After an arrest news now, yorkshire was flying his drone around osset police station, an area without flight restrictions, i might add police, say they had reports of a man behaving suspiciously. Although i would question this as it seems, the police officer turns up unawares of whats happening as when he arrives. He stops and asks, and whos now an orc shall what he is doing without even exiting his meat wagon news. Now yorkshire was at the time still operating his drone in the air when the fat porker gets out of his meat wagga wagon and continues asking what hes doing the police continue to ask. What hes doing before ordering him to land the aircraft newsdale yorkshire explains that he is filming and that the constable is endangering the activity to which plod says i cant. Have you doing that, bring it down? He then says just bring it down or else ill. Just take your device off you news now. Yorkshire then says that he will land the aircraft but needed to wait until the road was clear, as it was not safe to land with the vehicles passing the police constable shouted at him to bring it down again. Even after this explanation in the video you can hear the cop on his radio to control telling them that he is filming with a drone over the police station. Again, i reiterate there is no flight restrictions over the police station has news now. Yorkshire lands, the drone and walks towards it to pick it up.

The fat pawker immediately assaults him and puts handcuffs on him, telling him that hes being detained for terrorist offences, bearing in mind that section 43 only allows a police constable to stop and search a person whom he reasonably suspects to be a terrorist. To discover whether he has in his possession anything which may constitute evidence that hes a terrorist or under section 41 of the same act searching a person whos been arrested under suspicion of terrorism related activities. The constable takes news now, yorkshire, to the back of the police van and sits him in it all the while holding on to the handcuffs, even though he was restrained news now, yorkshire asks the constable if he is under arrest to which the police constable replies. Youre. Being detained at the moment, you then hear him on his radio, explaining he is outside the police station and has detained a male filming with a drone which contradicts the claim made by police. Previously that reports had been made. He explains to the constable that he is filming the police working, but the police constable then cops planes that the police are under high risk of people targeting the police, which, as we all know, is. He continues to try to persuade news now, yorkshire, that they are targeted by saying so you dont watch the news. Then police stations and police officers get attacked all the time. Might i suggest if you stop attacking the public, you might not break a nail and claim assault.

Then well see that statistic drop news now yorkshire asks what a fence he has committed to which the police constable says. I dont know yet. He then explains to another police constable that he gets paid by google for his videos by making them and uploading them to youtube, which is technically correct. One of the constables, then cop explains how he should give his details, so they can run some checks to establish. He isnt committing an offence when, in reality, this is not what they do. They are trying to establish if you are committing an offense or not, and if not what offences they can make up on the spot to make an arrest. I think section 43 of the terrorism act is on page one of the cops explaining and how to get away with assault handbook for dummies for some 10 to 15 minutes during the whole interaction. There is no exchange of words between newsnow yorkshire and the police, but the police goes on to ask about the drone license and whether he has one to which he replies. Yes, i do the police constable says. So what youre telling me, if i were to, let you go youre just going to continue filming with the drone, is that what youre telling me news now, yorkshire replies that was my plan yeah now, why would a police constable with a detainee suspected of potential, not Potential suspected of terrorism related offences ask what the detainee would do if he were to.

Let him go hmm if it looks like and smells like, you know the rest. The detaining constable then tells news now, yorkshire, that at the very least he is breaching the peace, because there are members of the public that potentially could be in danger because of what hes doing now breach of the piece. For those of you who do not know is a common law concept which is used to prevent unlawful violence against people of property. We are all bound to keep the peace and prevent breach of the peace. Even you watching this peace in this context refers to the queens piece and should be taken to mean the opposite of war. However, it is now widely accepted that the correct definition for breach of the piece is that which was given in the case rv howell 1981.. I.E that the behaviour of the person involved caused the police officer or private citizen to believe that a breach of the peace had or would occur and that it related to harm which was actually done or likely to be done to a person or in his or Her presence their property, which, based on news now yorkshires behavior regarding landing. The drone is completely absurd, as he was being cautious and even explained to the fat whopper that he was being careful to avoid any danger. The police constable also admits that he didnt even know there was a drone in the air which again demolishes the polices excuse that they had received reports.

The plot then says that, though, if theres no aviation breaches then well go for breach of the peace, because he is going to continue doing it now. Can you imagine a child flying a kite near a police station, easy enough to fit a small camera on? Would they behave this way as well breaching a piece in those circumstances? Well, pc peppa pig is still trying to find an offense or imagine one up from somewhere hes getting information through his earpiece from someone telling him questions to ask which to be fair, reminds me of anton dex. Get me out of here where a celeb, or, in this case a porky blood hes, told what to say and do through his earpiece, which lets face it in both scenarios is comical later in the video. The police constable explains that he again suspects that news now. Yorkshire is potentially engaging in terrorist activities. Now the legislation is quite clear: there is only the reasonable suspicion that a person is a terrorist, not reasonably suspects that he might potentially be a terrorist, and i think it would be important for the police to remember that. He then goes on to mock, knows now, yorkshire, about his knowledge of the law, suggesting that he has read something somewhere about the law, but its incorrect asked all the time being told himself what to ask, whilst unlawfully detaining a member of the public for a potential Offence that hes not even sure he suspects him on or not i mean this is comedy gold.

Eventually, one butt hurt, copper, says right: im just going to lock him up for breach of the piece before before reading him his rights and then sit him in a van for some time before transporting him to another police station. No doubt discussing with his colleagues how to explain this one away to the custody sergeant some time later news now, yorkshire is released and films himself walking back past, where he was arrested, explaining that he was arrested to prevent a breach of the peace which, in my Opinion was committed by the police constable based on the legislation, bearing in mind that breach of the peace is not a criminal offence. It is not punishable either by fine or imprisonment, and proceedings for breach of the peace do not give rise to a conviction. An offender can only be bound over to keep the peace for a set amount of time and any breach of that binding over then becomes a finable or imprisonable offence. Its a very interesting video and im going to link to it in the description. If you havent seen it go and check it out, big, thank you to channel supporters, especially these guys. Your support is truly appreciated. Dont forget to like share, comment and subscribe. Let me know your thoughts.