straight to the river 180 back as soon as you see it, uh yeah come on Straight back and i’m going to look up and see who arrives here. First got to make sure i got. I got it in rabbit mode as well, when i go full blast forward, i’m. Pretty sure i’m going to get legs in the frame and everything else but we’ll give it yeah. I might see the props as well. Okay, uh. Here we go uh three, two one go there. We go. I see a leg at least i’m going straight there. They go anybody looking at this or wondering what the hell is, that a spider and an egg all right i’m coming far apart, good and then i’m gon na do a 360 in the air, as i spin and uh coming back to us, and of course this Thing here’s a little bit delayed response, so i am going the wrong direction now, i’m, going in the right direction. Okay, i hear mine, okay, so nelson right there and here comes there’s.

Nelson and here comes mine, Music. Okay, i lost that by a long shot. How did you do a turn? I just stopped and turned 360.. I went there and i knew i did you do like a a turn like this. I basically went full yaw, yeah and just turned out wet full speed. I don’t know if i can yell at this here. Let me let’s. Do it again: i’ll, try, y’all or when i turn i’m going to turn to the right away from the school. You can turn. I will turn left okay and, if there’s an issue, the bail is vertical. If you go vertical, i’ll go down: okay, too easy, then all right, you counted off this time. Okay, ready and we’re good online i’m, giving you a one meter advantage there: okay in three two one here we go there we go egg isn’t moving, oh he’s got me beat already he’s got me, beat all right, so i can see in my display the water Coming up this time, water’s coming up i’m going to go as i continue on moving forward so i’m over the water now and i’m. Coming back, oh nelson, you are in trouble this time. I did a good job. I uh. I took my finger off the throttle there. Oh, i think i did a good job. Oh it’s, gon na be close. It’S gon na be close. Oh look at there there’s the egg. You have to stay on the course wood course.

Click you’re over the egg. One two: there is nelson i’m over here yeah. I lost it on the corner. Well, i worked with the eye just i kept it full throttle forward and yawed at the same time, and then that was it. I tried third third time last time get more in line because i’m, ahead of you at least for i’m standing. It looks like it: okay, that’s, closer i’ll, just back up a bit three two one go Music straight line you’re as fast, if not faster, i’m. Getting a warning that i have the signal of the remote controller is missing. I don’t know: okay, there we go full forward and i’m yelling on the water coming around and let go of the sticks said i should be coming straight back to us. I think i got you this time. Oh it’s, coming straight over us nell said: oh, this is neck and neck. Like you got me yeah, oh there you are pretty close half a second. This is like the special olympics or something this is crazy. That was pretty good, though yeah it was. I kept a pretty good speed through that corner. Okay, nelson’s flying over there and he’s also monitoring my controller, because my drone is in gps mode up there and i’m gon na fly. The fpv drone dji fpv drone to get some footage of both of these drones together, homeboy recorded let’s go into normal mode Music. Alright, i see both drones.

Oh oh mine’s, landing automatically. Okay, i have no control over that. It is going down Music. There we go i’m just going to go under below you. Yep i’ll stay steady i’ve got about two minutes. Maybe three minutes of battery left before your first warning i’ll just fly under you. There we go yeah i’m gon na go under again and go over to the egg. Okay, let me just uh, get you in shots and i’m gon na try and follow you with the camera. Okay, okay: i’ve got you okay, i’m coming forward Laughter Music and if you uh land, yours, nelson i’ll, get i’ll just get you coming down in the landing. Do you want me to land on the pad or land there uh land on the pad? It’Ll, look cooler! Okay, so you tell me when you want me to start maneuvering, so i’m gon na go over you’re going to be on the orange pad. So let me go over this way. I’Ll just get over here and watch it Music i’m going to come in. If you position there i’m going to position over here yep and come in from this side, i’m just going to shoot from this angle and get close to you as you come there, you go gotcha, perfect timing. My battery warning just came on nelson’s bringing his typhoon. H in for a landing and i’m trying to catch it on the dji fpv drone there he goes all right.

I bring mine down for a landing Music. All right, we’re finished the flights with both drones. They look really spectacular. They’Re uh they’re ancient they’re old, but they still work uh. This one here gave me about 15 minutes of flight time. With everything i did, it did say there was no gps on the app, but i think the app is just out of date or no longer updated. There was gps because it was perfectly stable. It flew perfectly well, three races still got 15 minutes the typhoon h when i used to fly it. I always had problems with the battery, not getting a lot of flight time, but nelson has some really cool batteries, and would you get nelson for flight time uh? This particular battery 6000 milliamp hours. I got about 18 minutes because i have 16 on the video plus maneuvering time at the end. Yeah, so 18 minutes on a typhoon h is, is actually really really good, especially these older models like that yeah with the with the bigger version of this there’s, an 80 50 model um, which i have as well when they’re new or you know in good condition. I’Ll get a pretty close to 20 minutes 20 minutes and how much did the batteries cost uh? You know what i i think: they’re like 160 bucks, 160 bucks, okay, well, that’s that’s, like dji territory. Everything is like 160 bucks on dj. Big issue with these is they’re, not smart in any way, no that’s right.

So you know if i don’t use them up, i got to go discharge discharge them automatically, yeah that sort of thing. But overall, what did you guys think it was pretty good and i did take the dji fpv drone, which i love, because you wear goggles and you can see everything and you can you never have to worry about crashing into anything? It gives you i it gives you indications on my screen and my goggles that i’m getting too close or whatever it’s so easy to maneuver. So i love that drone and it was. It did well for filming both of these drones in the air. So all in all, i don’t think you’ll see both of these drones that many more times in videos, because they are long in the tooth and uh they’re, pretty much collector items at this point, but you can still buy. If you go on ebay, you can still get a typhoon h or some of the used areas. You can get a typhoon age either working fully or busted, and you can send it to nelson hill repair. Maybe not i’ve literally had it right down to the boards. Yeah there you go so he could fix them. Actually he fixed he fixed the mavic mini too, and he got that working so he’s got it. I’Ve done two and i got a third one that’s coming in. So this guy here is my new technical guy for fixing all the drones, not even going there anymore.

I can’t win the races, but i can fix them that’s right, hey, but you did well in the race. I was going to point out that we did do three races, which really we should say. I won two races yeah, i would say that’s that’s, correct, yes and the last one neck and neck, but that one, i think we did it correct both of us yeah like doing the turns correctly, we were within half a second on the last one. I don’t know what the top speeds on these are anyways. This thing weighs a ton but either case uh, and this one here you could probably find it on ebay use. They don’t make these anymore. They at one time they were discounted for, like 300 bucks. If you didn’t buy them when they were 300 bucks, well, then you lost out because they used to sell for like 12 or 1800 bucks. Now, if you can find them on ebay, then you’re lucky they’re, pretty cool for a collector of all the drones. I fly, this is the one that attracts the most attention. I put a dj up, people go drone and then they kind of walk away. This one people will stop and watch. I was telling steve yesterday i was out flying this one and a crowd developed around me and i ended up getting applause when i landed. So i didn’t do anything special, but i guess i thought it was special yeah.

They thought it was pretty cool. Well, the bigger they are, the cooler they look when you’re flying, especially if you show up to some to do some professional work and you show up with like a mavic mini or a mavic air you’re, the person hiring you looks at it goes seriously. You know what is that a lego toy, but when you show up with something big like this, they take you seriously all right, guys, i’m, going to end the video here. If you have any questions on either of these drones, post them below nelson always checks out the comments. So if you ask anything on the typhoon h, if you have one or you want to know some qu answers to questions, you have on your typhoon age. Nelson will answer them. You can ask me questions on this egg and i will get back to you on for what i know about this, but for now i say thanks for watching.